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  1. You might try contacting this seller: it appears these cards did not sell, and he frequently re-lists items after a while. https://www.canuckaudiomart.com/details/649099400-linn_aktiv_cards/
  2. I have done the comparison between the Marc Stager Silver interconnect and Linn Silver interconnect for use as a digital cable from the Sonos Port out into the AEDSM digital in. The Stagers are a bit brighter than the Linn Silvers (which are not actually silver), and that was expected. I used Stagers for bass drivers, for they gave to the bass a crispness and taught ness that the Linn Silvers do not provide. The Linns are a tad muddier. Overall, the Stagers eke out by a hair over the Linns. I will have to compare it with a genuine digital cable. I have planned on trying one from Audio Sensibility, for there is a money back refund if I am not satisfied. I have not tried this comparison on the Oppo HA-1 because I do not have a long enough Stager interconnect. When I do try an AS digital cable, I will file a report.
  3. I am considering a pair of used I can currently get; but with so many upgrades in the last 12 months, I will remain content with the beautiful sound as it is. I may play around with the one from the Oppo to test the differences: capitol suggestion
  4. I did not try them. I needed them for the bass. I am currently using a Marc Stager Silver interconnect in the same capacity for the Sonos Port into the AEDSM to stream Primephonic.
  5. I use a Linn Silver cable for the coaxial out from the AEDSM to the Oppo HA-1. I tried many specialty 75 ohm cables and it provides the best sound.
  6. Michael, you and I have had many discussions about this. Today feels like we have been let out of jail after four years for a crime we did not commit. You must be much relieved.
  7. The Sonos is connected via the digital in to the AEDSM. Sonos has Primephonic as one of its available apps. It has all of those that Linn has and more. For example, I have a free three month trial with Amazon Music. I would not be able to use it as well without the Sonos. I am currently using a Silver interconnect to connect it and it works brilliantly.
  8. I have added a Sonos Port to stream Primephonic through the AEDSM. As well, I have added via My Radio Tuner a variety of radio stations from around the world that are not available on Tunein. I have by-passed the Sonos DAC to go through the DSM’s.
  9. Thanks uk030: it does it automatically. Rather than go in and reset up addresses, and wait much of the day for everything to come back in service, I can redo the lists.
  10. Yes, they all have the old IP address. Given my limited abilities and confidence level with playing around with some aspects, and that I really have only three assembled playlists that are of mixed musicians, it may be easier to simply redevelop them. Thanks for the help.
  11. I am afraid that I do not have a record of what it was. I guess it is redevelopment time
  12. I had to change the router and now all is back in service except for the saved playlists in the Linn App, Konfig and Kinsky. Is there a way for them to actually have music in them, rather than the titles quickly scrolling by without having to re-develop them all? Cheers
  13. When I was setting up the SO V2, I had 5 tracks, each one [like everyone else] focussing on one or a few particular aspects of the musical field [bass, treble, mids, separation, etc.]. I altered the sliders, etc. until I got to a point where I did not jump to the song, but listened to it through to the end and was satisfied with the results. This continued until I had listened to all five songs without feeling the need to alter the sound, and feeling quite "wowed" by how good it sounded. This must be the "Optimal Sound". I arrived at this measurement in the fall, and there is no need to adjust it whatsoever.
  14. You can save a lot of money by going to your local home supply shop, they have all kinds of plastic molded trim in a variety of sizes. In my old home, I used it to hide the speaker cables. It worked brilliantly and was inexpensive, I think about $5 for a 12' strip as I recall. You can see it behind my old AV5140s that once hid three runs of K20, and in this photo it hid a run of K600.
  15. I have been having a lot of that musical joy with all the changes I have made. I find it increasingly difficult to walk away from the music. When I am listening to something and then have to turn it off because it is time to go somewhere or do something else, I linger in front of the stereo trying to listen to even a few more notes before I suspend my joy. I genuinely walk away saddened by the sudden lack of sound.
  16. My first serious Hi-Fi system was my worst mistake. Having the $$ at the time as a result of a settlement for injuries sustained in a car accident [nothing serious], I purchased a system that comprised B&O 5000 Beogram, Beocord & CDX [table, tape & CD], Harmon Kardon PM655 integrated amp & TU tuner with B&W 220i speakers. I loved it until about two months later when I heard a friend's Linn system: Kans, LP12 and I do not recall which Linn preamp & amp. This was in 1986. So, the whole kit was a mistake.
  17. I guess you have not been apprised as to what has been going on in the US for the last 4 years
  18. Generally, supine on a couch with several glasses of wine in me and one more in hand
  19. I do use hospital grade receptacles for my stereo equipment. They cost about four times as much as regular receptacles at the electricians' supply shop. While they are made with better metals, they also have a tighter fit than standard receptacles. Hospital equipment machine suppliers and leasing companies in North America insist on their use for both of those reasons; as well, they insist on the use of power conditioners in order to guarantee the readings a stability of their equipment. [I have disused this previously elsewhere and have had they nay-sayers pounce, so let's not entertain this aspect: just adding it to support WHY a hospital grade receptacle].
  20. Has anyone also caught the episode of Babylon Berlin, currently streaming on Netflix, with Brian Ferry singing in a cabaret show?
  21. Glad to hear you have caught Paul in your sights. I will likely be out by the end of the year, and I hope you will be home for visit
  22. Having made significant changes to all non-Linn aspects of my system last year, I will spend this year enjoying the results, every day
  23. One thing that is embedded in this discussion is the idea that a heavier case will add to greater stability and improved SQ. I was discussing this concept with Paul this morning. Through the discussion, I considered adding weight to the top of the AEDSM by using unused Skeets, which are quite heavy, and placing them on top of Gunstig bases. To my immense surprise, the result was significant and immediately evident: the field lost separation and the songs sounded confused, as though everyone in the recording was stumbling drunk and falling into one another: see photo.
  24. It is interesting you mention this. When I purchased an AEDSM and switched to ExaKt, the cost for it was $4K CDN, versus $22K CDN for the KDSM (+13% tax for each). My Linn dealer, who sold both to a variety of customers, said he recommended the Akurate level to everyone. Having listened to both with care, he felt the improvement with the Klimax at $18K was too marginal. He believed that better sound could be had through better amps or speakers. He sold many KDSMs for there were clients with lots of money to spend, and they insisted on top of the line kits. This does not disparage the Klimax players, but many of us have financial limitations and any upgrades we make are keenly assessed on the value of the improvements.
  25. Please keep us posted. I have copper foil tape and have used it to wrap some cables that touch others in the snake den that inhabits the back of my system. It seems to be a positive influence.
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