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  1. Even as the seller, I wouldn't define this very very cheap I've seen other Gyro SE with Rega arm sold at similar prices in this forum.
  2. Oh nice, thanks for the info. I don't have a MC phono stage, so the XX2 MkII that I can get for £750 (very low hours) is the High Output version. But if you're not even recommending the Low Output version, can't imagine the HO version. I'm seriously thinking of going for the AT95E now and start looking for a MC phono stage to start with (Rega aria, Whest, ear 834p), then move to the MC world.
  3. Bump I added the Rega RB 250 in the bundle and the price I'm asking now is £ 1100 ono.
  4. Hi, where are you based ? I'm interested in the cartridge
  5. You're probably right, and I did behave yesterday night not buying anything I still do think that AT 95E (or the VM95) is a good option, I just struggle with my brain that keeps shouting at me for using a £ 40 cartridge on a Gyrodec + SME IV. I know I'd probably enjoy it anyway, that's why is still an option. The Goldring 1042 is on my list as well, but yesterday night I found that there's a Dynavector XX-2 Mk II High Output on ebay right now (which goes against both the MC and the "not spending money now" rule...)
  6. In the long term I'd like to go for a Moving Coil, so I wouldn't consider updating the Audio Technica as long term option. Amazon is tempting me with a tomorrow delivery (even ordering right now) of £32 --> Audio Technica At95e £189 --> Denon DL-110 So, I can go easy with AT, but since I have to keep it for at least few months I'm more inclined towards the Denon, or maybe the suggestions in the classifides (Sumiko Olimpia or Shure V15iii with Jico VN35HE stylus )
  7. I was ready to spend a little bit more, but I'd definitely consider it as an option. Thank you
  8. Hi I'm looking for a temporary solution for my Gyrodec + SME IV combo in the £ 100-200 range. I know what you're thinking but I just bought the tonearm, so can't really afford a decent enough cartridge for the duo. I currently have a Rega Elys 2 that doesn't fit well on the SME, so I'd have to buy the not so cheap £40 SME spacer. I thought I could sell the Elys 2 and buy a stopgap cartridge. If new, I was considering the Denon DL-110 HO version, but I'm happy to hear if you have something I can enjoy my new tonearm with
  9. But any stop gap suggestion is welcome