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  1. I originally had the new hub on the top shelf of my Quadraspire table and used the ‘knob’ a lot to cotrol volume and mute. I now have another shelf above the hub so access to the knob is restricted. I do use the preset buttons a lot with various radio stations applied to them together with LP12/Sky/Oppo assigned to them.
  2. I would be cautious about upgrading the Akubariks to Katalyst which costs £4800. I own Katalyst Exakt Akubariks and would hope that an upgrade to Organik will be available in the future. In your scenario you couldupgrade to Katalyst and then when/if Organik upgrade comes out you would be writing off the £4800. I agree with Suffolk Boy and suggest you consider the new hub. I went from a 2018 variant hub to the next generation and found it to be a huge upgrade, and if you have pre 2018 variant hub the difference is even more significant.
  3. The only way to update a Klimax Exakt hub to the current version is to buy the latest version referred to as the next generation Klimax Exakt Hub. £15 K ! Linn do not offer the ability to upgade say a 2016 variant to the 2018 version. The only way to do it is to replace the 2016 variant with a 2018 variant.
  4. I am referring to KDSMs that only have Exakt outputs. I have not kept track of what Linn call them !
  5. I replaced my 2017 with a new KEDSM in 2020 which was obviously a 2018 variant. The 2018 variant I belive had new surface mount technology and I found it a sigificant upgrade. Butnote that I was blown away by how good 520/530s were with my pre 2018 variant. The later version would cost a lot more assuming you can find one.
  6. A friend of mine bought 520s after I had raved about them. He was waiting for a traded in KEDSM andbought a late Akurate Exakt DSM to tide him over. He got the KEDSM last week and found it to be far superior and is now selling the Akurate. I have run 520s and recently 530s - bothsystems were brilliant. If you can afford it and find one, Iwould recommend a 2018 variant KEDSM.
  7. I replaced my 2018 Klimax hub with the next generation. The surround module was transferred to the new hub. With both hubs I sent video plus audio together via DSM HDMI. I had no lip sync problems with the 2018 hub but do have problems with the current hub.
  8. My DSM is not playing BBC radio stations via Tune In as of today. Anybody else got the same problem ?
  9. My DSM is not playing BBC radio stations via Tune In as of today. Anybody else got the same problem ?
  10. Using a Klimax DSM A/V with 530s would be a huge waste of money. The Organik part which effectively retails at £15 k would not be used.
  11. The new hub with my 530s is the biggest upgrade I have ever experienced in over 40 yrs of Linn ownership. I plan to replace the 530s with Akubarik exakt katalyst and keep fingers crossed that Organik will be an option in the future. My guess is that Linn will bring out a new Exakt Organik speaker sometime in the future but It will be expensive.
  12. The price of second hand cars are rising a lot because of a shortage of new cars being built due to the lackof computer chips to put in them.
  13. I had a 2017 hub and went to a ‘2018’ variant (new internals version) in 2020 which I considered to be a major upgrade. On Friday my next generation hub arrived and I consider that to be the biggest upgrade I have experienced in 40 years of Linn ownership. I am also using 530s and have been blown away by the sounds they are creating with the latest hub.
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