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  1. That’s always a good plan as well. If the exaktbox-I and the AEDSM get to me by me t week i’ll be selling my black Adsm/3 (Adsm/1 upgraded to Adsm/3 in July 2021) with its new 5 year warranty. The 4200/1 I’m still unsure about just incase the exaktbox-i’s amps are not enough for my kabers. Adsm/3 >> Akurate 4200/1 >> Akurate 242 (mark 1) Silvers/K200
  2. I hope my Exakt thread is not misleading. Exakt is fantastic and I would recommend it any day over aktiv as it outdoes aktiv. Infact if my 242’s sell i’ll probably go back to my kabers with an Exaktbox-I. The only reason I didn’t stay Exakt with my 242’s is because my 3200’s would need to be dynamiked. My recent Katalyst upgrade in the Adsm/3 would be a waste of money and that I don’t have room on my audio rack. I will miss the 3k array once the 242’s are sold. But what exakt taught me is that I want either passive or Exakt so all my aktiv cards are up for sale. Also due to personal reasons I think I’m going to stick to a max 4 way speaker if Exakt but would have nothing against the Akubariks with solos in passive Adsm/3 >> Akurate 4200/1 >> Akurate 242 (mark 1) Silvers/K200
  3. Just some thoughts from me: I don’t think there is a limitation to how many radio stations you can access but there maybe a limit for favorites on the Linn Adsm/3 (katalyst) I’m no TT expert but the phono stage (choice of MM/MC/Line) on the Adsm is way way better than the one on the kairn. You can use an external phone stage and connect the phono stage to an analog input if required. The 2200/1 (Dynamik and same casework as the radikal) is a great amp (2x 200w at 4 ohms) but I don’t know your speakers. The additional channels help with bi-amping etc but most people find that using the internal power supply for more channels is the cause that the 2200 sounds better than the 4200 (4 x 200w at 4 ohms) if you like the design of the Selekt DSM with internal amps (2 x 100w at 4 ohms but class D amps) that maybe a good way to cut down on boxes. If you don’t stream that much and the internal amp of a used mdsm/3 (2 x 100w at 4 ohms, class AB amps) is ENOUGH for your speakers then that would make it a one box solution as well and still match the width, height and depth of akurate gear but with a different faceplate. The mdsm/3 only has a mm phono stage but you can buy the card that the Adsm uses for $480 from a dealer. The 2200 is way better than the internal amp of an mdsm/3 I’m presently. Demo’ing a naim uniti Nova and can say that the app for linn is much better than the naim app (iOS). There is a difference in sound between the naim and Linn streamers so I would suggest a demo at home. I’m still experimenting with my demo so no decisions as yet. Adsm/3 >> Akurate 4200/1 >> Akurate 242 (mark 1) Silvers/K200
  4. No the lk100 and the majik-I take 2 cards each so the even older mono cards though not as slim as the chakra cards. The stereo cards work for the av5125/5105 maybe others as well with an adapter. Adsm/3 >> Akurate 4200/1 >> Akurate 242 (mark 1) Silvers/K200
  5. I’ve removed the cards and packed them. The mixing of Dynamik vs non dynamic amps makes the speaker sound worse so I decided to scrap the idea. Also in aktiv I preferred a non Dynamik amp on the upper and lower bass but a Dynamik amp on the 3k array so decided to scrap the idea as I don’t have 4 non Dynamik channels to drive the bass section aktiv. Presently the system is passive bi-amped with my 4200/1 and k400 cables. It sound less analytical but also less detailed than aktiv or Exakt. The speakers are listed for sale and someone is actually coming to hear them today for a possible sale. I might be in the market for new speakers next week. Adsm/3 >> Akurate 4200/1 >> Akurate 242 (mark 1) Silvers/K200
  6. The speakers need to be converted to aktiv if you send me a pm I can send you the documentation from Linn how to convert the speakers to aktiv. It takes some snipping of wires and soldering like mentioned above. My brothers setup is exactly this. Majik-I with the bass cards. Also handles the job of a preamp. Lk100 with treble cards. You will need two sets of speaker cables or 3 if you want to go tri-Aktiv and another amp to take another set of bass cards. We are supposed to be demoing an exaktbox-I next week and he most probably will sell his majik-I, the lk100 and the cards if he decides to go the Exakt route. Adsm/3 >> Akurate 4200/1 >> Akurate 242 (mark 1) Silvers/K200
  7. It can. Adsm/3 >> Akurate 4200/1 >> Akurate 242 (mark 1) Silvers/K200
  8. Don’t know if this matters to you but to experiment I tried the Adsm/3 in unity gain (no DVC) to the kairn. I got more sibilance than I liked. Id have to try it out with a much better analog preamp. My guess would be an older akurate kontrol would be better. The phono stage in the Adsm is way way better than the kairn. What I really liked about Ninkas was that in analog Aktiv majik amps sounded pleasant enough. Ofcourse akurate amps made it even better but both the above tests were only done in bi-Aktiv mode. I sold the ninkas as I didn’t get the midrange that I got from my kabers. When I heard them in Exakt with 2 x 3200’s I was blown away and regretted my sale. More than enough mid range for my ears and probably lower bass than my present 242’s. (Not as much detail as the 242’s though) Luckily I still have my 4200/1 to add to the exaktbox-I to compare when it arrives. Adsm/3 >> Akurate 4200/1 >> Akurate 242 (mark 1) Silvers/K200
  9. The only way I can see him experiencing the mdsm won’t be streaming due to the lack of internet, but if he has an older MacBook with an optical out you can feed that to the toslink in on the mdsm. You’re only gone get to experience the dac and preamp section. (the poweramp, if you’re using speaker connections from the mdsm) Adsm/3 >> Akurate 4200/1 >> Akurate 242 (mark 1) Silvers/K200
  10. I tried the open home player on my 2018 MacBook Pro that feeds a Modi 3+ dac to a secondary lk styled Linn system. It works for few minutes but then just hangs and I have to delete the application and re-install it. Is there any other software that I can use on my Mac. Id like to use the Linn app or kazoo as a control Point Adsm/3 >> Akurate 4200/1 >> Akurate 242 (mark 1) Silvers/K200
  11. It’s an older unit but just got the katalyst upgrade last month. Adsm/3 >> Akurate 4200/1 >> Akurate 242 (mark 1) Silvers/K200
  12. Yes I did tick that device recovery box. When you do a factory reset you have to configure everything again as well. Adsm/3 >> Akurate 4200/1 >> Akurate 242 (mark 1) Silvers/K200
  13. Not much of an audible difference for me. When I hit restore after choosing the zip file it basically did a factory reset. Maybe I didn’t do it right Adsm/3 >> Akurate 4200/1 >> Akurate 242 (mark 1) Silvers/K200
  14. Sorry for the Noob question but I’ve never done this before so it’s best to ask before I experiment. This is the latest software that was automatically downloaded last week. This is the matching one I found to download. IS THIS CORRECT? Adsm/3 >> Akurate 4200/1 >> Akurate 242 (mark 1) Silvers/K200
  15. Paulie - the ninkas do need to be tri-aktiv to sound as good as I heard them. The exaktbox-I will allow you that and you can use the Klouts once you have a third one. If you prefer the Klouts you could always sell the exaktbox-I for a Exaktbox6 (k) or a Klimax exaktbox. Don’t mix the amps though. That sounded crap to my ears. Adsm/3 >> Akurate 4200/1 >> Akurate 242 (mark 1) Silvers/K200
  16. I’ll keep you updated on how they sound with my kabers when I receive it. The gentleman who invited me to his home to introduce me to Exakt, had exakted ninkas with a Klimax exaktbox, 2 x 3200’s (D) and that experience made me regret selling my ninkas. The ninkas have great bass foe the price but lack mids to my ears but in Exakt they sound fantastic. Please don keep in mind that his TT is almost Klimax level which I thoroughly enjoyed. His streamer was an mdsm/3 which I think he desperately needs to change to atleast an Adsm or KSH. He was planning to buy 3 serviced Klouts but went with the akurate amps instead and still wonders if the Klouts would have been a better fit. I only have two Klouts so I can’t try the Klouts in Exakt with my kabers as yet. Well one day!!! Adsm/3 >> Akurate 4200/1 >> Akurate 242 (mark 1) Silvers/K200
  17. I can’t see what speakers you have but the exaktbox-I allows you to bypass the internal amps and use your Klouts if needed. Since it has 8 channels that’s another plus. My suggestion just for that reason would be the exaktbox-I Adsm/3 >> Akurate 4200/1 >> Akurate 242 (mark 1) Silvers/K200
  18. I bought a demo Adsm/1 and upgraded it to katalyst last month and now have the full 5 year warranty. But I also realized that my future is either passive with solos or Exakt. The Adsm has no moving parts so it’s not that susceptible to a break down compared to CD players. To my ears Exakt is a bigger upgrade than katalyst so if you can get the Adsm/1 (has exakt links) for cheap Id suggest going that route and listening to it that way the katalyst upgrade ia not wasted if you go Exakt. It’s already a very large jump from an mdsm/3 If I was to redo my route i would have rather spend the $2500 on a used exaktbox instead of katalyst. I haven’t heard an AEDSM/ash yet but am getting an exaktbox-I and an AEDSM on loan soon. The only thing that is be concerned about is the how Bourne out the display is. I hated my weak mdsm/1 display. Before people start arguing I very clearly stated “to my ears” If the Exaktbox-I works out then i’ll be listing my Adsm/1 (now Adsm/3 with kat and 5 years warranty) for sale at $6900 but the US warranty is not valid in the UK. Adsm/3 >> Akurate 4200/1 >> Akurate 242 (mark 1) Silvers/K200
  19. I think it’s the stock two woofers with a black 2k array Adsm/3 >> Akurate 4200/1 >> Akurate 242 (mark 1) Silvers/K200
  20. The version I just updated few days back as per Konfig is FW989. There was no option to download. Just update Adsm/3 >> Akurate 4200/1 >> Akurate 242 (mark 1) Silvers/K200
  21. Interesting and ready to try out but usually the updates just show up in Konfig. What page do you mean when I can download the zip files and also how do I know which one is for me. (Adsm/1 upgraded to katalyst is what I have) I just updated few days back Adsm/3 >> Akurate 4200/1 >> Akurate 242 (mark 1) Silvers/K200
  22. 4 drivers? Please tell us more Adsm/3 >> Akurate 4200/1 >> Akurate 242 (mark 1) Silvers/K200
  23. I got the email too and just renewed in July but my email says nothing of that sort Adsm/3 >> Akurate 4200/1 >> Akurate 242 (mark 1) Silvers/K200
  24. If you’ve swapped wires and it stays on the left speaker it’s obvious that the issue is with the left mid. Have you checked the connection points on the mid ? It could be as simple as dry solder. Also check the wires inside the speaker from the speaker connections to the crossover or the mid. Lastly it could also be the mid speaker connector on the speaker. Adsm/3 >> Akurate 4200/1 >> Akurate 242 (mark 1) Silvers/K200
  25. There is a gain difference between balanced and unbalanced so be careful. I’m not sure but the difference is almost 6db. Not sure but most people with xlr connections prefer to stay that way. You can buy xlr to rca cables but if it was me if prefer to stay either rca all the way or xlr all the way. Adsm/3 >> Akurate 4200/1 >> Akurate 242 (mark 1) Silvers/K200
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