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  1. Thanks for a nice story and good read. The key limiting factor in his system is the Linn Mdsm/3 which is the item that clearly holds back. With a Akurate Hub (or EDSM) the music is a lot more engaging and natural flowing. He will in the second hand marked be able to make a swap with minimal outlay. Regards. Øyvind
  2. Thanks for pictures. Ordered this week, including a new platter which is a bit lighter than the older ones and have a better fit to Karousel inner platter than one of my platters.
  3. Hi, wondering to replace my oak plinth with a piano black plint to match me Akubariks which also is Piano black. My current oak plinth will be used in a secondary system. Do anyone have experience with these painted plinths? Is the sound the same as wooden ones? Regards Øyvind I
  4. Agree the part with the amp. Could be that he did not have others in the shop? Hearing the speakers as I wrote on the other thread with Akurate Exaktbox I and AEDSM was uninvolving. Have sort of lead me to the conclusion that Klimax Hub (old version) is on the saving list. Will however be interesting to compare with different hubs and different exaktboxes in the same shop later
  5. Kudos 707 speakers and a humble Majik4100 amp which was a couple of years old at least. My Akurate EDSM via Akurate Kat Exaktbox was not quite the same....
  6. Hi, had a listen to it last week. Unbelievably quality. "old" KDSM was totally uninteresting HiFi product in comparison whereas the new version reproduced music. The difference was that big - unfortunately.
  7. Given that there is a massive difference between MDSM/2 and Akurate Exakt DSM for any source in an Exakt system (power amp in MDSM off) the box and circuit board plays a matter. Switching off HDMI in both is very noticeable. For my AEDSM having HDMI off moves the music from clear nice HIFI to a lot more tunefulness and engaging. Old Klimax Hub is said to improve quite a lot over the AEDSM. Given the above, I would not be surprised that the New Klimax Hub would be a substantiation improvement over the old. I really hope they have mitigated the interference from the HDMI board. The first hint of such would be if the ability to disable it is removed from Konfig/Set up.
  8. Hi Matteo, I finally got around to contact Linn's helpline during the Easter break and basically they did not find it concerning as it sits in the rack, above the DSM and including the heat loss in the active cards, it could get warm and hence that the fans would often be operating. Ø
  9. Hi, i would replace the Magic DSM with Akurate Hub (or used AEDSM) first. This is a lot more engaging than the Majik. After that the Majik LP12 will work excellent. I still find it more musically enjoying then streaming.
  10. Could one not use the Majik og Akurate Exaktbox 1 and set up Akubariks as Akudorik (hence having 8 channels of amp) and combine this with Exakt-sub + suitable stereo amp for the Isobarik? Should work but have not tried.
  11. I currently run my Keltisk with Akurate Exaktbox Katalyst , 2xA4200 (from AEDSM), very amusing and enjoyable punch. The 2K Array with active or exact is however very nice and open. Akubarik is however a bit different - and more expensive.
  12. Yes. A bit of pain to get the connections loose but managed in the end - without breaking anything :-)
  13. Good point. Funny that my better half has not complained about the cables. A bit of squeeze with K400+a cut K400. but I believeI will manage and get bonus points :-) . Remember the old K600. That was bulky and a sales point was " it is easier to dust it". Ups but now we are off topic. Amps still immensely warm.
  14. Hi, in my cottage, I´ve got a LP12 Majik via MDSM2 and Majik6100D with built in cross over connected to M109 using K400. it really sounds good but the amp is astonishing hot. The fans run all the time when it is in operation - at low volumes as well. Even after turning off (standby) the fans are on for 30 minutes. Any ideas? is it about to need a recap or service? Picture from summer time and then bi-amped and then the amp was warm but never hot and fans never on.
  15. Funny thing that is, that quite a few people living on the British Islands for years have considered them as not being part of Europe (viewed as "the others") like "going on holiday to Europe"...... Quite a few countries in Europe is not a part of the European Union and are used to handling import/export from another country who are in the EU. Living in Norway, we are used to paying VAT on import. Likewise if one buys from a registered company they are able to export the product abroad (in this case to any country in EU) with the UK VAT deducted - if the procedures for that has been organized that is . if one buys from a registered country the overall cost (VAT deducted and added) is about 10%'ish. Buying from a private person is a bit of more expense, unfortunately. But that's an effect of being outside the common marked.
  16. Got full spec except from Klimax Radikal case. Need to do some room treatment first and then there is the decision to target: Klimax EDSM/hub instead of my Akurate EDSM, or the Klimax Radikal?
  17. Hei, I used BJC Cat 6 but switched to in-comparison madness-price level Chord Signature Super Aray cable. Well worth the investment from a performance point of view. I don't know why but I find digital cables a lot more important the analogue cables. A lot more engaging presentation and without the CHord cable one may have gone for Uphorik (or others). https://chord.co.uk/product/signature-super-aray-streaming-cable/
  18. That's the one. Clearly audible and better musical presentation. Even better: it is free. Torque settings to box and assembly of LP12 also plays a clear role. The Klimax case is not exactly free .
  19. As HansBertil mention, the DSM/3 was only for the upgraded HDMI, while the DSM/2 was a clear improvement in performance from the earlier versions (tried and verified). If the latter HDMI board has less of interference with other circuits would be interesting to know as both for the MDSM as well as AEDSM there is a improvement in performance when this is switched off in Konfig (and hence likely why the option is there)
  20. This thread is way out of topic. For topic, there is an interesting clip on the Lejonklou forum where these are recorded. A very clear difference. https://www.lejonklou.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=3086&start=25 Another factor that helps the Akurate case is loosening of the cable next to the PSU.
  21. Do you have disabled the digitization of Vinyl in Konfig for the DSM? If not it will be flat and a bit boring. Having had Wakonda/LK140 (and 85) it was ok, but nothing more. The key week point being the pre-amp. Even the internal amp of the DSm was better than the 140 Majik I (2013 model) is anyhow better than the DSM (not the DSM/4).
  22. For the AD/DA conversion one need to separate on where the products was in their development when assessing if it overall adds benefit. For ADSM prior to Katalyst and Majik DSM prior to DSM4 all have the ability to do Space Optimization. However in Konfig all devices has the option to digitize the signal or not (hence enabling access to SO or not). Clearly this option is provided by Linn as they knew that the design of the devices was not at the development stage that digitizing the signal from for example vinyl was not overall best. This is clearly audible. In one of my listening rooms I have a MDSM/2 + M6100 into M109 using a Majik LP12 (Jelco version arm). While I have found a SO setting that improves the performance for streaming the overall benefit is negative for vinyl due to the loss inn the AD/DA conversion. Can also be compared with SO off and turning digitize on and off in Konfig. The newer ADSM with Kat and MDSM4 is another matter due to teh improved circuit design. Technology has moved on. Øyvind I
  23. Hi, that would be interesting to hear :-) I remember a fellow swedish user had Majik Exaktbox I and then added A4200 (as shown in the brouchure with Majik Exaktbos with MISO) which added even more bass weight. I guess that in you position, selling the ADSM and replac with a AEDSM (or hub) + Akurate Exaktbox Katalyst will be a better move.
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