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  1. Have not tried it but compared the internal phono stage with HEED and the internal is clearly better for MM. Axisi is clarly better than Basik and both are better than anything new below 1000 GBP (at least the Axis but alos the Basik is better than a new Rega 3). Have you changed the belt for a new original one. Surprising difference, and remember to clean the pulley. What cartridge are you using? THe new AT95 series are reputedly good and I've also had pleasant results with an Adikt on the Basik. Change of phono stage is anyhow not right use of money as the internal one is quite nice.
  2. Before doing anything else, I'd add Chord Super Array cable between the AEDSM and the Exaktbox. Serioulsy expensive at 750 gbp but worth it. Picked up mine this week and am waiting for one from the Urika 2 as well. I would not have believed it before auditioning it at my local dealer. I used Blue Jean Cable 6a before. Also a EE switch also brought similar improvements: More variations in the how piano, gitars, vocals etc are played as well. Regards Øyvind I
  3. Of course you prefer the route you selected - as you put it ( guess we all do ). The sound is more influenced by cartridge. That why many people have Rega 3 with 1500 GBP cartridge and 1000 GBP RIAA stage. If one listen to how the instrument is played, variations in tempo, how hard the keyboard is pushed etc, its the other way around. As easily demoed. Most other suppliers of decks rather sell you a new one rather than upgrade the older model. Different business model.
  4. usually, yes, but for this case not. One can of course not say exactly "what" upgrade that contributes to what. But doing only Krystal to Kandid with Cirkus is minimal difference/improvement to what keeping the Krystal and upgrading to Karousel provides. Used on extensive comparisons and upgrades on my decks, no upgrade before doing Krystal is worth doing. Then there the bonus of it being rather cheap.
  5. Hi, I also auditioned the Chord Signature Super ARAY streaming cable, but only from the GS108. A must have for streaming. The Blue Jean Cat6a was bland. Have now ordered for my UrikaII.
  6. It appears that Edmund is trying to make this page a site for promoting his own products.
  7. Hi, when I had Majik Isobarik I compared: ADSM/1 (using the straight analogue path as it was better at that time for analougue), C4200 and active bass with A2200. I upraded to AEDSM + Majik Ekaktbox I. THis was way more revealing, tune, punch. Everything really, even though the different amp stages are not as good as Akurate amp but the performance is a result of the Exakt technology. Akurate Ekaktbox I will be signifficantly better. For your question of AK/1 vs ADSM/3 I have not auditioned this but a mate of mine who have active analoug Akubariks id this intermediate step befor fitting Urika2 and commented that the ADSM/3 was better than his AK/1. If you're going for Exakt, I would skip the ADSM/3 and go for the AEDSM or Akurate Hub as it perhaps is called these days. Øyvind I
  8. Considering what you have for amps and Exaktbox MISO's are going to be very rewarding. I currently have Akubariks but came from MISO with AEDSM and Majik Exaktbox. For first I have found the Akubariks more difficult to position and especially bass performance. I't not that MISO done work with integrated or pre-power amp, it's just that these speakers improve tremendously when run active and especially Exakt. I did as mentioned have the Majik Exaktbox but Linn did of a reason show this exact set up to be improved by adding 2xA4200 as power amps for upgrade of the Majik Exsaktbox I and I read a also feedback from a Swedish owner who did this and then later added Akurate Exaktbok. I also heard them at my local dealer in the configuration h you have (but 2xM4100) and it very good. As for overall performance I'd go for them again. Attached a review from Stereoplay, who also had a test with Exakt where the also commented that performance gain was even bigger than going active - and I agree. Majik_Isobarik_StereoPlay_09_11.pdf.pdf
  9. Linn Kelidh speakers for around 250. Easy to drive, even a NAD 3020 will work Majik I, integrated amp 8same casing as you DSM) for around 500 Øyvind I
  10. Indeed. I have always found cable discussions in analogue system an area for sound goblins who have forgot to listen to music but rather focus on how a specific passage or instrument on some types of music appeared to sounding better (a bit of exaggeration here :-) ). Yes there are differences but usually rather minor. A K400 (or K200) are relatively inexpensive in world of cable nuts and work fine. I remember picking up one 4000 GBP Nordost for somebody and this was the worst ever with built in filter for many other parts. Enter digital world. No need for expensive cabled for sure. How wrong could one be (very annoying). It's the same as why should a CD player x be better than y as it's only a series of o and 1's. When buying my first Majik Exaktbox I bought an modestly priced Audioquest cat 8 cable of around 250 gtb for 10 meter. Was not amazing and I tried to cheapest cat5e in local shop (15gbp) and this was way more tunefull. I later learned that Linn clearly adviced against using cat7 and 8 in Exakt systems. Following advice by others I tried Blue jean cables and agree that these are better than chap stuff (and some expensive). Good value for money. Enter recently procured new Majik deck with Karousel and upgrade of my main deck with Karousel. I still find the Majik ever so slightly more tuneful and contacted my dealer (dodgy word/description by the way) and brought my Blue Jean Cat 6a cable and listened to Seleckt DSM to Majik 140. Nice but a bit bland. Then Chord Epic cable. Hm, clearly more variations in the music, a bit better definition the bass. Then Chord Signature Super Array. Whow - enormously more variation in the music, deeper and well defined bass etc. Seriously - I hate cable discussion as one would thing "why can it matter, and for analogue I have pr now found it important but not worth spending much cash on) - but for streaming etc it's super important at it can make a product totally bland vs very enjoyable. I have now ordered 1.5m Chord Signature Super Array for my Urika2. (will need to add a switch and good cable for streaming sources as well I have learned). Regards Øyvind I (I work in the high voltage submarine cable industry and know manufacturing and assembly costs very well)
  11. Regarding slightly warped plinth, I did sell one deck with such which I had acquired 2nd hand (perhaps 0.5mm warped corner braced plinth) and set-up by a mate of mine is did indeed sound very good. Better than non-corner braced non-warped plinth with Lingo 1 (everything else equal). The plinth in the picture of my new deck came directly from Linn. I'm told that walnut has traditionally been varying between a bit bland and with some of variation in the wood but not like mine (perhaps there is a recent improvement). For listening impressions as playing more. There are indeed parts of the music which are more noticeable with the Majik deck than for my main deck (Klimax with ARadikal). Actually better. Main deck is significantly better at deeper octaves, extreme variations in dynamics and Majik deck sounds a bit flat and lifeless in comparison, - but having heard it with Lingo4 the dynamics will be awesome. Now there is a box with Karousel waiting to be fitted to main main deck... Interesting observations
  12. Hi, picked up my deck yesterday. Motor had been running more than 24 h at dealer so no nice and quiet. Chartridge had 1 hour or something so first session was with this as starting point. February 2020 specification deck: Cherry plinth, Majik sub and armbourd from 2018, cirkus bearing (fairly new), old style top plate, new motor, Lingo 1 (recapped), Ittok LV-II, Adikt / 2..A nice and very enjoyable deck. However: vs. standard new Majik: Clearly better with the new Majik ( Majik tonearam and psu). More tones in the bass, better and more variation in sax and voices. Basically better. (remembering the massive improvement I heard at Eksakt HiFi in Oslo with lingo 4, it will indeed make the older deck uninteresting in comparison) . Main system vs Keel, ARadikal, Ekos SE/1, Urika 2, Kandid Initially, nice but a bit brights sounding if I can say that, possibly due to brand new cartridge? After 4 hours listening its setting in nicely. Surely, the main deck brings out lots more details as more dynamics, soundstage, different instruments etc. but still the Majik presents a non-hifi very good performance, you just listen to the music which is presented naturally. Lets me wonder how it would compare with Lingo4 at a fraction of the cost. Finishing off With Dave Brubeck was a very very good session with piano session in Brubeck Time. Summary, new Majik LP12 is a samshing new turntable and compared to how a typically deck as the Feb 2020 would sell for around 1800 GBP and be better than the previous Majik deck - this has now changed. New is better. Øyvind I
  13. It also helps "closing" Kazzo app or Linn app when leaving and reentering the house. Not sure how its done on Android.
  14. Glad it worked out. It's a pitty that Airport Express etc is not fully compatible with the UNpxx (??) standard that is international. I had the samme problem with Airport express. Changed it after feedback from Linn Helpline to another router sorted it. I also used internet through the mains for a short time and although it worked fine it caused interference. VERY audible with turntable and MM into DSM and also to Akurate EDSM (but not Urika II so there must be some more filtering). God my money back. Now all is cabled and always stable. (other wifi than apple works) Øyvind I
  15. Will keep you updated and compare with: LP12, Cirkus, Keel, Urika II, Eksos SE/1, Kandid LP12, Cirkus, Majik sub, Ittok LVII, Adikt Øyvind I