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  1. In a similar vein, I have used this time to listen to one new album (sorry, not LP) every morning; whether from my collection, via Primephonic or Tidal.
  2. So far, the advancements Linn have developed eventually make their way down the chain at least to the Akurate line. It would make financial sense to do so. Think of all the upgraded boards that would be purchased. Linn has stressed the flexibility of its products to be upgrade-friendly. There’s much money to be made from 10,000 current Linn owners, but much less to be made from those who have $50K USD to spend on a streamer.
  3. After reading from yea-sayers and nay-sayers, and speaking to those with first-hand experience with the N8 & F1 combination: I will pick up my order within the next two weeks. I will report the results and let you know if they are being returned for a refund, or maintained for their clear benefits.
  4. It is a 2018: the internal board was entirely replaced. The power supply, that has not been changed in design by Linn is 2015.
  5. Ideally, new upgraded boards with improved DACs will be available for all three levels.
  6. WAF Just saw this mentioned above Someone in the stereo world should conduct studies to identify foolproof solutions to this common problem that don’t cost more than a full top spec Klimax kit
  7. It is going to be this homage designed LP-12 Klimax Victrola: it plays vinyl AND it streams
  8. According to the just-received email from Linn. Are there any clairvoyants out there willing to venture a guess? Mine is they are going to provide their own subscription streaming service which partners with their current label relationships, at a minimum. Members would receive discounts on downloads and be privy to surprise, time limited sales. What does your crystal ball tell you?
  9. I am curious why a simple “ I am glad you have improved the sound quality of your system” does not seem to work for many here. I am not in Johannes’ home listening to his stereo, nor am I in Michael’s nor Paul’s (at least not now), so I cannot possibly evaluate whether product X has improved the sound quality of their systems; hence my “devil’s advocate” comment to Johannes recently. A lot of vitriol seems to be created simply because some of you want proof: the kind of proof I asked Johannes for. None such proof is likely forthcoming, so I have faith that Johannes has invested a lot of time and knowledge to maximize that sound quality of his system to make that claim. Would that other do the same. At the end of the day, your doubting posture publicly does nothing more than shame one of your forum neighbours.
  10. You will need to provide the science and the data to substantiate this hefty claim. I suppose you have listened to many of the Linn systems around the world to validate this?
  11. You are going to be very pleased with the jump from Majik to Akurate DS. As I have mentioned before it is a bigger improvement from Majik to Akurate, than Akurate to Klimax.
  12. I really want to play Trump for money: he is at least 10 higher than he claims—just watch his swing Sadly, the only thing he has to wager with is his debt
  13. When I think on testing and expectation bias, I recall three events. 1. When I changed the stock Linn power cables for some entry level Shunyata Venom 3s, my son, who was about 12 at the time and who was at our family computer in the same room as the stereo, said that the music sounded so much better than it did before. He asked what happened. 2. One day, after I had switched to Audio Sensibility Statement power cables, my partner put on some of her music while preparing food in the kitchen. I was working up in the den, and she yelled up “ what did you do to the stereo? It sounds so much better.” Thankfully there is SO2, so, like any practical audiophile with a WAF to dance around, I replied, “Oh, I was tweaking around with the stereo adjustment program. I take it you like it” 3. The same as #2, but replace cables with Gaias. It is difficult to find expectation bias when disinterested ears hear the same improvements you do.
  14. The only double blind test I will do requires copious amounts of alcohol so I am double-blind drunk.
  15. I think a significant thing being forgotten is the actual power and abilities of the human ear. Yes, we are all at the age when some of those powers and that ability begin to diminish, however there are some who have extraordinary sensory abilities. For example, my partner has an extraordinary sense of smell: she whiffs out things 10 meters before they are in my face. My son is a super taster: he would do brilliantly in the world of wine tasting, but he does not like it. Gary of Bettermusic, and Paul, both have and had in Gary’s case, extraordinary abilities to hear the most subtle things. This would be evident to anyone who had Paul Optimise their systems on his SO tour a few years ago. Asking for “scientific evidence” has its place, but why is it one violin that is made identically to another will sound differently to the trained ear? We keep making the same arguments and counter arguments, when in fact we are all dedicated audiophiles, love music, and love to share our experiences. Why not recognize our varied abilities to hear, and cheer those who hear things we can’t in ways we can’t. As Hamlet said, “There are more things between Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are to be found in your philosophies”.
  16. My response to someone’s claims is always the same: I am glad you have found an improvement to your stereo, and I move on. The only world that exists is the one that we PERSONALLY experience: that is all. So cheers to those who have positive experiences with whatever they select to add to their stereo.
  17. https://innuos.com/phoenixnet/ The Bonn - 8 is stating to look like a bargain
  18. By promotion, I mean promotion of the club Linn have not really had a good promotion since their two-for-one.
  19. When I am utterly bored, I sure I can review a post about power conditioners or non-Linn cables. It was not a misunderstanding, it was a reading of the language employed within its context. Anywho, I have music to listen to.
  20. This is using anecdotal evidence in a pejorative context. If anecdotal evidence does not work for you, what evidence is it you seek?
  21. The point is that one’s personal experience is all that matters. There are times when posters argue that anecdotal evidence does not validate the sound experience one has by using Item X. You have asked often for numerical evidence in other posts. So, I have pointed out that relying upon numerical evidence is also fallible, and the only thing that matters is your own listening experience.
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