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  1. Well, Primephonic users have received their promised 6 month free subscription to Apple Music. This to tide us over until the integration is complete. There was hope on my part that I could drop Tidal as my non-Classical source; however, Apple’s catalogue is anemic at best. Oh well……
  2. I had a similar experience several years ago. A friend who played in local touring bad [festivals, bars, etc.] came over and asked to hear "Nights in White Satin". Part way through, he blurted out "Holy Crap; that is the first time I have ever heard that guitar in the background. I know it is there because we play it. I have never heard that from any stereo or radio in my life". And that is the essence of Linn: to hear it all and just listen.
  3. While it might be a good thing, it is also a bad thing. As a Primephonic supporter, not only have I [and I likely speak for all Primephonic users] lost all my saved favourites and playlists, I have also lost their newly created Forum that was a magnificent place. There was no bickering fighting nor ego wrestling matches [sadly, that cannot be said the same for this site/forum]. People were respectful, kind, polite and erudite. Any discussion about music often included references to literature, art, history, etc. and all references were recognized by some in the thread and genuinely engaging conversations occurred. Many of us had developed new friendships around the world. It was shut down without notice: we never even had a chance to share email addresses with those we wanted to keep in communication with. It was a sad and sordid end to what was a very good streaming service. Its curators did a magnificent job in selecting new and old albums to post each day/week. They also contributed positively to the forum and addressed app issues as quickly as possible. Now, it will be on to the behemoth that is Apple: the support-less, indifferent beast that listens to its clients as well as Astell & Kern: and that, of course, is not at all.
  4. Hi Craig: I will be out visiting Paul on the 22-27 of September. I hope you have an invite for me: looking forward to hearing your system in your new home with the additions you have made to improve the sound.
  5. You may have a problem with your altered AV5140s. You might have to somehow identify it as an Espek, however the serial numbers you need to put in to configure them may not take, and this may be a problem. As I recall, the only identifiers available in an ExaKtbox configuration is a change to the soft domed tweeters. As Zee9 has pointed out. You may wish to consult Linn before you start spending
  6. Does anyone mind if I simply CLAIM that I am going to order a new KDSM so I can rack up rep points? I always thought they were given because you actually helped someone with information. Perhaps I should simply mention that I have, for example, a Klimax level LP12 (in part) to get a point for every time I mention it?
  7. The only promotion Linn will have this year will be up to the second division.
  8. If the funds are burning a hole in your pocket, you are welcome to e-transfer them to me. I will happily then purchase the KH, and patiently await its arrival, smiling all the while.
  9. 1. Akurate system with 242 loudspeakers. (LP12 long gone). 2. Listened to a Linn system and it was easily the best sounding when compared to other brands. 3. The detailed sound with great separation is much loved. 4. The fact that I have to play around with SO to achieve it is still immensely frustrating. It should, after proper speaker placement, sound exceptional out of the box, not shite as it does. 5. Many of us would be happy to see Linn develop an affordable headphone amplifier.
  10. It is always great to try new stuff for improved SQ: and this is where the "hobby" part of our shared passion is to be found. In many respects, my system seems to be on the "point of diminishing returns". As well, all of these improvements are to enhance the direct objective: to listen to the music. I always focus on the music part and, perhaps, my "seeking and trying" involves new recordings and new sounds, but I admit to the occasional moments of playing around with things [cables, SO V2, placements, etc.] to scratch the itch of the "audiophile". I suppose it is a balanced path I try to tread....or try to.
  11. So, I take it you are not one of those who would have had Frodo Baggins in Lord of the Rings simply get Gandalf to let him hop on the back of a giant eagle and drop the ring into the fire, reducing the film to about 12 minutes, including credits?
  12. Sadly, Linn seems uninterested in configurations that allow for music streaming services to work seamlessly with their kits. I frequently use Primephonic and to get the best out of it, I have purchased a Sonos Port. One nice thing about the Port is that it allows you to use most available streaming services. I had a three month trial of Amazon and there was nothing special about it. I just signed up for a trial of Apple Music, and there is nothing special about it. Tidal works well as my “all-purpose” (read “my partner’s”) music: it sounds better than the others. This may be because it emanates directly from the ADSM and is not streamed through the Port.
  13. I have just auditioned the new Klimax hub with a pair of Katalyst “Aktiv” Akubariks: I am familiar with their sound signature through Paul’s, and they still have some 242 in them. I will be moving out and living in a large cardboard box that once housed my neighbors’ refrigerator so that I can afford to purchase a hub in two years or so Everything reported about it is understated. Many thanks to Chris at Elite Audio’s Kleinburg location for the safe, comfortable and welcoming experience. This Klimax is definitely on my radar and in my long term (1-2 year) upgrade plan
  14. For the top end, a great test to your system is Simon and Garfunkel’s “Scarborough Fair”. It is extremely difficult to get a system to give the song a magical, airiness that it requires.
  15. Actually, as a "comic in all seriousness", the Sanctus from Charles Gunoud's Mass for St. Cecilia is a great piece for checking out the depth of your system. There are some very deep drum bass notes that will make their way across the floor and shake the room in a good system.
  16. I find this piece by John Cage to be most illuminating: It really allows any system to settle-in, warm-up, and be ready for what thunderously may follow. If you listen carefully, you will catch a subtle shift in the dynamics at the 3’16” mark. The great thing about this piece is that you hear something different every time you play it through your speakers.
  17. But this thread is not about you. It is about a new product developed by Linn’s one time partner Naim. That is all.
  18. Ultimately, we arrive at the point where we can't say one set up is better sounding than another, they simply sound different and the one satisfies your ears more than the other. I have heard 242s fully exalted with katalyst and SO(my system), and driven one by Klimax solos, both with and without SO. All sound damned good, one is preferable to my ears over another.
  19. That is an odd hierarchy. There are very few who would rank an online streaming source ahead of a streamed flac file of the same music, apples to apples (bit rate & frequency). In fact, streaming sources like Tidal sound two dimensional when compared to a flac file streamed from a NAS. You might check your NAS for issues if it sounds so poor.
  20. I had tried that (yes). I have looked at and fiddled with all else. Thanks.
  21. Yes. It is definitely the same side on both amps that is exhibiting behaviour unbecoming of a Linn product with so few years of service.
  22. It seems the Akurate/1 line of amps are not the indestructible work horses that Linn gained its reputation with LK series amps. I have two 4200/1 amps and both developed background static & slight buzzhumm noise on the same side of each amp. It is noticeable only when I get close, and only from the tweeter and mid in the 3K array on the 242s; the other side of each 4200 is for the bass drivers, and they are silent. Will wait and see before considering correction, for I don’t notice behind the music: it is not affected by the volume control.
  23. The phrase “snake oil” has been bandied about these parts a fair bit. It must be this of which you speak: https://www.highfidelitycables.com/Nanoparticle/NPS1260.php?utm_campaign=draudio_20210604&utm_content=draudio_20210604_message_a&utm_medium=email&utm_source=zaius&zm64_id=bHNpbHZlc3RyaTRAY29nZWNvLmNh Only $599USD. Act now so you too can be suckered.
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