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  1. Case closed! I finally got my KDS/1 out of the bedroom to try it's Balanced XLR with with the KDSM/2 Balanced Input jacks. And it worked. So that meant it was the adapter cable. And after again going through my box of Linn parts I found the Linn XLR-RCA adapters. And those with a pair of Silvers and I'm in business. I'm still puzzled while the adapter cables I had didn't work. As I mentioned before I used them running the Balanced outs on my KDS/1 into a Klout and Keltik system. Thanks for all the help sorting this out. I'm exhausted!
  2. I don't think it could be the adapter cables either Akamatsu. I remembered that I had them made to connect a KDS to a Klout/Keltik system and they worked fine. So for both to go out at the same time.... Sorry I wasn't clear Baba Yaga and Moomintroll. I took the Fono and TT out of the system and connected the RCA's on the adapter cable to a RCA to mini-headphone jack adapter. I then plugged that into my MBAir. Played some music on the Air but nothing came out the KDSM. I just found an old DVD player and plugged that directly into the RCA side of the adapter cable -- still no sound when I p
  3. Well all my new gear is here. I have adapter cables going from the RCA output on a Rega MM Fono to the XLR inputs on the KDSM/2. But I'm not getting any sound to come out of the KDSM. I have the Balanced Output renamed and visible. In Konfig there is a section that says Phono but it reads "No Devices Found" It's possible that my adapter cables are both mis-wired as I bypassed the Rega and connected the RCA's to mini-headphone jack and connected that into a MacBook Air. Nothing when I play music on the Air. Grrrrrrrr.....
  4. Yes, I'd also like to view the lyrics and artwork on my TV. I don't need to hear the audio from the macMini as I have an AppleTV connected to my KDSM. Is there another reason to have the MacMini connect to the KDSM?
  5. I just got a M1 MacMini to serve as a music server and Roon core. It's located next to my KDSM/2 and to my TV. I've set up the MacMini to be headless (with the HDMI dummy plug). I'd like to be able to have the TV display what's playing. I'd love some suggestions on the best way to do this and in general connect up the devices. For instance, pros and cons of the running the Mini through the DSM or having the Mini output go to a TV HDMI port, or... ? Also thoughts about running the full Roon app on the Mini versus running Roon Server?
  6. Well as it turns out, I have such a cable. I forgot I had it made a few years back I decided to keep it simple and ordered a Rega Fono MM phono stage for $400 USD. If I really get back into vinyl, I can always upgrade later
  7. Johannes are you saying that any RCA to XLR adapters are going to have a serious impact on the sound? If so, does that mean all Klimax DSM users should be using a Uphorik or Chord Huei or other XLR based phono stage?
  8. It looks like the phonopreamp needs to have XLR balanced output jacks as there are no free RCA input jacks on the KDSM. Is that right?
  9. A special friend, that many of you know, is giving me a Rega Planar 5. I can't seem to find out how to connect it to my Klimax DSM/2. Thanks--
  10. I'm running Assett and KazooServer on the Mini and it works just fine. And I'm not playing around with Roon (again) and find that I can control it well with the Mini. And with FullScreen on the Mini with Roon, it's fun to see album and song information on the big screen. But alas I can't get any sources to work out of HDMI3. I'll give the folks at Linn's Help Desk a shout.
  11. Hi Paul! I don't see an obvious culprits here, do you? Thanks, John
  12. Happy New Year!! I bought a new MacMini for a media server. That part works fine so far (including Roon). But when I connected the MacMini to HDMI3 port I discovered I can't get anything to play through HDMI3. HDMI1 and HDMI2 work fine. And the Mini will play through either of those. I've tried different cables. Is there some software switch I missed that turns the HDMI ports on/off? Thanks for your input.
  13. Thanks Paul. The repair depot charges a flat $400 for repairs. I think I'll put it in storage till I need it agin unless I can find something obvious amiss that I can repair.
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