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  1. Thanks! Sorry but I haven't heard the Olympica's. I'm super happy with the Amati's so I think it would definitely be worth hearing the Olympica III if you get a chance. I could be wrong but I think Linn was using them for demo's.
  2. I'm curious about this too. I have five DS's and Roon works great with four of them, allowing me to play any or all of the five at once. The only thing I can't make it do is control volume on the KK via 232 port on one of the systems. For that system I just set the volume with Kinsky; no big deal.
  3. I have 5 DS's and I can't notice any latency issues when I go from room to room. In the kitchen I can hear another room at the same time and no timing difference.
  4. You are correct, and I stand corrected. Of all the things I should trust, memory shouldn't be one of them!
  5. Thanks for your insight. While I've not heard the 350's, I'm really happy with the Amati's. When I first hooked them up I was afraid it wasn't enough of a upgrade from the 242's, considering the cash outlay. Compared to the many Linn speakers I've had, they need a lot of breakin. Now, speaker wise, I'm good for a very long time! Probably the wrong thread for this but with the 242's I had switched to SO v2. With the Amati's I couldn't get it right with v2 and had to revert to SO v1 where I was able to really get them sounding musical! By the way, for this I play test tones one frequency at a time and adjust until I get rid of the louder humps using custom filters.
  6. I don't think any of the Linn preamps had tone controls. When the Kairn came out it was Linn's top preamp; it replaced my LK1/Dirak (now I'm showing my age) and I think it was around $4,000 Canadian.
  7. I have a Kolektor living in a box in the basement that I never liked. I have no experience with the Wakonda but if I were looking at a system of that vintage I would look for a Kairn which is a much higher level still for not a great deal of cash.
  8. Yes Richard, I'm really impressed with the combination. Last night I was listening to some music that I hadn't played in a while. I put on Fisherman's Blues by the Waterboys and while I always liked the song, by the end of it I was always ready for it to end. The Amati's kept my heel thumping the whole time. I've not yet heard a system that really got my toes tapping, but heel thumping, that's when I know its good. I posted a pic with the 242's a while back; here's the updated one.
  9. Thanks for your input on the Wendy. I've already upgraded my speakers since I posted my questions but I'm probably not the only one wondering about the differences. I recently made my first non Linn purchase in over 30 years with a pair of SF Amati Traditions. Now I can't afford to even think about changing speakers for a long time! By the way, the Amati's sound great with the Linn gear. I had demo'd them with Naim electronics and to my ears they sound much better with the Linn, although I acknowledge it's with different acoustics.
  10. I thought the Dynamik upgrade was huge, but I've never heard the Sonic Frontiers amp. If it sounds better, it is. (stolen quote alert)
  11. I agree about the 5125's, especially with the Dynamic upgrade. I have speakers on order for my main system and am now using the 242's aktive with 5125/D in another room. I haven't used these for a bit but am really impressed with how good they sound, even after moving from Solo's.
  12. I'm not sure that I feel less served as a Linn customer. What I really do miss though, is the wealth of knowledge contained on the old forum. It's a shame they didn't see fit to leave the other up, at least in a static form. I think this forum will be just fine in the long run; just no getting around the loss of information.
  13. The room sounds great Mike. This past Friday some friends were over who really haven't heard good hi-fi before. A couple of them were amazed; one of them said that he could see the notes (I admit, I don'd have dry parties).
  14. I think you're on to something here. Now that I think about it, the sound does seem to get better as the beer cans and whiskey bottles build up!
  15. The box count has certainly diminished since the days of Isobariks and 280's but the enjoyment factor is as strong as ever!
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