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  1. Very happy with Amphion 3LS on my Majik DSM/3. Have a look at their bookshelf offerings, great speakers!
  2. Guilllaume: SunbeamGLS is the person to talk to. Perhaps the most experienced Exakt-designer outside of Linn.
  3. Yes I guess there will be some increase in interest to music reproduction during Coronatimes. There will also be quite a few people forced to sell off gear. Depending on how deep and long the recession is turning out it's most likely to be a buyers market.
  4. That's a pretty bleak assessment but I don't agree for several reasons. First of all the High-End audio market is a tiny niche anyways and will certainly shrink further in the recession. But it's also a market of acquired tastes and a few vendors catering to specific tastes (tubes, Class-A, Class-AB etc, R2 ladder DACs etc) will survive and own their respective and perhaps national markets. Surely the mass market and espc. the AV-market is going to be dominated by Class-D. But there still will be a market for people who want (massive) amps that can be shown off in their home-altars. Plus there will be people who happen to like particular sound signatures offered by certain forms of amplification. Secondly with regards to Linn and amps their position is different. Unlike other amp companies Linn literally owns the speaker-amp interface. They can tightly match the impedance curves, sensitivity, THD-signatures etc of their amps and speakers. On top of that they have Exakt which is after all a filter. Filters is where sound happens. Thirdly and in this context it's important to understand that with High-End we are not talking about good or better anymore. We are talking about different. How specific sound-signatures are achieved is not always evident. With Linn it certainly is a more complex puzzle than just specific amps and amp topologies. They managed to squeeze beefy amps into comparably sleek enclosures. As long as regulation doesn't force them and given the design-language that Linn cultivates as well as their technical expertise I am pretty confident they are looking at all kinds of topologies for eventual successors of the current amp lines. That said I really do wonder why it's been so long since they introduced new amps. 15 years at least?!
  5. That's difficult to answer as this was 5 or 6 years ago in the US and I had no direct comparison to a Linn system. The owner also had LX521. Pass DIY Class-A amps were used for the Mini. The Mini was very musical and relaxed top to bottom, great imaging too. Odd to look at but some might like it. The LX521 where driven by some 8 channel PA-amp and didn't convince me. But they were work-in-progress and given proper amplification might be much better. I am sure their might be an way to Exakt these. Full documentation on the design is available online.
  6. Class-D in itself has so much variety that it's not a very meaningful differentiator. You will have to listen and see how it gels for you. Best Kelitks I heard so far were exakted with 4200s. But there may be many more good options.
  7. The LXMini are great speakers. Heard them a few times years ago and they really good.
  8. Yep. But I guess they optimised the amp for their studio monitors. Amphion is very successful at the moment in the studio market and there seems to be ample demand for a matching amp. Although using the same drivers and layout their studio monitors have different voicings and cater different listening expectations. The fact that the Amp700 isn't meant for consumers is also apparent by it's aesthetics or lack thereof: it's a rack-mounting black box. Working in studios off and on I am familiar with Weiss and also with Putzey's work. Purify seems very interesting but I am not too impressed by the Kii. When looking for new speakers over the past two years I spend some time with them and they are not musical to my ears and are kind of "narrow" sounding. Never heard the D&D8s which would be interesting too. Having been on active speakers (Kaber, KRK7000s) for a long time I was sceptical about the Amphions since these are passive speakers. But they did surprise me. Clearly the Finns have somethings special going on and are very (!) competitive at the price points they offer.
  9. Don't have the info on the origin of their Class-D modules at hand but it was mentioned somewhere in the Gearslutz "Amphion beautiful" thread. I'll see if I can find it. The Amp700 partially became necessary cause their supplier for the older Amp500 model Anaview stopped making the modules. They are using a different manufacturer now but it's not Purify. Would love to hear those! I have had good experiences with Class-D amps and for a while ran a set of NCore 400 monos in my secondary system. If have not seen any info on the OP-amps in their buffer. Perhaps it will come to light eventually. As I said I was a bit baffled cause I expected a smoother sound given the Class-A input buffer. But maybe something else was amiss. We tried to play around with speaker positioning too, but the brightness was apparent on all angles. That said I really like these speakers and their presentation. Eventually we'd like to upgrade to the 7LS.
  10. A short while ago I posted a picture of my current setup with an Amphion Amp700 I had here on trial. The company offers 4 weeks no- questions-asked home trials and has a truly great and responsive customer service. Well two days ago I send the Amp back to Amphion. It just didn't gel in our setup consisting of a Linn Majik DSM/3 and Amphion 3LS loudspeakers. The Amp700 is 350 watts Class-D design with an Amphion designed Class-A input buffer. It has a very good reputation in studio circles and comes in a 19" rack format. Together with the amp we got the Amphion speaker cables. I really wanted this to work but both to my ears as well as to my partners the amp is too bright in our setup. “Like sitting in a broad floodlight” were her words and that pretty much sums up my impression too. Being quarantined we had some extra time in the evenings to spend with the amp and listened to mainly classical music (my partner is a classically trained violinist). Espc. with piano music (Beethoven & Mozart recordings by Levit/Brendel/Debargue/Schiff etc) listening to the Amp700 was somewhat challenging and for the first time I experienced something that is aptly described as listening fatigue. The Linn and the Crimson 640 amps we used for comparison didn't exhibit this behaviour. We let either amp in the system for a few days and then swapped. We also did direct comparisons on some of the listening sessions. I am somewhat baffled by this experience and didn’t expect such a clear preference against the Amp700 which given it's price point and being a matching amp from the same company as the speakers should be clearly better than the MajikDSM. But our ears disagreed. We had about 25h on it and also let the amp running with signal on it for a day or two to see if there is any “break-in.” We didn’t hear much of a difference over the period we used the amp. The treble register remained too bright for us, the lower mids seem a little recessed compared to the Linn and espc the Crimsons, the bass is better controlled with the Amp700. We are now using the internal amp of the LinnDSM again which is pleasurable listening to. It has less detail retrieval and much less control of the lower registers than the Amp700 but this is outweighed by it's musicality. We kept the Amphion speaker cable which is demonstrably better than the cables we used before. If you have Amphion speakers you should give these cables a try. I must admit to have newfound respect for the internal amplifier of the MajikDSM. Even though the Amphions are a challenging ca. 78db/5Ω load it will drive the speakers just fine. Together with the Amphion speakers it's a fun combination for long listening sessions. Next step is trying a 2200 in this system. If anybody in Berlin has one to borrow for a little test-drive please PM. Happy listening & stay healthy
  11. As Jails and others suggested a 5125 and 109s are a solid foundation to work from. Swap the Sneaky for the best source you can afford, perhaps add a sub and be a happy man. Espc. in a relatively small room with relatively short listening distances smaller speakers can be more rewarding than bigger ones. If you eventually want to move up get an Exaktbox and change speakers. Linn's speaker range asks for a lot of amps but there are some non Linn speakers exaktable and worth looking into. There are the already mentioned Kudos as well as speakers by Audium, PMC, KEF, Manger are listed by Linn as compatible. There are more Exakt filters available for other speakers via SunbeamGLS here on the forum. Some of these speakers only need 4 amplification channels and hence your 5125 will suffice. It's a great amp. Paired with an Exaktbox 6 and a Exaktstreamer you are good to go.
  12. Yes - I had some hopes but it seems Linn is not able to deliver a competitive UI. Seems like I’ll have to try Roon at some point. So far I wanted to stay away from a proprietary solution but every time I use Kazoo or Lumin I run into their limitations.
  13. Some impressions from Corona-quarantine: system is a Majik DSM/3 -> black IC -> Amphion Amp700 -> Amphion speaker cable -> Amphion Argon 3LS. The Amp700 arrived here last week for a 30 day trial directly from Amphion. Great customer service indeed. Not sure if it's a keeper yet as it only has few hours on it. In direct comparison the internal amp of the Majik is nothing to sneeze at. It has less control of the lower registers than the Amp700 and is missing some low-level detail. But it makes music. If I can manage to find a 2200 to borrow I will directly compare the two. Leads welcome! The Amphion speaker cable (orange in the pic) did make a significant difference and is clearly better than the cheap Dynavox cables I had used before. This is true both with the Linn as well as the Amphion amp. Again I can only praise the 3LS speakers: super fast, musical speakers with a soundstage to be believed. Coming from a set of Kabers these carry over the quickness but are much more resolved. And they make music!