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  1. From Longwell Linn stock to Tonguyan stock cable supplied by Linn many years ago. I don’t like audiophile cables...
  2. Yesterday changed the power cable of Radikal. My LP12 has never played so well, with my first press of Pink Floyd's The Wall I was completely captured in a universe of music and in a wall of details. My wife asked me: what did you do to the system that sounds so good? Radikal 2 is just so good!
  3. I can hear the scratch of green paper only with the deck turning. But I remember with Radikal 1 I could feel it even with the deck that did not run. At the end of this story, the stylus of my kandid is perfectly clean and shining!
  4. Thanks mystery revealed! You saved me, I was really losing my mind ahah...
  5. Yes with Radikal 1 and Urika II I could clearly hear the buzz, but no more with the upgrade! I don’t understand, I’m going crazy
  6. Checked and the mute is off. Tried again to place the stylus on the pad of audio technica: no noise even at 50 volume! On the other hand, the Radikal sounds very good and this is the most important thing. But I would like to understand the reason for this oddity.
  7. I noticed that the reset on the new Radikal no longer works, probably is no longer needed...
  8. After Radikal upgrade I noticed something strange. Normally for cleaning the stylus use both Audio Technica AT-637 and green paper. With the old Radikal I could hear perfectly the noise of the vibrating pad and the green paper on the stylus. Now with AT I can't hear anything, also raising the volume a lot. The same thing happens with green paper even if to a lesser extent. Is the same thing happening to you?
  9. Sorry for quoting myself and Wenge1, but luckily it’s the truth...
  10. Michael, you are officially invited to my home this spring! Komri or not!
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