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  1. This promo only seems to be valid in the UK, Europe and North America 🙁. Not good for Linn customers everywhere else.....
  2. Hi Zee, I have been following this thread and I am amazed at the contributions in the negative for 242’s, I have a pair of 242’s mk2 aktiv with 4100 and 6100 and I am more than happy with the result. I went from tri aktiv keilidh with 3 x lk140 and the jump is significant. I agree with some of the previous posts about source first I have upgrade recently to ADSM/3 and Urika ii/ radikal with the view to go Exakt. There are some bargains out there bite the bullet.
  3. https://www.stereo.net.au/news/wait-no-longer-linn-app-gets-faster-stronger
  4. Yep I have had some issues on iPad Pro not seeing kazoo server or even second DS player... I ended up rescanning the network a couple of times after stopping kazoo server on NAS and restarting, seems to be ok now....
  5. Thanks Tendaberry, I currently have KK/1 and have just purchased ADSM/3 + Urika 2 so I am debating whether to remove the KK/1 from the system all together... has anyone else done this and what are the results?
  6. Speakers = 242 mk2, yes I am aware of connecting speaker cables to appropriate channels. I was hoping some one had the Linn documentation for connecting aktiv systems Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. Thanks timster, the aktiv cards are using internal connection, it was more off a question around connection of the 2 amps together, I.e. pre out to ch1 in on first power amp then ch1 out to ch1 in on second amp ? There are 6 channels on the C6100 does it matter which one gets used ? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  8. Hi does anyone have some doco on Linn best practice for connecting Linn pre amp to C4100 and C6100 in aktiv mode ? Which inputs and outputs to use in each amp ? Cheers Steve Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk