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  1. I might look into Roon at some point. Given its better interface, I might jump from Tidal to Spotify HiFi when it comes, but I've been listening to Tidal on and off all day, and the quality is great.
  2. I've been a relatively happy user of KazooServer on my little Intel NUC (that's also my main PC) for a good few years. Today, I thought I'd leap into the 21st century and check out Tidal hi-fi streaming as a way of discovering new music as well as being able to play old favourites. Tidal certainly sounds great, and if you just want to pick albums or tracks and just play them, it's fine. What is disappointing is that the Tidal app gives you so much more in terms of personalised content but it's hard to access via the Linn/Kazoo apps. For example, if I look up the artist Mary
  3. Thanks - I'd really only thought about either keeping my current amp or replacing it with an Exaktbox-I when the time comes. Didn't think about the possibility of replacing the C6100 with amp modules inside the Selekt DSM.
  4. Thanks, that’s another avenue to consider. No plans to get rid of my Ninkas. I’ve had them for nearly 19 years already (with the upgraded bases) and I love them. They were the first Linn product I bought and the plan is to eventually go Exakt to take them as far as they can go.
  5. Oh for the edit button indeed - your second reply arrived just as I posted my reply, so wanted to add a further comment but couldn't. That's certainly food for thought, but I'm quite keen on doing this as a two-stage upgrade. I like living with an upgrade for a while and then taking the next step and I think the Selekt DSM could be a suitably large upgrade in its own right.
  6. Thanks - I have considered using an Exaktbox-I instead of keeping my C6100 to go Exakt. I'm sure I saw something that said the Exaktbox-I might sound better than an older C6100. I guess the proof will be in the listening. The idea of getting the Selekt is as an upgrade now and then I could decide whether to keep it or trade it in for an ASH for the next step.
  7. Well, turns out the new Klimax DSM is a little out of my price range However, I am now feeling it's time to upgrade my trusty little system, which has remained unchanged since 2013. My plan is to replace the Majik DS and Majik Kontrol with a non-Katalyst Selekt DSM and then later slot in a 6-channel Exaktbox. Getting to Exakt will probably be my last upgrade. I'm assuming that the Selekt, even without Katalyst, will be quite a bit better than my aging Majik duo. My only thought is that my C6100 amp is now 16 years old and perhaps at the same time I should get it serviced/upgrade
  8. From memory, when I was looking at that system in about 1996, prices were in UK Keilidh £750 black, £850 other finishes, upgraded stands £135 Karik £1750 numerik £1500 wakonda £750 lk 100 x2 £750 each (they were only £650 each for a while but went up) Active cards - I think there were £250 each, but I’m sure someone else will know for sure
  9. Almost all my Linn kit came from Grahams in Islington starting with Ninkas in 2000, a C6100 and Aktiv cards in 2005 and a Majik DS in 2008. The only Linn component I bought elsewhere was my Majik Kontrol which I got ex-demo from House of Linn. I was ready to buy brand new, but by the time I wanted one, they'd been discontinued. Just writing this post has made me remember what I've spent on Linn gear over the years. Ouch! (But worth it, I think.)
  10. I’m still using the iOS Kazoo app to control my DS. For all its fanciness, the new iOS Linn app never seems to be able to find my Kazoo server.
  11. Having thought about it, the new MDSM is more of an updated Classik than anything else. That’s not necessarily a bad thing; I had a Classik-K As part of my system for 13 years.
  12. It not having Exakt was enough of a surprise, but from the comments on FB, it doesn't support Aktiv cards either, so that's another upgrade path you're missing out on.
  13. No Exakt is a deal-breaker for me. My plan was to replace my Majik DS/Kontrol combo with this as a first step (enabling me to connect HDMI devices) and then a couple of years down the line add an ExaktBox. It's another £1,000 for the entry-level Selekt, which I could live with, but I really don't like the aesthetics of the Selekt unit - the new Majik DSM is much nicer for not having that naff volume knob and artsy middle pillar.
  14. @DavidHB I think you're right that the new MDSM will include amplification, but I'm still hoping that it'll be more modular like the Selekt (at least in terms of amplification) so I can save a few pennies. I also agree that an ADSM/3 would be a fine upgrade, but it'd have to be used. The price of a new one is pretty much the cost of an AESH and a 6-channel Exaktbox to go with it, which is a lot of money to shell out in one hit. A new MDSM would mean I could add an Exaktbox later, which would probably be my final upgrade to my current system.
  15. If it's available without any on-board amplification, it might be time to replace my Majik DS and Majik Kontrol. I mean, I haven't upgraded since 2013, so I deserve it, right?
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