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  1. I also used BJC Cat 5e, and also 6 and although better than Audioquest Cinnamon and some standard grey stuff, I did not get completely carried away, to put it mildly. Auditioned a set of Chord Super Array - and is now carried away. IMO, if one have Urika 2 with standard cables (or BJC), one will be better off with integrated phono stage as it is , totally flat and lacking tune/engagement. Cables in digital domain is significantly more important than traditional analogue set up. I would not have believed that but this section was outside my engineering degree. The only issue is the price , as a set for Urika 2, and another set for AEDSM - Exaktbox. Øyvind I
  2. Although ADSM/1 + A2200 will be a massive upgrade from the MDSM, the Select with Kat will probably be better from the start (and more expensive). For the long run what appears interesting with the Select is the ability to have 6 channels of amplification so you can in the end have Exakt M140 - that may be nice.
  3. About time one may argue. It's been around for 10 years and for may customers look the same as can be bought 2nd hand at a significantly lower price. Also the 2015 version (DSM/2) which has a clearly improved performance at all sources look the same. I do like the look but for many new customers it may be time for a new style? Performance. Although really good one box solution, it can clearly be improved and specifically from internal shielding between the different circuits which are sharing the PSU. This is very audible when comparing the DSM to the Majik-I of the same case where the latter is way way better performing. Looking forward.
  4. Hi, having gone from Majik DS-I to DSM/2 when it came out the claimed improvement for all sources were obvious and I've been very happy with the DSM/2 (and have one in secondary system at home ant the mountain cottage (there with M6100). One of the nice parts of the DSM is that it in some way shows Linn's awareness of that the circuits inside the box interferes with each other as well as limitation with the PSU: 1) Ability to turn of HDMI is clearly audible. The feature would also not be there without a reason 2) when used as a pre-amp only, the ability to turn of the power amp section is also clearly audible. 3) for vinyl sources the ability to only use analogue path (as for the Akurate DSM 0 and 1. Katalyst has demoed that with new design the need is gone) So all in all I´ve been very satisfied with the DSM, it is a one-box for all use that I use for vinyl playback, streaming and internet radio (no FM in Norway anymore .-( ). Last month I came across a 2nd hand Majik-I (from around 2015) and a Majik DS of the same year so not long before these were discontinued. It was the bargain of the year from a price point of view so intended to my daughters room. Having tested it stays in the secondary listening room instead (and the daughter is extremely happy with the DSM/2 + Kan II). This is way better than the DSM/2 for all sources. Better tune and engagement + the wider soundstage deeper bass stuff as well. Significantly better music reproduction device. Streaming from the Majik DS is also better. On a technical point of view, the DSM gets warm - these do not - showing also that the load on the PSU is lighter. Makes one wonder if some dealers only focused on selling the box, or actively demoed the alternatives (separate boxes was more expensive but well worth the outlay). Review of the Majik-I has been very few abide from a bland one in What HiFi and a very good one in german Stereoplay. Øyvind I
  5. I also had a listen at 520 at Harrods. Very positively surprised and could happily live with those. Very musical.
  6. Intersting isn't is? It's lot's more of the fundamental parts of the music which is presented with Karousel, while the other ends up as cheap deck (which is hardly is) with expensive cartridge in comparison. We all know the Klimax deck before february was excellent but the Karousel adds another dimension.
  7. That's a very cost effective approach. If you consider separate boxes, no not forget 5 pairs of Linn silver, speaker cables etc. Doing active analougue Akubarik is very cost efficient and a samshing combo with ADSM kat.
  8. Don't know about the dealer, bout one of the first dealer comments was from Swedish dealer Tonlaget in Goteborg who wrothe that the "Klimax LP12 sound boring in comparison with Akurate level where the latter had Karousel". Could not find the text anymore: I compared my Klimax deck (ARadikal) with my new Maijik deck and the latter was clearly more musical. Missed some sound-stage, sharpness on drums etc, but more depth in music, variations and other parts of the performance came forward. Adding Lingo4 to the Majik deck raises the dynamics dramatically. So, yes, in my experience and 2 other mates with similar decks and combination of decks, the Karousel is more important than anything else and hence also fabulous value. Øyvind I
  9. Have not tried it but compared the internal phono stage with HEED and the internal is clearly better for MM. Axisi is clarly better than Basik and both are better than anything new below 1000 GBP (at least the Axis but alos the Basik is better than a new Rega 3). Have you changed the belt for a new original one. Surprising difference, and remember to clean the pulley. What cartridge are you using? THe new AT95 series are reputedly good and I've also had pleasant results with an Adikt on the Basik. Change of phono stage is anyhow not right use of money as the internal one is quite nice.
  10. Before doing anything else, I'd add Chord Super Array cable between the AEDSM and the Exaktbox. Serioulsy expensive at 750 gbp but worth it. Picked up mine this week and am waiting for one from the Urika 2 as well. I would not have believed it before auditioning it at my local dealer. I used Blue Jean Cable 6a before. Also a EE switch also brought similar improvements: More variations in the how piano, gitars, vocals etc are played as well. Regards Øyvind I
  11. Of course you prefer the route you selected - as you put it ( guess we all do ). The sound is more influenced by cartridge. That why many people have Rega 3 with 1500 GBP cartridge and 1000 GBP RIAA stage. If one listen to how the instrument is played, variations in tempo, how hard the keyboard is pushed etc, its the other way around. As easily demoed. Most other suppliers of decks rather sell you a new one rather than upgrade the older model. Different business model.
  12. usually, yes, but for this case not. One can of course not say exactly "what" upgrade that contributes to what. But doing only Krystal to Kandid with Cirkus is minimal difference/improvement to what keeping the Krystal and upgrading to Karousel provides. Used on extensive comparisons and upgrades on my decks, no upgrade before doing Krystal is worth doing. Then there the bonus of it being rather cheap.
  13. Hi, I also auditioned the Chord Signature Super ARAY streaming cable, but only from the GS108. A must have for streaming. The Blue Jean Cat6a was bland. Have now ordered for my UrikaII.
  14. It appears that Edmund is trying to make this page a site for promoting his own products.