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  1. As promised, here is my initial discussion of adding a Sbooster BOTW P&PECO MKII power supply powered with another AudioSensibility Testament power cable to the Sonos Port. The instructions suggest 100 hours of burn-in time for the power supply. As soon as I installed it yesterday, an improvement was immediate: the music was fuller, more resonant and detailed. Today those aspects have improved more. It has definitely been a worthwhile addition to improving my enjoyment of the music streamed from Primephonic via the Sonos Port.
  2. I placed IsoAcoustic mini-pucks under the feet of all the components, the Q-Nap 251, and the Shunyata Denali and all together, they have made a nice, gentle improvement. It is a subtle one that you begin to notice after a few days. Suddenly, a background timpani in a work you know well sound more robust, crisper and softer: its ring lingers a tad more. They are not an in-your-face upgrade, but one that creeps in and is worthwhile [at least for me]. Cheers.
  3. Some of us have already posted this. Exkat technology started at the top and then trickled down: Linn made a fortune with upgraded boards to their Akurate line. The same will happen with Organik: given they now produce their own in-house DAC, it makes great financial sense for them to use in it upgrade boards for the Akurate line. It will not have the two layers that we see in the Klimax line, and it subsequently will not sound as good, but it will be a massive improvement over the current Exkat Katalyst technology. This will always be a cash-cow for them. As Obi-wan said to his young padawan: "Patience".
  4. After adding a Silent Angel N8 switch and F1 power supply connected to one another with an Audio Sensibility Testament power cable and hearing the significant improvement to all streaming sources, I plan on adding a Sbooster BOTW P&P ECO MKII power supply powered with another Audio Sensibility Testament power cable to the Sonos Port. The Sonos is supplied with a cheap $2 external power supply plug. Given I listen to music via Primephonic every day at some point, and realizing the significant improvement to the SQ made by the N8 & F1 combo, this may also provide great improvement. If not, 30 day money back guarantee. I will report on the results.
  5. Linn will of necessity filter this down to upgrade boards for current Klimax, then eventually Akurate and, perhaps finally, Majik. If they are counting on hoards of Klimax buyers, they are sadly mistaken. The young, hip, obscene money crowd prove time and again at hi-go centres that they want big bright flashy boxes with LED enhancements to impress their friends. Giant speakers help. It makes financial sense for a “trickle down economy” for Organik products.
  6. The early emphasis in the presentation on EMI shielding and stability sounds like Linn have been listening to a certain personality on this forum.
  7. Well, I calculate that if I put everything I own in storage and live in a cardboard box in the small field adjacent to the local rail yard for the next 5 years, I could save enough to buy one.
  8. Has anyone lost sleep in anticipation of today’s Linnouncement?
  9. Tried to but it did not work as well balance-wise. Anywho, it sounds magnificent. The streaming via Primephonic is much richer, more layered and the textures are more prominent.
  10. Thanks to Paul’s investigative journalism and willingness to test products and possibilities that will enhance the SQ of his (and/or our) systems, Silent Angel N8 & F1 made their way into my system. As reported elsewhere, this was a splendid move. To make room for this combo, I had to place the Sonos Port atop the ExaKtbox. As you can see from the photo, it is supported with three layers of Gunstigs and a layer of EMI Laird shielding. The problem for it, and the N8 which needed to sit atop the F1(power cable pull issues) is they are both a tad raised and unstable. I placed a sheet of corkboard on top of each and four Skeets. They are now firmly grounded. This addition improved the SQ significantly.
  11. Jumping the gun is likely a good idea to ensure you get your best bang.
  12. This thread has become much like a battle between philosophers and theologians to prove God’s existence. The amount of wild speculation based on very little empirical evidence is highly amusing. The skullduggery so for is impressive: but are the results enough to get bent out of shape over?
  13. I see you plan on serving them with your next barbecue
  14. It is complicated: it is upstairs. There is no room for it downstairs with the stereo.
  15. I thought we bought Klimax to listen to. I go to art galleries when I want to see something of beauty.
  16. As promised: I have installed the N8 & F1 duo: WOW. There is deeper bass, a stronger conveyance of richness. The sound stage is wider: on “You look good to me” by Oscar Peterson, the players seem farther apart than before. There is much quiet in the spaces between them. Their instruments are richer, finer, more robust. Overall, it sounds better, more “musical”, thus inducing toe-tapping. As well, Ane Braun’s rendition of “Halo” is richer. This recording has that old “tape hiss” to it. That hiss is much diminished Primephonic streamed via the Sonos Port is now very much improved. Everything is richer, fuller, just better. I have the the Ethernet cable from upstairs[router - GS108T into which the NAS is plugged - through the walls to downstairs to a GS108T]. From there, one line to the N8, then lines to the Bluray player, the Apple TV box, and a spare Ethernet cable for hard-wired auxiliary needs. From the N8, out to the DSM using the supplied marvellous Ethernet cable, and out to the Sonos Port. I am using an Audio Sensibility DC -DC power line from the F1 to the N8. For the N8, I am using an Audio Sensibility Testament power cable that I already had. I am obviously under the assumption that these components are better than those supplied with the N8 - F1 combo: I could be wrong but am happy with the results so far. For those whose music is digitally sourced [streamed or NAS], this has made a worthwhile improvement in my system already. I hear it improves with age
  17. Fallguy: Thanks for the recommendation. I already have the N8&F1 combo (35% discount) and will install it today. I plugged them in yesterday to “burn-in”. As well, copper foil is now wrapped around the Ethernet cable. I am using an Audio Sensibility power cable for it. It was one I was saving for a new TV that uses such a cable: but the TV will have to wait.
  18. Joni Mitchell always called it "tits 'n ass bubble gum music". Some of the songs last night were about empowered female sexuality; however, all the girls were scantily clad while clothed males danced around them. Had this been a Male singer, all the women would have been scantily clad: it is a double standard. As well, it cancels the singers' own messages about owning their sexuality. I guess they never studied semiotics nor took a class in Irony 101 It is sad to see talented singers with terrific voices feel like they must also objectify themselves as some do. Think of the message being sent to 8 - 12 year one girls who admire/idolize these singers. It is enough to make Jesus weep.
  19. Not sure about where to say this. I sat through some of the Grammy show last night. As usual, there were a lot of popular musicians who I've not heard before [thankfully] and some of them "performed". Dua Lipa, whose name I have seen before, sang a good song, but half-way through, she had this need to strip down to her underwear and writhe on the floor for a while, while singing. Later, Cardi B and Megan showed off some private areas, while writhing around stage. I recall as a coming-of-age young man having to pay a cover charge, and drink over-priced beer to see less. Has the pornography industry so insinuated itself into popular culture that even simple songs have become a strip-tease show? I guess I am still of the school that wants music when it wants music, and titillation when it wants titillation: they need not go together.
  20. I am curious why so many pairs of boxers are getting tied into such knots over something no one has seen or heard in person. For those who recently purchased Klimax kits and are feeling hard done-by, ask yourself: is the sound improvement going to be so much better than the current KDSM? Is the difference worth the price? Is it worth twisted boxers, sleepless nights and a severe case of the galloping greedy gimmies? I sit here shaking my head in total disbelief, but I am brought back to reality knowing there are poor Americans who are willingly being fleeced by Donald Trump’s fund raising efforts , so nothing should be a surprise.
  21. Since there seems to be an insistence to discuss anecdotal evidence (better called first-hand experience) pejoratively, why did most of you purchase Linn equipment over other manufacturers? If you can’t trust your ears, should you not be selecting your equipment by the technical numbers only? 1000W power amps, here we come.
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