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  1. Unfortunately, Linn seems to have forgotten that there are many times when we want to really LISTEN to music, but can’t: late at night, others at home are watching Netflix or they simply don’t want to listen to some of our music. How many of our partners would really appreciate Metal Machine Music by Lou Reed (or us for that matter)? There seems to be a great desire for a Linn headphone amp: I hope they are reading.
  2. When I used the HD800s with the Akurate Kontrol/1, I never wanted for volume nor control. Even played at very high volumes, there was no distortion or deception in sound quality. I would take the AK over my Oppo HA-1 any time. I should have kept it when I went ExaKt solely to use it as the headphone amp.
  3. I still have Sennheiser HD800s. I think they are most compatible with Linn: neither adds any real sound signature to the music. Both are accused of being too revealing and too clinical by some listeners. For me, that simply means that they present the music as it is with as little alteration to the sound as possible.
  4. I used the headphone output on the Akurate Kontrol (AK) I had before my current AEDSM. The disappointment with the change was having to purchase a headphone amplifier that is equal in sound quality to that supplied in the AK: good luck with that. I settled on an Oppo HA-1: it was that or the Sennheiser HD800 and the Oppo won the day. Nevertheless, its sound quality is not as good as that in the AK and you will not likely find something to surpass it at a reasonable cost. I wish Linn would develop an add on headphone amp for the AEDSM.
  5. That is a fabulous system. The Espek is a great speaker. Before I went with 242s, I was more than content with the AV5140s. In some ways, I still prefer them to the 242s, but that is another story. This is a dumb question, however, have you played around with positioning. I found the 5140s needed to be at least 10.5 inches from the wall, and toed in for them to really work. Placed too close, and the sound will be flattened and muddied: placed in the best position, and they will suddenly open up, separate all the sounds, and knock your socks off. My Linn dealer Gary and I incrementally moved them by 1/4" spaces back and forth, then played by degree at a time with the toe-in angle to get the right position: it took us over two hours.
  6. I can’t tell if there is a door at the passage to your smaller room area (red = blue area). If not, why not put up a thick curtain “door” for that passage way?
  7. Like Rayymondo, I was just fine with Kinsky. Sorry to see it go from one of the Apple updates on my computer. I still use it on iPhone and iPad. The one control point I always liked that is still on an old iPhone SE [that I have kept just for this reason] is "PlugPlayer". It was a wonderful control point program that also allowed me to stream directly from the NAS to Bluetooth speakers. It is no longer available, as far as I can discern. It would not update in Canada, and I have tried in the US, but it is not available there either. I use the new "Linn" app, and my partner uses "Kazoo". She has learned it, so no need confusing the issue with "Linn".
  8. The Akurate series is not very old. Shame on Linn for not supporting their own.
  9. Paul’s explanation does make sense. It seems that networked Linn gear is as well very sensitive. I have had several instances of my DS player suddenly switching over to music cast from Spotify. Since I am not a subscriber, the only explanation is that it comes from my neighbour: and she does use it with her smart speaker. Just think of how far away from your car you can be to work the remote.
  10. QED Airlocks with K600 + 2/3 K600 for the five channels. I used to have three runs of K20 for my AV5140s with the QED Airlocks, then my Linn man Gary provided me with runs of K600: he had a roll from years before. I was lucky, for he sold it to me for his cost, so I paid about $6 per foot as I recall. I needed two 18 foot runs. They were a massive improvement on the K20. Using SO in conjunction with Tone Sound Generator, there was a problem around the 65Hz area with the K20 that completely disappeared with the switch To K600. Not only was the improvement noticeable audibly, but factually, for the numbers and wave measurements with the tone generator and with the graphs representation in Konfig actually showed it. Sorry I can’t speak to the K200, but I noticed that a pair with QEDs was listed and sold recently on Canuckaudiomart, and it appears that the first buyer shortly thereafter re-listed them. I wonder if it was disappointment with them?
  11. I have ExaKt Katalyst 242 Akurate system and am familiar with the same with Akubariks (Paulsurround’s system). Indeed the Akubariks are a better speaker, (as Philbo explains in the video), but the 242s are a magnificent speaker that leaves you wanting only a bit more bass. Everything else is very much on par, for the most part.
  12. I was cleaning up my email folders the other day and came across the email I sent to Gary after he came by unannounced one day and swapped out CAT5 for CAT6 cable. When he did it, he never mentioned sound differences. My email to him said, in essence, “Wow, thanks for the cable change; it has actually improved the sound quality to a noticeable degree: even my family members have noticed it.”
  13. "Talking of precision.....Anoushka Shankar!" Absolutely!! We love all her music and were fortunate enough to see her last year in one of the last concerts at Massey Hall in Toronto before it was closed for major renovations.
  14. It has been a while since Linn last did an upgrade to DS players and/or speakers to improve the sound quality [beyond the development of the highly successful SO V2]. What upgrade would you like to see? To the DS board? To your speakers? [Bring on some 242 changes ]? To the SO V2? For me, it would be the SO V2 incrementals go from the current 5% to, perhaps, 2.5%. I think there is an ideal sweet spot to be found between the 5% somewhere. Any upgrade would certainly allow us to play around with it, given we are spending so much time listening right now.