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  1. Hi Smokestack after some backbreaking work moving That sideboard to different locations I finally settled on one that’s about a 50% improvement on my problem and luckily even sounds better than before. regarding the 50% it could still be improved though darned if just last night I didn’t have the same thought that you’ve suggested regarding wedging something between the rear of the sideboard and the wall. So I giving it a go today. I have some old seat cushions that just might do it otherwise I thinking about some brackets to screw into each surface that won’t be seen and easy to cover if I have to move. Although I saw one entry about bubble wrap that could be worth exploring. unless soneone has a better idea re material? thanks ed
  2. colour vinyl is cool! Some Nirvana albums like that go for big bucks
  3. Great another Chinese flag waver whilst out dole queues get longer and the deficit deeper!
  4. I’m on my knees here!!! you can post to London and I will look after it from there?
  5. Shout Out to the OP Five year on how’d you go? mrpawl anyone saying they are rubbish doesn’t own one. On the other hand opinions are like a***holes and everyone’s got one of those! Like you I also have speakers meant for the Leak and the combination is deadly 👹 Although you may indeed have something quite different now 😅
  6. Ok that’s great for sound quality but my problem is much more basic. I’ve a first gen Sondek that’s on a 1960s sideboard about 9ft in length that’s stands on four legs on a sprung hardwood floor which is intern about 10ft off the ground ( we live in a flood belt) walking within three ft of it sent the tonearm flying. But I’ve recently cut up some inner soles and placed them under the linns feet until I got it level and there’s been a big improvement although still far from perfect. Im getting a wall support next year if I have to, however as the inner soles had this effect shouldn’t it be possible to get even better result heading in that direction ie placing better vibration control devices where the inner soles are? ( it also looks quite naf although turntable foot odour won’t be a problem 😅) i did post a similar question some time back although your post has allowed me to articulate the problem more clearly and the only reply I got suggested solves way out of my budget! After reading your post I’m thinking a combo sandwich with the IKEA mat as the bread and bamboo board the filling might get me there? I can’t help thinking that something under each sideboard leg would help too but have no idea wha to try. Whatever’s used there would need to withstand a lot of weight though. Best regards and Happy Christmas Ebb🌲
  7. Buyer will pay it. I would. Give buyer the choice. If they decline and there’s a problem shame but your off the hook 👍🏼 or follow Mikiwa’s advice. I was thinking one box inside another too but with bubble wrap between them. Or send platters in a second package. If they came loose would cause most damage due to weight. Lid is biggest headache.
  8. Hi im looking for an early undamaged (scratches ok) smoke colour lid with the prop arm) must be willing to ship to Australia. Someone who’s upgraded to a clear one and still has the original ? Thanks ebb
  9. Great A chance to contribute and not a d**k measuring contest😅 Well mines not a system I guess but the key element is the Sondek (1974-5 no upgrades but needs new springs etc)with Leak Point One Stereo amp & preamp thru Goodman’s 212c drivers in Sherwood ARU baffled cabs for music or Leak Stereo 30 plus thru 1984 JBL tlx 6 speakers for home cinema Happy Christmas
  10. What I’m personally coming to terms with is that the real benefits of good hifi may only be enjoyed by those lucky enough not to have had their personal audio apparatus ravaged by the inescapable decrepitude that accompanies age. If a ‘normal’ adults range if hearing caps out at app 15k hz then my own inner ears submerged almost daily in saltwater for more than 45yrs probably look like miniature coral reefs and would hardly hear a pin drop so I’m seriously thinking about offloading all this kit and picking up a Crosley!
  11. Thanks. Interesting article until reading it and owning both tyoes I was leaning towards the solid state must be superior camp and valves sound better because they look better subjective all in the mind opinion however I can now understand the reasoning is indeed based on quantifiable scientific measurement.
  12. Oh yes sorry about thst looked at the post thinking it was about this amp you know to learn something as my kid just got one but mostly read the usual with opinions being touted as facts and got a little annoyed at wasting time well spotted too the football analogy was exactly that I didn’t realise it was so obscure 😅 very humbly yours hapy chistmas to all ebb
  13. Again more unquantifiable BS. Why is the Quar better than the Leak? Maybe you should do a side by side. Leak easily equals Quad in all forms! This is the kind of crap one expects at football matches👹
  14. How did you become a moderator making ridiculous comments like this👹 Old thread I know but people read these and comments like this just shouldn’t be allowed. I own both and the valve ST20 because they’re all good amps that continue to entertain and even amaze given their age. By the way Germanium transistors as found in the Leak Stereo 30 are highly prized for their ‘sound’ by guitarists world wide!