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  1. Thanks Paul. The repair depot charges a flat $400 for repairs. I think I'll put it in storage till I need it agin unless I can find something obvious amiss that I can repair.
  2. My Sizmik was working perfectly till I drove it across town to lend to a friend. Now as soon as we plug it in it blows the internal fuse. Anyone have an idea of what might cause this and whether there might be a simple fix? thanks, John
  3. So I just got a new HDMI cable and found that if I plug the ATV into one of the TV's HDMI ports and then have the TV's HDMI ARC connected to my KDSM's HDMI 4 (ARC), then I can send sound from my TV successfully to the KDSM. I didn't initially realize that HDMI 4 on the KDSM was ARC and had been trying to use HDMI 1.
  4. The Toslink cable works well in my system. I also just picked up a new HDMI cable to see if that was the culprit but I haven't had a chance to try it out yet.
  5. Thanks zee9. I have one HDMI cable going from the ATV to my TV and another going from at the HDMI-ARC which should works since my KDSM has HDMI 2.0. I'll try the Toslink cable though.
  6. Oddly, I've stopped being able to send audio to my Klimax DSM with my AppleTV. Can anyone tell me the best way to setup an AppleTV? I have a Samsung UN65RU which is the latest technology (less than a year old with AirPlay built in) and it has one ARC HDMI port. I'd like to be able to use the TV's speakers and have the option to send the audio to the DSM. Thanks, John
  7. I upgraded to a Klimax DSM/2 and am trying to figure out the best way to set up AppleTV (4th gen) with it. Initially the Apple remote conflicted with the DSM and so Linn support said I need to turn off ATV's control of TV's and Receivers. Linn responded.... "I have spoken to an engineer and he suspects that the problem you report is related to the Apple TV4 (The Apple TV4 is confusing the control and overriding the KDSM). He suggests to try the following: Go into the Apple TV4 > Settings > Remotes and Devices > Control TV’s and Receivers = OFF" BUT the catch is that now I need to keep the TV remote handy to turn on and off the TV. When I asked Linn about this further they responded... The engineer advises that the link I sent originally is the only option. When ARC is not being used the AppleTV will switch the TV OFF, when you switch on the TV then the AppleTV will force everything to go to ARC (this prevents from controlling the Linn DSM as there are effectively two controllers). The only option he can suggest to try is to wire the Apple TV directly to a TV HDMI socket (non-ARC) and have the KDSM on the TV HDMI(ARC) socket. This will probably allow you to have some control of the TV via the Apple and will probably allow the KDSM to work properly. Unfortunately, we cannot test this as different TV’s will respond in different ways. I didn't find this worked with my new Samsung UN65RU. Has anyone found a better way to set up the AppleTV (that avoids having a third remote on the table)? Thanks, John
  8. Hmmm.... maybe it's different on iOS devices. I still get "ERROR. We're sorry. An error occurred with this stream. Please try again later."
  9. Well I created a Premium account in TuneIn in order to Modify my favorites. I get an error message when I try to create a Custom URL pin the iOS apps with any of the Flac Streams--including the ICY versions. Bill did say on the Flac Forum in the RP website that TuneIn can't handle Flac streams :(
  10. Not to worry... it's been long out of warranty. And from a friend who had to send his Majik DSi in, there's a flat fee of $450 at least for repairs from the US.
  11. Unfortunately my meter is at my old house waiting for it to sell. Guess I need to get a new one 😊
  12. It wouldn't stay in the hole without solder, so I did solder it back in. Unfortunately no power still. How likely is it that the fuse has failed? Seems like I can only order 10 at a time and with shipping it'll run about $25 USD. Worth the gamble?