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  1. Just an update: Katalyst is done and the Adsm/3 has been on for 2 days straight. It’s an upgrade alright but not as big as I had expected. The move from mdsm to Adsm was a bigger one. But the upgrade from Aktiv to exakt is the largest difference. I’ve been enjoying passive for the last week and have tried multiple different amps and will spare you guys my findings. But if I was to forgo Exakt and stay passive looking for two solos I would hold onto my 5105 as use it as the temporary amp till I find solos. Not because it’s better than my 4200/1 but just because it’s a very very close second to it. When you look at the pricing of the amps in the used market it would make more sense to sell the akurate amps. Tomorrow we bring back the exaktbox10 into the system for a final decision whether we prefer passive or Exakt. I also have to factor in the katalyst upgrade that the exaktbox10 will need if we are to go Exakt. Adsm/3 >> Akurate 4200/3200/3200 >> Aktiv Akurate 242 (mark 1) Silvers/K400
  2. The issue is now resolved. The right speaker was pushed closer towards the front wall by half a cm. I guess I may have moved it by mistake during all the various connections and re-connections. Adsm/3 >> Akurate 4200/3200/3200 >> Aktiv Akurate 242 (mark 1) Silvers/K400
  3. Not anymore. The mdsm/2 was sold Adsm/3 >> Akurate 4200/3200/3200 >> Aktiv Akurate 242 (mark 1) Silvers/K400
  4. I also left the Adsm playing the whole night with the poweramp switched off to atleast have 12 hours of continuous usage incase there is a burn in effect for the upgrade. Adsm/3 >> Akurate 4200/3200/3200 >> Aktiv Akurate 242 (mark 1) Silvers/K400
  5. That’s correct! I wonder if anything from the rear panel gets physically replaced. The only changes I see on Konfig is that the variant changed from 2014 to 2018 and hdmi went from 1.3 to 2.0. I’m trying a different amp now and then try a different pair of interconnects just to be sure. MORE LISTENING TO DO ON A BORING THURSDAY. What fun! Adsm/3 >> Akurate 4200/3200/3200 >> Aktiv Akurate 242 (mark 1) Silvers/K400
  6. Paul - good ideas but SO is off. I removed all my amps to clean and photograph them (incase they get listed in the near future) I also checked each gain level and they are all correct. Adsm/3 >> Akurate 4200/3200/3200 >> Aktiv Akurate 242 (mark 1) Silvers/K400
  7. Hi everybody, i got my katalyst upgrade yesterday and plugged in the upgraded Adsm into my presently passive setup to eagerly hear what differences I could find. i prefer to mention my findings after a few days of listening so that the excitement of a new device/upgrade does not influence my thoughts. however the negative or weird stuff should be mentioned right away. Don’t be alarmed I can call this effect negative but it is surely weird. my temporary setup at the moment is an Adsm/3, a4200/1 and passive 242’s (v1) The speakers are exactly 82.8 cms from the front wall and have zero toe in. It’s been in this position for the last week or so as I was running some other tests. what I immediately noticed after the upgrade with the majority of my test tracks that the main vocal is now more left heavy. I heard the same tracks before the upgrade and the vocal was dead center about 5.5 feet high on my system. This might mean setting the ideal position for the speakers again but I’m just wondering how this could have happened from just a DAC upgrade? has anyone else experienced this change after katalyst?
  8. So now I’m at a loss of words but a great lesson learnt. The 4200/1 has way more control and speed than the klout. It’s actually a very easily live-able situation with the Adsm/1 and a 4200/1 with passive 242’s. It does not even seem as analytical as when it was analog Aktiv. These experiments have taught me a bunch of things. I’m gonna leave it with the 4200/1 till the Adsm gets upgraded. (Was supposed to happen yesterday but now hopefully next week) Adsm/1 >> Akurate 4200/3200/3200 >> Aktiv Akurate 242 (mark 1) Silvers/K400
  9. You ARE right. It’s a world of a difference from the way I remember it the first time I tried my 242’s passive. It can only mean the Adsm and 14 months of speaker positioning. I liked the oomph of the klout but was missing some detail and that’s there with the non Dynamik amp. I’ll switch to the 4200/1 tomorrow to see what kind of an improvement that brings. Adsm/1 >> Akurate 4200/3200/3200 >> Aktiv Akurate 242 (mark 1) Silvers/K400
  10. You maybe right. Since I do have the 242’s passive at the moment I should try it with the non Dynamik and Dynamik akurate amps again with the Adsm. I felt they were not up to the task at all when I tried it first with my mdsm/3 Adsm/1 >> Akurate 4200/3200/3200 >> Aktiv Akurate 242 (mark 1) Silvers/K400
  11. UPDATE 2021: This is an old topic for many but I’m in the midst of experiments as I was loaned a non kat Exaktbox10 to try with the 242’s. To make this a short post: - The 242 aktiv cards are already listed for sale - the exaktbox is surely better than aktiv but my katalyst order on my Adsm/1 will end up being a waste. - I take my words back about the 242’s being mediocre in passive. I still don’t own solos but meanwhile bought some Klouts and can surely attest that 1 klout is enough to make the 242’s sound really good in a passive setup. I doubt it’s just the Adsm that’s making it sound this good because I never liked them passive on akurate amps (Dynamik and non Dynamik). My initial passive tests were with an mdsm/3. One thing is for sure. The main debate between Exakt and passive is just plain musicality (if that’s a word). Do not listen to Exakt as aktiv seems worthless with a revealing speaker like the 242. What have I decided as a path forward? No idea yet but I’m glad if I don’t buy an exaktbox I can still enjoy my music with just 1 klout feeding these speakers. To my ears i’d take a single klout over analog aktiv cards i will also add that I’ve spent the last 14 months moving these speakers mm by mm to get them to sound right and I’m still not sure if there’s more I can achieve by placement. No Space optimization in use. I can only imagine what the solos would be like IF I DID HAVE A QUESTION FOR THE SOLO GURUS, IT WOULD BE HOW IMPORTANT IS DYNAMIK WITH SOLOS? Adsm/1 >> Akurate 4200/3200/3200 >> Aktiv Akurate 242 (mark 1) Silvers/K400
  12. What I found is that the best amps out of my collection that work with the kabers are the Klouts. I only have two at the moment so can’t try exakted kabers with Klouts. The wifey anyway prefers the kabers in the studio so they’re not getting sold anytime soon. If I ever get a third klout i’ll try that combo with an Exaktbox. The 242’s benefit and match the akurate amps much better with Exakt when compared to aktiv. I’m sure 10 solos with an exaktbox would be divine but i’ll never know. Adsm/1 >> Akurate 4200/3200/3200 >> Aktiv Akurate 242 (mark 1) Silvers/K400
  13. The 242’s are finally back and presently passive with a single klout. They will stay that way till I get the katalyst upgrade on my Adsm/1. Hopefully by Wednesday. Now the path forward will just be decided between passive (i’ll need to find a pair of Dynamik solos and Exakt. Since these are new tests and I know these speakers I added the granite slab for stabilization issues and with the newly black coated mark1 bases. Adsm/1 >> Akurate 4200/3200/3200 >> Aktiv Akurate 242 (mark 1) Silvers/K400
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