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  1. Yes: We are likely to get nowhere with this discussion. However, had I selected my stereo equipment based on numbers, rather than that weakest of all links in the listening experience according to you: anecdotal personal experience, I would never have purchased a Linn system.
  2. I doubt that is the point. He is testing ports of entry and exit: if they make a difference, that would be the case for all switches, regardless of the manufacturer.
  3. It seems Johannes is trying to get the testing done in the exact same way to ensure if there is some odd difference in the cable port used, it should not affect the testing method. The old phrase apples to apples comes to mind.
  4. I have an Oppo HA-1 that has an optical in, and that is how it is connected to the AEDSM. It has marvellous sound and is Bluetooth enabled.
  5. I finished the last of my Laird projects for now. Finding an nice improvement from simply isolating the power supply, That is as far as I will take it. I am concerned about internal temperatures and air flow. I removed the chassis from the Oppo HA-1 headphone amp and put shielding around the power supply.
  6. The Laird shielding is done and the results are indeed stunning. As is usual when I try something out, I genuinely have no expectations. I HOPE for an improvement, but am not disappointed when it does not occur. There are several tweaks I have tried that had no effect, or a negative effect, and no big deal. While I did read about good results from others, one cannot understand until hearing it in their own system. I ordered 3 sheets, and with two I have shielded the power supplies in the AESDM, the ExaKtbox, two Akurate 4200s, a one AV5105. The improvement is immediate and every aspect of the music is enhanced. There is a silence to the background that dazes you. There is great refinement to instruments and vocals. The bass is a bit fuller and there is greater resonance. After the blackbird whistles, its sweet questioning of the morning air (to paraphrase Wallace Stevens) lingers, and lingers. For $75 and a few hours’ work: the best bang for your buck. Kudos to Paul for his tireless journeys into sonic investigations beyond the outer rim of our galaxy.
  7. Don’t spend it before promotion is certified. You can likely pick up a great pair of speakers second hand and select from there.
  8. Evo: Many thanks for your instructive photos. Three Laird sheets arrived today, so tomorrow is project day for me.
  9. The Sonos Port comes with a very cheap external power supply: 1 amp output, so it is next to impossible to find something that will let me use an upgraded power cord, etc. to improve the sound. While I had planned to wrap the wire with copper foil, Paul suggested also coating the power supply. As well, I coated the Marc Stager Silver interconnect I am using for the digital line out to the AEDSM. The wrapping has added some depth and a bit more resonance to the sound. There is a nice overall improvement to the sonic field. The Lairds are due to arrive this week
  10. Well, this seems a situation that will never end. Had any country in the world other than the US had their post election antics the same as the US just did, the US would call that country a dictatorial banana republic. Had that country held the kind of court assessment of its leader who invited insurrection as the US Congress just did (although not an official legal case), the US would have sent in military support or called for international sanctions against said country. Often, one gets what one deserves in life.
  11. We are all in search of the elusive mistress/master “sonic nirvana” wherein we will enjoy perfect reproduction of music. Many of us have been using SO to adjust the qualities of the sonic field to attenuate as close as possible to that perfect sound. While I have used memories of just-attended concerts of classical music that present an unfiltered musical experience to use as a standard, what do we use as a standard of HOW something should sound if we are basing our comparative on a live concert that uses amplifiers and speakers, or recorded albums? So, if I were to use, say, an album by Kraftwerk, how do I know I have accurately attenuated SO to faithfully reproduce how the music is supposed to sound? I stopped playing with SO some time ago when I listened to the four test tracks I was using and hit the state when I listened to all four from start to finish without feeling anything was amiss. So, how do you know when to: stop the upgrades, stop the tweaks, stop the adjustments, stop the madness?
  12. Thanks for sharing. What is the sheet between the boards resting on?
  13. Yes. I plan on powering all down for a day before I open them. Put them in the cooler and slightly more humid garage for an hour too
  14. I just ordered sheets to isolate the power supplies. Will provide a report once they are in place.
  15. The headphone amp in my old Akurate Kontrol was actually much better than the Oppo HA-1 I currently use.
  16. You have thought “outside the box” to find many splendid and effective tweaks: now you have gone “inside the box” While the copper tuxedos for the kit will never pass the WAF, the internal shields are next on my list. Thanks for always sharing your passion and interests with us.
  17. As mentioned, test drive as many as possible. I have Sennheiser 800HDs with an improved cable from Audio Sensibility run through an Oppo HA-1 headphone amp. This combination give great detail: it beautifully conveys all.
  18. This is the Sonos Port streaming a 24/96 file. Reduced, but to 44 from 96, but still 24 bit and not 16. I recall that I selected the Sonos Port because it was the only reasonably priced streamer I could find that supported Primephonic.
  19. Interesting, however the site points out that you can bypass the internal DAC and use an external one that supports the higher resolution. As I have pointed out, I have by-passed the Sonos DAC directly into the AEDSM, so there is no issue regarding that limitation.
  20. My understanding is that is for the speakers. As well, I have by-passed its DAC to stream into the AEDSM and use its.
  21. I have a free 3-month trial if Amazon music. The HD quality is pedestrian at the best of times. I will certainly not continue with it. As well, I have not used it since I first tried it.
  22. We have you and your loved ones in our thoughts: we are all family on this forum. We look forward to “hearing your voice” and wise words once again.
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