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  1. I use volume levelling with Roon which I like a lot. This by default causes any 16 or 24 bit material to be upped to 64 bit for the volume levelling to be applied. Then it is pushed back to 24 bit to be accepted by the Akurate DSM. I have tried out upsampling 96 and 192 and to DSD, but preferred the music without this applied. I really love using Roon for all of my listening and have taken the lifetime subscription.
  2. Also, if you have a DSM you have the option to use an input from your core (in my case Mac Mini using Optical output), so that you can play multi room in Roon with a Linn and 'other makers' setup.
  3. Better on my system, enhanced bass depth and clarity for sure and overall improvement in clarity throughout the full range. I found that 2.3.3 had a similar bass, perhaps a bit more even. 2.3.4 lost some of this but was better detail. 2.4.1 seems to have the best aspects from both of these two previous versions. I'm happy with the new algorithm.
  4. The 500s are not 'that' big. They don't take up much more space that my C20s on stands used to. I have mine working superbly well in my 15ft x 15ft living room. they are around 30cm out from back wall and approx 2m apart. I don't doubt that they could fill a much larger room and perhaps give even more, but for everyday listening at moderate levels, they really do work in a smaller space like mine. I am not using the bungs in them and use Linn Space Optimisation to fine tune them the space. Love the C300s to btw
  5. I have tried out different toe-in as you have, arriving at about 5 deg being best in my room. Straight ahead is also very good and I even tried a little toe-out, which was interesting. In the end a very small toe-in gave me the best blend of dynamics and sound stage. Large toe-in such as 30 deg produced some nice dynamics but lost some of the soundstage. I guess that this may be different if these speakers are in a very large room. As with the Concept 20, I have found these speakers to be more forgiving of position than I have with other brands, but you can still achieve a ‘best’ position. I think their construction gives them such an advantage due to the damping of vibrations and the way the drive units are held. Regarding room acoustics I use Linn Space Optimisation, but have found that with these speakers they are best with SO set to 0dB.
  6. I am with you on this samd The speakers are real beauties to look at as well as to listen to. As you say, they can expose very bad recordings, but as the saying goes, you cannot polish a turd.
  7. My lovely wife was concerned about this change too. In all honesty the C500s dont take up very much more floor space than did our C20s on stands. They too needed to be a little way out from the rear wall and were pretty deep cabinets. The C500s are about 10” out and spaced about 2 metres apart. Their inbuilt stands are flush with the cabinet fronts, so no additional room taken up. We very soon got used to them in our (15’x15’) living room and really love their curvaceous looks and the wood veneer at the rear. They are also available in plain black or plain white for a bit less too. What’s best of all is that my wife is just as much in awe of the music these speakers produce She would no doubt prefer the looks of smaller speakers or perhaps a sound bar, but there is no way she would do without these now she has heard them.
  8. I value 2 channel music much more than I do movies, so decided some time ago to sell my AV setup and concentrate on building a great stereo again. Since adding the C500 speakers to this I have been absolutely blown away by the music. These would be a great speaker for you to move to for the front pair IMO, producing as they do, such an accomplished musical presentation. Plenty bass too, so no need of the sub for music.
  9. I am really enjoying using Roon and think that I am very likely to take life membership when my year is up. I agree that the Roon Radio feature is excellent. I have this activated all the time, so that it takes over when my chosen album finishes. The music is finds gets better the more feedback you give with the thumb up/down too! I have discovered so much new music and new artists through Roon, regularly adding albums to my collection. Roon is not a cheap option, but it really does make streaming into an enjoyable and rewarding source.
  10. I also think that a Linn DS may be an option for you. A Magic level DSM could work well with your 109 speakers. For £1500, plus monies from selling current items, you could get a very nice used streamer.
  11. Well, in the end I opted for a Wireworld Starlight Cat 8 cable for the final connection, switch to ADSM. Music, lovely music. This is such an enhancement it really has me enthralled. No going back that's for sure!
  12. Hi Paul, Would you recommend Supra CAT 8 cables as well as the Certicable ones you have? Will they both perform as well? I am currently using Audioquest Cinnamon, which was a significant improvement in my system.
  13. How go the speakers samd? Mine just keep on giving, the run in on these is a long long time..... An absolute bargain for this level performance.
  14. Good choice! Happy listening
  15. I see that I was too late with my warning about the pallet! They do take some running in, so don't be too worried if they go a little off colour along the way. Did you get the same finish as mine?