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  1. As mentioned the Urika II and System Hub will not work in your system as there are is no DAC and no analog outputs. If you really want the Urika II you would want a Klimax DS with Katalyst which would give you streaming and the DAC and analog outputs needed to connect to your Klimax Kontrol. Or with a Klimax DSM with Organik if you want to take it to the next level. Neither is a cheap solution but they would work. Otherwise you can go with a Urika 1, if you don't already have one. Or better than either of the above, in my opinion, would be the Lejonklou Entity 1.1 MC phono stage.
  2. Yes, the price for a complete Klimax LP12 includes the machined Radikal 2 (Klimax) and the Ekstatik. $28,200 in the US.
  3. The revised price list was sent out a few days after the original one. The Ekstatik is included in the price shown for the Klimax LP12, it was just mistakenly not put in the list of components instead of the Kandid. Fluted plinths are indeed a stock item and are to be regularly available going forward. They are built in the 5 standard finishes (Cherry, Oak, Walnut, Rosenut and Black Ash) but not in any of the special color/finish options. The Majik LP12 can also be ordered with a fluted plinth. Interestingly the same price list with the Ekstatik error also showed the Majik LP12 with fluted plinth as being less than the standard one instead of more. That was also corrected. The fluted plinth adds $215 US to the price of any LP12 and is also available separately for $1155 (strangely $213 more than the standard plinth). And, yes, October 30th is now the official public announcement date. That is when Linn and dealers will bombard social media with images and info to see if Linn can generate Apple level new product interest. Might as well set your sights high! Although with a tag line like "The original and best...er" some additional work might be needed.
  4. I don't know about in the UK but I believe a clean Lingo 3 should go somewhere in the $900 to $1100 range in the US.
  5. The two most important parts of the turntable to upgrade. I'm sure you'll be pleased with the musical performance.
  6. Obviously you are wrong. You have 8 Klimax Solo 500 so you need 4000 Radikal 2! I am ready to take your order for the remaining 3500 whenever you wish.
  7. Interesting rumor. But considering I already have one VERY unlikely!
  8. I just thought I should mention that I have a customer who has a 30 foot pair of Linn Black interconnects I made for him running from his turntable/Lejonklou Slipsik MM phono stage to his amplifier on another floor. No problem whatsoever. Actually the output stages of Linn and Lejonklou analog preamps and phono stages are such that long cables have not been a problem, even 50 foot cables have been used in some of our installations with good results.
  9. Hi Billy, and welcome to the forum. I'm going to present a couple similar and a couple of different ideas. First off I definitely agree that you will get the most musical satisfaction form your records by optimizing the LP12. The Karousel and Keel would be the two most important things to improve but over time you would also want to look at the upgrade to the Radikal 2. As to phono stage this is where I differ. The Urika 2 will only work if you are using an Exakt capable Linn unit which would be Selekt or above. Other streamers and amps need not apply. Urika 1 will work with any electronics but in my opinion is outperformed by the Lejonklou Entity 1.1 which is also less expensive than a new Urika1. Your dealer carries Lejonklou so you should definitely give them a listen. I don't know European prices but the Lejonklou Boazu integrated amp is more than competition for the Selekt musically and works very well with Graham, Harbeth and many other speakers. The new Lejonklou Källa streamer/DAC is amazingly musical and will also outdo the Selekt or Akurate streamers although it is likely to stretch your budget. Just some other options to consider and your dealer should be able to compare Lejonklou to Linn for you. I believe they just received a Källa recently. Since you are new I should let you know a little bit about me so you can filter where I am coming from. I have two jobs. One is for Overture Audio, one of the premier Linn dealers in the US (we also carry Moon by Simaudio, Lejonklou, Rega, NAD and Cambridge Audio electronics and a number of speakers, headphones, etc.) where I am in sales and am the LP12/Rega turntable technician - something I have been doing for 43 years. Job 2 is that I am the North American distributor for Lejonklou HiFi products. I have been doing this for over a decade as they are the most musical electronics I have heard. As I mentioned Concert Audio carries both Linn and Lejonklou, as well as some other cool stuff, so you have the opportunity to hear them both. There are a few people on the Lejonklou forum using Graham or Harbeth with Lejonklou and they are quite happy with the combo. Interestingly the Lejonklou distributor for that area is also the Graham distributor and usually uses the combination at Hi-Fi shows. You should be able to really put together a very nice system. Have fun.
  10. There is a trade in program from Linn for an Akurate Radikal to a Klimax Radikal 2 and also for a Lingo to a Klimax Radikal 2 (but not to an Akurate Radikal 2). The trade in from Linn is $1300 on the Akurate Radikal and $795 for the Lingo (any version). Linn has now pushed back the announcement to October 30th so they can get the new demo pieces to more dealers.
  11. Actually, I don't find it hard to believe at all. The fact that the optical sensor board is changed along with the motor and controller board seems to me to indicate that the timing information is handled differently. Otherwise why not just use the same sensor board. Also the motor has some electronics internal to it and those in the new motor are said to be improved such as to be electrically quieter. These changes could again effect compatibility with older parts. But I'd be glad to hear what happens if someone wants to try it - as long as it isn't with my unit!
  12. OK, so then we will not be able to find out which items gives the most benefit, motor or PSU. But then I wonder if Linn will still have the old motor for substitute if it fails.....and all the motors that is replaced by new is the waste......... I was expecting that someone somewhere would want to test to find out which of the new parts makes the biggest improvement, which is why I asked Linn service. I expect Linn will still have replacement Radikal 1 parts for some time to cover any needed repairs (although I have found it exceedingly rare to have a problem with a Radikal).
  13. In case anybody was thinking of trying it I checked with Linn to see if the new controller could work with the old motor and vice versa. The answer is no. The new and old parts are incompatible and combining them would result in an incorrect speed. I was honestly more concerned you might blow something up!
  14. The screw, which holds on the Trampolin foot and is directly under the motor on some older Trampolin 2s, probably would still need to be cut down as Linn has only machined 1mm off the bottom plate of the motor. But it is likely enough to keep the ring from touching the motor housing on all but the most shallow of plinths.
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