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  1. "In my system and for my ears, katalyst sound is quite different from non-katalyst. Tonal balance is more on the darker side with less high-frequency energy and demanded some getting used to and also changes to ideal speaker position and fine-tuning of SO to bring back some of the high-frequency energy. But now I am very pleased and it seems to bring deeper insight into music with tons of little nuances that couldn't be heard before. Very rhythmical presentation is another strong point. " This was my first experience with katalyst. I was not blown away immediately and still think that changing from MDSM to AEDSM was a bigger quality step than adding katalyst.
  2. I think this is a very important change though. For me, moving from MDSM to AEDSM in mostly Majik level exakt system brought the most important improvement.
  3. It is very good news. Every addition of a well-known streaming service with lossless CD quality or higher is good news. Tidal HiFi is now 9,98 €/month and Deezer HiFi even less, 8,99 €/month. With lower prices and improved availability, more people will be ready to pay and it should be better for music artists eventually. (when these things get better regulated) I am using Deezer and Tidal HiFi for about two months and I am thrilled with the quality and quantity of music that I can reach with the touch of my finger. Listening to artist's whole albums is my preferred way of listening and with additional information about artist's discography on AllMusic or some other online music database, I can now explore and play almost any album from any artist whenever I want with excellent quality. This is something that I like the most about streaming services and complements well with owning a high-quality music system like Linn.
  4. How much difference or less accurate SO could be expected because of the non-exakt system and using SO vs SO+? Could exakt be decisive part in perception of SO sound?
  5. Is this really can be done? New main PCB from 2018, I suppose?
  6. Today, out of curiosity, I did a recalculation of SO2 with no change in parameters, and the resulting profile is different. My previous calculation was 23.09.2020. and there was no change in the algorithm version, it is still 3.0.1. New calculation brings some changes in sound for my ears. The sound is cleaner and more energetic. Old profile sounds more muffled in comparison.
  7. Problem solved. It turned out that Windows upgrade to 10 is free from Microsoft site if installed Windows 7 is activated. Tidal FLAC 44.1 kHz/16 bit is significantly better when streaming direct to DSM than through the computer audio and the Songcast app.
  8. I am using Tidal for Windows and then through Linn Songcast app stream back to DSM but this part of streaming through a computer is what I would like to avoid. I would like a stream to go directly from the internet to DSM.
  9. I just found out that I can subscribe for Tidal and I happily did it for a one-month free trial but of course a new problem arose. I am using an older Thinkpad L440 Laptop with windows 7 that is still fine for my private use and it seems that I cannot use Tidal from the Internet straight to the DSM because I need new versions of the Kazoo server and Kazoo app and this requires Windows 8 or up. Is there any other way to use Tidal from the Internet straight to the DSM with Windows 7 (other music server and control app maybe?) or Windows upgrade is my only solution?
  10. Thanks for sharing. The difference between Klimax Exakt DSM (2013 Variant) and Klimax Exakt DSM (2016 Variant) should be only HDMI 2.0 and in Klimax System Hub (2018 Variant) there is a new PCB version. So, the expected difference in sound between the first two variants should be minimal if any, and if one does not need HDMI 2.0 the 2013 Variant is probably a better SH buy because prices should be somewhat more affordable.
  11. Selekt DSM with no cartridges, Akurate system hub (2018 Variant), Klimax Exakt DSM (2013 Variant) How would you rank these three system hubs and which would be your choice as an upgrade step from AEDSM (2014 Variant)? Is the Klimax hub of any version still significantly better than the last version of Akurate or Select?
  12. Is there a better way besides forwarding through SONGCAST for streaming services with no native support in DSM? Deezer HiFi FLAC through SONGCAST is very good for my ears but I am not sure if there is no quality loss because of streaming that way.
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