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  1. True. That's me mixing 2 different issues. Sorry. I plan to go Exakt anyway. In parallel, it would make sense for me to experience the LX before envisionning much more expensive speakers.
  2. Thanks @sunbeamgls. I know that you are an expert on this matter. The thing is, I am a wannabe DIYer and trying to go far as possible by myself is part of the project. I had no opportunities to hear the LX by myself but reviews and also the design principles of S.L. makes the project attractive to me. But at the end, I cannot be sure how really they can compare to speakers like those of Linn. So, I'm a bit reluctant to invest too much money into the project from inception (and shipping to/from France is an issue). (Some may see a pathological contradiction in buying k$ Linn hardware and trying to pair and save with DIY speaker!)
  3. @rv295 Hi Ross, Thanks for your feedback. I still do not have access to and before I get an AEB10 at home, I cannot judge the amount/details of documentation available from What useful preliminary references(online/books) would you recommend to improve my understanding of this topic ? (I have a background of math engineer so things like PDE, Fourier or undergraduate wave physic are OK for me. But I'm just newbie in real applied electronics, acoustics and speaker design). Also, based on your expertise, do you think that a speaker like the LXMini, properly modelised in Exakt is something worth the try or should I just keep my 109s, spare money, by a pair of Aku**** and enjoy the music ! Frankly tell me please. Regards
  4. Agreed! Crystal clear! It was me ignoring that the gain of amp was given in power.Thanks!
  5. Thanks for pointing this but for me the gain in dB for doubling is > 10*log(2)/log(10) [1] 3.0103 Is it because you also have to 2x voltage because of the balanced line ?
  6. Dear @rv295, Many thanks for this very informative thread. I'm planning to acquire an AEB10 or EBI and walk in your footsteps in order to design exakt filters for the LXMini speakers. This speaker has a peculiar design in the sense that the mid driver is pointing upward while the tweeter has standard horizontal axis. From your experience, would it be possible to model such a geometry in the interface ? Many thanks in advance.
  7. @arm Thanks. I see you have the sort setup I'm targeting As you have access to Konfig for AEB10, could you confirm that there is no option to trim the line output level to account for different amp's gains ? Thanks
  8. Thanks MickC for pointing this out! I went checking in Linn docs : AV5125 : 28.6dB For Majiks and Akurates : The range depends on RCA/XLR versions apparently : So, it would mean that my AV5125 would'nt match with the XLRs. It was very helpful. Thanks
  9. @mcgilroy @sunbeamgls Thanks for your feedbacks. Digging into the forum, I discovered this wonderful thread linn-exakt-design-digital-active-crossovers-with-diy-speakers-plus-other-crossover-related-stuff-including-fir Thanks to @rv295 ! So it seems fairly possible (but involving) to fully (SO + crossover) model the LX speakers into Exakt. Can any owner of an ExaktBox gain access to ? I'm more and more convinced that I will go for AkurateSH+AEB10 first.
  10. Dear all, With adequate configuration in Konfig, is it possible to have, for instance, an Akubarik Passive driven by an EB10 and 6100+4200 or AV5125+6100 or some other non-Linn 10ch setup. Or, on the opposite, all amplifiers channels need to be identical ? need to be all referenced Linn models ? I couldn't find an answer in the Linn docs nor in this forum. And as I do not yet have an ExaktBox, I can't explore the software. Thanks in advance.
  11. @mcgilroy That’s very interesting. How would you rank them compared to other Linn models? The initial motivation of Siegfried Linkwitz was that a clever design could challenge much more expensive competitors. From your personal experience, do you agree?
  12. Dear all, I'm not posting much now, as I'm digesting, procrastinating, counting my money & frenetically chasing classifieds !!! Some of you mentionned the options of non-Linn speakers. Actually, some times ago, I have been contemplating this odd option that some of you may have heard of : LXMini (L stands for Linkwitz wich actually is the L in LR Filter housed in most passive speakers). You have to buy the plans/license and then DIY or buy kits. @sunbeamgls Do you think that those speakers can be configured into Exakt & SO "easily" given that the digi. crossover definition is available explicitely (and also as a config file for minidsp products) and that when you buy the plans you get the exact geometry of the speakers? Many thanks in advance for your input on this. Thanks again for all your inputs.
  13. Gentlemen, all of you are really giving me food for thought and you drive me into directions i did not think of at first. Thanks! There is one 1st obvious step wich is to upgrade the DS/M but not an exakt only model, as I would run passive for a while : AKDSM seems to be the "standard" What about Klimax renew DS/2 ? it has line out and also Exakt out. It's only slightly more expensive that AKDSM. Would it add smthing to AKDSM ? Selekt / Majik seems to be never really considered : Would they score really lower for Exakt only use ? Note : My only source are Qobuz and files from a NAS (ripped CD mostly) but no CD player or Phono. Also, I spent some times digging into the available Linn docs : There really is no indication that you can aggregate Exakt channels from different boxes to 1 pair of speakers. I will nevertheless try to get an answer from Linn support.
  14. Many thanks all for your inputs @DavidHB Your approach is interesting. Correct me if I'm wrong but the Akubarik may be an overkill given my current roomspace. Also, it matters for me that each upgrade step makes an immediate perceivable improvement to the whole setup. In your view, passive Akubarik passively driven by the Sneaky DSM would not be too unbalanced ? Also, my ultimate goal is to get the best sound! I tend to believe (but you can challenge that of course) that active crossover would be the most significant improvement to my current setup. Do you agree? @Jail4CEOs2 You're right to ask this, Yes the 109 fill the room at reasonnable volume already. I should have made clear that Akubarik would rather be considered after eventually relocating into a wider home. I don't have a clear policy on 1/many upgrade steps. Progressive upgrading means progressive spending and allows to appreciate a new toy at each step while knowing that there could be more to come. But I could afford/be ready to spend more upfront if it makes more sense. Do you tink there is a way to add 2chan later to an exaktbox-I ? The only possibilities that i see would be - Exaktbox Sub : But the documentation do not indicates that it can complement another ExaktBox, to drive the subwoofer of an Akubarik. - Going for a DSM with built in amp + ExaktBox-I, but I could not find indication that it is possible
  15. Hi, This is frequent in Paris, in old flat. You have what is called "double living room" : 2 20m2 rooms with a very large door that you keep open 99% of time. So you end up having 40m2 in term of acoustics but only 20m2 in term of organizing furnitures and so on. It's quite a pain to add to Space Optimization btw.