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  1. Hi NR it’s Tiger Paw Vulkan very nicely made secure bolt to wall eliminated bouncy floorboard issue and sounds great.
  2. I've spent a lot of time getting my Exakt system sounding just right with SO1. I'm wondering whether (when availalble for Exakt) SO2 will be really any better. It seems awfully complicated, with some drawbacks, e.g lack of bass/treble shelf (or have these issues been addressed?) And will Linn continue to support SO1 via Konfig for users who prefer this?.
  3. How about a single layer, low output Kandid? Is there scope for improvement in the Kandid design similar to what has been achieved by Lyra with SL versions of the Kleos and Etna?
  4. Findings about the aluminium top plates are not necessarily applicable to integrated aluminium plinth/top plate combinations, given the different design objectives. I have a Tiger Paw Stratos on home dem at the moment, with no pressure to buy other than the incentive of avoiding the relatively small cost of the dealer's time in re-building my LP12 with the standard wooden plinth if I decide not to proceed. At the end of day 2 listening, I'm highly likely to buy the Stratos. But I have plenty of time to decide one way or the other.
  5. I have a Tiger Paw Stratos on home dem at the moment. It is excellent, and I'm highly likely to keep it. I can't imagine Linn could do it any better, especially at the TP price (£2999).
  6. Agreed. The recent Kate Bush remasters are excellent (probably because she supervised them herself, with James Guthrie). The Grateful Dead remaster of Wake of the Flood is also very good IMO ('from the original analogue master tapes by ... David Glasser').
  7. .... & also unclear about why the remasters are supposedly better, at least according to the report of the interview at the beginning of this thread (remastering has nothing to do with pressing quality).
  8. Following akamatsu’s ‘Kate Bush Remastered in Vinyl’ thread, I thought I’d comment on my experience comparing Jimmy Page’s 2015 remaster of Led Zeppelin II with an original copy which I’ve just acquired. There’s nothing special about the ‘original’ copy (Atlantic 1972, 40037 SD8236), apart from its being in perfect condition, but IMO it’s much better than the remaster. Any thoughts on this, or other Led Zeppelin remasters vs the originals? PS: The Blabbermouth report on an interview with JP in 2015 doesn’t inspire confidence in the remastering process: According to The Pulse Of Radio, Jimmy Page says the new remastered versions of LED ZEPPELIN's albums easily trump the sound of the original albums and previous CD masters. Coming on February 25 is the sixth and latest ZEP reissue supervised by Page — 1975's "Physical Graffiti". The new edition features seven previously unissued alternate tracks and outtakes — in addition to remastered versions of such ZEPPELIN classics as "Kashmir", "Trampled Under Foot", "Houses Of The Holy", "In My Time Of Dying", "Down By The Seaside", "Boogie With Stu" and "The Wonton Song", among others. Page explained that when pressing the ZEPPELIN albums into LP records back in the day, as the process went on, sound quality was compromised the further the music got from the original tapes — a situation that has been rectified by modern technology. "What happens is, with these albums [is] that you find that the first test pressings are pretty good, but once they get them on the production line, then the quality, sort of, it starts to disappear a bit — or lack," he said. "With all of the advance of technology, that has sort of, preceded the point that we can… that I can revisit the albums and re-cut them; then it gave the opportunity to give the best possible quality at this point. And really, actually — by hi-fi standards, this in, like reviews in hi-fi magazines — [they say] they're better than what the original ones were; which of course, that's always the object of the exercise." http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/jimmy-page-says-led-zeppelin-remasters-trump-all-the-original-albums/
  9. Meanwhile, fingers crossed for tomorrow for Dr Eddie's copy of Freedom Highway
  10. I prefer the Klimax Urika II LP12 to KEDSM (Exakt) in most cases - but: It can be difficult to pin down how/why vinyl is ‘better’. Like Tendaberry, I find the LP12 somehow more musically engaging and enjoyable. Listening to DS I’ve often thought ‘this is as good as it gets’ (especially 24 bit), only to conclude after playing the same music on vinyl that I prefer the LP12. Also, vinyl mastering and pressing must be excellent in order for the LP12 to be ‘better’ in this way (as per David HB’s post). Many records in my collection do not meet this standard, in which case the same/similar recording in DS format (if it exists!) is preferable. I would be very happy with KEDSM if I hadn’t kept and upgraded my LP12 over many years. Of course it’s nice to have both
  11. Just listened to HoL: superb, especially s2 Ninth Wave. Excellent pressing, zero background noise. Apparently remastering was done with James Guthrie who worked on the originals. https://www.katebushencyclopedia.com/guthrie-james
  12. ... or change/re-specify the spring (is it a spring)? Odd that Linn's current flagship arm has this characteristic which makes it difficult to balance at '0' antiskate, especially if previous designs were 'dead nuts on' in this respect.
  13. It's a shame that a vast store of knowledge and information on a wide range of sound reproduction issues appears to have been lost. And annoying that PMs - some of which involved conversation with Linn employees over a number of years - have also been lost. And extremely annoying that a Google search for (to take just one example) 'Ekos SE anti skate setting' shows a number of Linn Forum threads covering the topic, none of which are accessible.
  14. Agreed, so I'm going to forget all about antiskate theory and focus on the music produced by this antiquated technology which as Nopiano says is amazing it works at all.