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  1. Hi all, I've searched this forum on this topic and just finding the standard recommendation of 1.2m for best sound. And it may be as strict as that, however I'm curious as to the significance of using, say 1.5ft or 1.0ft? I read that Paulsurround used 1.5ft at one point. In relative terms just how much of a drop off are talking here? I'm driving Espeks and Ninkas. I'm really trying to better manage the spaghetti behind my 4 aktiv Dynamik AV-5125's in the rack.
  2. I have the OW1's in a pair of AV5140's that also have Espek mid and bass drivers. I concur with the OP re: the OW1's . Have been listening to my stock Ninka's (with Aktiv 5125's and heavy bases) lately and feeling somewhat underwhelmed. Have been wondering how the OW1's would fair in them. So this is a timely post, thank you! Note I found them a tad more efficient than the 038/2's but was able to balance them with a notch down on the aktiv x-over.
  3. Music can be such a friend in times of grief and sorrow. Great to let it help explore all ranges of emotion. To balance things on the upside I like this one. Strength to you and your father in this difficult phase of your journeys.
  4. +1 for aktiv Katans, dynamik'd 5125, AND the little REL T5 sub. One amazing system for it's size.
  5. Thought I'd chime in here fwiw. I currently run passive Ninka's with non-dynamik'd 5125 (no subwoofers) and highly modified aktiv 5140 with dynamik'd 5125's. Mods are Espek mid and bass drivers and Hiquphon OW1-92 tweeters, and two REL Stadium III subs. So, obviously vastly different systems and it may be no surprise that I much prefer the later. Prior to this I've run 5140s passive and aktiv in stock form with D and non-D amps. All this is to say the passive versions of everything pale in comparison to aktiv. As do non-D amps vs. D amps. Whichever route you go seek to go aktiv and D-amps (or equivalent). Secondly, all systems benefited greatly from the addition of one or more good subs. Lastly, there is a marked difference in stock Ninka vs 5140 tweeter sound. Whichever you prefer should guide you there. I found the Hiquphon OW1-92 offered a combination of the best of both sounds, though you pay through the nose for them, and you'll want the ability to adjust their output down a notch on the aktiv card to integrate them best. I have the parts to make my Ninka's aktiv and the amp dynamik'd. When I get around to that and adding a sub I'll be in position to compare that as well. Hope this helps, have fun.
  6. AV5120 Black aktiv AV5120 Cherry Katans Cherry Tukans Cherry AV5140 Cherry standing by to assume back channel duties after listening room remodel Unidisk SC in need of laser and RF transmitter fixes Classik AV5125 non-dynamik Various 5140/5120/Tukan/Katan aktiv cards for the 5125's Dang, I could put another kit together!!! Hmmm
  7. Great to see some familiar names here from the old Linn forum. And while the move over here will no doubt offer it's own brand of community and support over time, the abrupt loss of years of collective knowledge and wisdom just wasn't right. Linn's choice to dump all that will negatively affect their reputation and bottom line. Their products are complex (for better or worse) which required both technical knowledge and unbiased advice in advance of purchase decisions. To think their extremely limited dealer network will suffice (or ever has sufficed) is ignorant on their part. For example, my nearest dealer is over 8hrs away and I doubt I'm in the minority. There is distasteful arrogance here. These are exciting times for our hobby. There is seemingly no end to the choices one has in the marketplace, and for me any number of alternatives will satisfy. I, for one, will enjoy this new journey of exploration as my system evolves away from the Linn tribe. Shame on our Chief for abandoning us. To all my fellow Braves out there, my brothers, I leave you with this: "When you are in doubt, be still, and wait; when doubt no longer exists for you, then go forward with courage." ~ Ponca Chief White Eagle (1800's to 1914).
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