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  1. There is a trade in program from Linn for an Akurate Radikal to a Klimax Radikal 2 and also for a Lingo to a Klimax Radikal 2 (but not to an Akurate Radikal 2). The trade in from Linn is $1300 on the Akurate Radikal and $795 for the Lingo (any version). Linn has now pushed back the announcement to October 30th so they can get the new demo pieces to more dealers.
  2. Actually, I don't find it hard to believe at all. The fact that the optical sensor board is changed along with the motor and controller board seems to me to indicate that the timing information is handled differently. Otherwise why not just use the same sensor board. Also the motor has some electronics internal to it and those in the new motor are said to be improved such as to be electrically quieter. These changes could again effect compatibility with older parts. But I'd be glad to hear what happens if someone wants to try it - as long as it isn't with my unit!
  3. OK, so then we will not be able to find out which items gives the most benefit, motor or PSU. But then I wonder if Linn will still have the old motor for substitute if it fails.....and all the motors that is replaced by new is the waste......... I was expecting that someone somewhere would want to test to find out which of the new parts makes the biggest improvement, which is why I asked Linn service. I expect Linn will still have replacement Radikal 1 parts for some time to cover any needed repairs (although I have found it exceedingly rare to have a problem with a Radikal).
  4. In case anybody was thinking of trying it I checked with Linn to see if the new controller could work with the old motor and vice versa. The answer is no. The new and old parts are incompatible and combining them would result in an incorrect speed. I was honestly more concerned you might blow something up!
  5. The screw, which holds on the Trampolin foot and is directly under the motor on some older Trampolin 2s, probably would still need to be cut down as Linn has only machined 1mm off the bottom plate of the motor. But it is likely enough to keep the ring from touching the motor housing on all but the most shallow of plinths.
  6. I don't know if I'd get my hopes that high up! My Radikal 2 (machined) shipped on October 1 then sat at Stansted GB through the 6th, shipped to France, then to Germany then to Memphis on the 7th where it has been sitting awaiting "additional information" to allow customs clearance (a common problem with US customs) through today. It is now apparently cleared and is supposed to be delivered tomorrow.
  7. Once I get the Radikal 2, I'd like to become unbusy. Just one more trip to Seattle. Famous last words!
  8. My, you've been a busy boy! OK, I'll amend that to several of you have been busy. I'm afraid I can't keep up with any of you. I already had a pretty fully loaded system and ordered my Karousel before the shutdown happened so I can't use it as an excuse. My COVID purchases have been an LG OLED TV, a Sony 4K BluRay player and a Linn Majik DSM (previous version) and a leather Euro folding sofa/bed which I used to outfit my office/guest bedroom. This partly used my aging black Lab, Bella, as an excuse as she didn't like going up the basement stairs from the home theater. My other COVID excuse purchase is my new black Labrador retriever puppy, Lily. She is in training to follow on from Bella who sadly passed in July and who definitely got me through the shutdown and restricted access to people and amusements.
  9. The upgrade kits are supposed to start shipping any day now according to my Linn rep (two weeks ago he said within a fortnight). The parts removed from the LP12 and the Radikal PS are to be destroyed and disposed of in line with local waste policies for electronic parts/devices. Old parts cannot be repurposed or used as replacements in other products. It is important to make sure that all the new parts have been installed and are working before destroying the old parts.
  10. It is unfortunately not just the one screw that can cause the problem, and this was later addressed by rotating the foot mounting ring on the Trampolin 2 and Urika to remove the screw from under the motor housing. But with plinths on the short side, generally 65mm high and below, the motor can come in contact with that mounting ring itself and this does still have a negative effect on the musical quality of the LP12. In these cases either the ring itself has to be machined down or some thin spacers have to be put between the Trampolin and the plinth. The latter is what I have done for customer LP12s that needed it. I do agree that there is more to the upgrade than the machined out motor bottom plate. I expect a lot more rather than a little bit.
  11. It is instructive to note that this document came out in 2015 when Linn was explaining their Exakt system. Since then Linn has improved the DVC in the Katalyst electronics (more lossless?) and upgraded it again in the new generation DSM units (even more lossless?). So if "lossless" meant there was no change to the musical signal then it certainly couldn't have been improved. Undoubtedly some would like you to think it means that, but it doesn't. Technically lossless means that the same bits that went in are the same ones that come out. But that doesn't mean that the music that is rebuilt from those bits will not be changed by all the wiring and circuitry it goes through on the way to your amplification and speakers. If it did there would be no point in the new generation Klimax System Hub as the signal remains in digital form from input to output except for the analog input which is immediately converted to digital. As has been reported on here, there is a substantial musical improvement in the new KSH over the previous one when streaming as well as with an analog input. Furthermore, there are a large number of music lovers who have found musical differences in different ethernet cables, different servers, different switches, even different power supplies for the switches. I'm quite certain that the bits that go in are the bits that come out with these devices. Fredrik Lejnoklou, in research for his newly released Steamer/DAC Källa, found that a file could be sent from one place to another and appear identical on both ends but that if all the clocks in the path were perfectly synchronized the music was substantially better than when the clocks were random. It is one of the things that the Lejonklou transfer Protokoll optimizes in order to assure a more musical output. So there is quite apparently a big difference between a digital stream being lossless in the digital domain and not losing information in the resulting musical signal after it has gone through the DAC.
  12. Linn has said that they dont plan to move the case design used on the Organik KDSM units to all the other pieces in the Klimax range. That case was used to give the extra room they needed to have two levels of boards and also to upscale the design language from the Selekt range. Gilad said there was no point replacing the already elegant casework on items like the machined Radikal and the Klimax ExaktBoxes as the space wasn't needed and gave no performance boost. I'd rather have the sleek and classy black machined Radikal casework. (Oh, yeah. I DO have the sleek and classy black machined Radikal casework on my current Radikal and also on my incoming Radikal 2.)
  13. Probably a little longer than it takes Linn to get my Radikal 2 to me. Although it shipped on October 1st it still showed it was clearing customs yesterday. Today it says it is in transit but still in GB. There could be a difference on the motor due to the new metal fittings but since it is still pressing the plastic housing against the top plate it could be the same. Likely the same torques for the main board in the Klimax chassis but you never know. The speed sensor board is almost assured to be the same. The Ekstatik is where I expect a significant difference as threading into a bronze/aluminum alloy should be much different than threading into stainless steel.
  14. I have had both passive and active systems. Active was both with original Linn Isobariks and later with ATC SCM100ASL. I then went back to passive after finding that the ATCs were more musical with their passive crossovers and Lejonklou Tundra Mono power amps than they were with the built-in crossover/amp pack. This despite all the theoretical advantages of the latter. This also echoed my findings (and that of others) that Akurate 242s active with AV5125s or AK2200/4200s were not as musical as single amped with Klimax Solos. Because of these experiences I now believe the most musical way to do things is to use the best amp single amped unless you can afford enough of the best amps to go active. So if I go active again, and I haven't ruled it out, I will have to find enough rack space for 6 Tundra Monos as they are the best amps I have heard. You might want to try to get your hands on a Lejonklou Tundra stereo or a pair of Tundra Monos to see if they give you what you are looking for. I think they might fit your description. You could also start saving up for when the Organik DAC upgrade becomes available. You'll probably have some time as I have been lead to believe we wont see them before 2023.
  15. I believe Linn says it is OK to extend them but I don't recall having tried it. You might lose some musicality and I also don't expect they were talking about running it that long. If you want to keep it Linn I believe part number CONN 1284/2 is the same cable used to go from the Radikal main box to the Urika. It can be used as an extension for either cable but is 1.2 meters long, a fair bit shorter than what you are considering. Overall, I'd recommend finding a way to get the main unit closer to the LP12.
  16. It would be nice if it was only British manufactured goods. I am afraid that in the not really post-COVID time there are price hikes and product shortages coming from all over. We just received a new NAD price list for November 1. Almost all prices have gone up 10 to 20% and these are for products with no upgrades that are made in China, headquartered in Canada. We received a new Rega price list in July and most things went up about 10%. Prices have gone up this year from PSB and VPI as well, one Canadian and one US manufacturer. Shortages of aluminum, computer chips and copper have pushed up prices and delayed deliveries. NAD also published a list of products expected to be in short supply at least throughout the end of the year and almost everything is on it. Cambridge Audio and Rega are also both way behind in delivering on orders. From what I hear things are not likely to get much better any time soon.
  17. Presumably this does not include fitting? It does if you purchase it from us and have it fitted here. I believe it would be the same with most dealers.
  18. US price is $2275. As noted it is the same for either Radikal chassis.
  19. There has to be some benefit for having to deal with audiophiles on a regular basis!
  20. The whole idea of the Radikal was to sense once per revolution as the problem to be dealt with in the DC motor is long term drift, not short term speed instability. I was told that not only does the Radikal only sense and correct once per revolution but that the maximum correction on each revolution is .03%! This makes it likely the slowest servo on any turntable and that is for a reason. Although I haven't seen the new one yet I seriously doubt this aspect of the design has changed. 16 samples and corrections per revolution might cause short term speed changes that blur the music. The price change must be much higher across the pond as the new Radikal is only 30% more over here.
  21. There is a possible benefit in the improved mating surface between the motor top and the underside of the top plate - tightening the current one depends a lot on 'feel'. I'm not even contemplating upgrading mine at £1750 though - I could buy a Lingo 4 for the other LP12 and have change for that money (and I'm not doing that either). If the press release you saw indicated most of the benefit was to the Urika whoever wrote it left a lot out. In the info from Linn the improvement to either Urika is listed as a "halo" effect of the quieter, regulated supply rails in the motor control board. The main benefit is said to be their most precise and responsive Motor Control unit ever which is FPGA controlled to give the lowest drift Linn has achieved in a turntable. Linn claim it gives uniform rotation closer to 33.3RPM than ANY turntable. The new board has shorter signal paths, smaller components and a 6 layer board with dedicated ground and power planes that together are said to reduce noise in the PS while being more accurate. The motor is also a new, improved unit said to give better performance and it is fitted into a new housing that is claimed to decouple the motor from the deck more effectively. So the motor, housing and motor control unit have all been updated and designed to put less interference between you and the music by further reducing any vibrations and inconsistencies that would mask low level music. Considering the massive improvement the Radikal made in the first place, I would expect this to take it a fair bit further and reveal even more of what is in the groove. As to plans for 2022? None at this point as I'll have to wait to see what Fredrik Lejonklou and Linn come out with! I expect to have the new Radikal, the Ekstatik and an upgraded pair of the SINGularity MC phono stage in place this year as well as the new Lejonklou Källa streamer (already on its way to me) in my system well before year end. Something to look forward to after the last year and a half.
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