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  1. The Qobuz Windows app allows favourites to be sorted by Artist Name, Album Name or Date of Release. Wahoo! It also includes upnp/DNLA. Double Wahoo!! But. It’s currently in beta form “so may not work”. Sure enough, it finds the DS but then just sits there twirling around until I get bored and switch it off. Unbelievable! You really couldn’t make this stuff up!
  2. Does anyone know if the Qobuz Windows app has full sorting capabilities, like the Qobuz iOS app? If so, a windows based tablet might be a great solution. The iOS app is full of news, stories, suggestions for new music, real people generated playlists etc. I don’t think Linn, in a million years, could get close to producing an app like that! If only we could sort our favourite albums! Argh!
  3. It appears that what we’re asking for is “cross-service/component integration”. Isn’t that what DNLA& upnp is supposed to achieve? Since this isn’t rocket science, I can only think that after spending the equivalent of a King’s ransom on our systems and music delivery services, we’re still being sold short due to hidden agendas and the companies, who all depend on us for their income, refusing to work together to find the best solution for their customers. Surely, if they worked together we’d all benefit?
  4. I agree. AirPlay is not a good solution. According to a Qobuz manager they initially included upnp/DLNA in the app but it was unreliable. There’s a possibility they will look at it again in the new year. Audiophile Style has a Qobuz Feature Request section on the forum which is monitored by Qobuz. If enough of us ask for the feature to be added, we may be lucky!
  5. I have to say, the Linn App really is pants! In fact, considering how expensive Linn systems are, it’s pretty shocking. One only has to look at the excellent Qobuz iPad App to understand where the Linn App lets us down. If the Qobuz App sent its playlist to the DS it would represent a huge step up in DS functionality. For me, the Qobuz App could do with a few more saving/sorting features in the Library, but even as it is, it’s way better than the Linn App. Why Linn doesn’t work with Qobuz , heaven only knows. My guess is that somewhere within the Linn organisation someone is trying to justify their position and salary by enforcing the Not Designed Here argument!
  6. For me, there are two distinct aspects of a great sounding system. One is musicality, and the other is fidelity. Musicality is a pre requisite. It’s defined by a systems ability to be pitch accurate, which influences its ability to play rhythms, tunes, sound musically coherent, etc. Without this, we’re not listening to music - we’re listening to a music-like noise. Pitch accurate systems are always good systems, and can be bought remarkably cheaply. However, to turn a good system into a great system, we need more. We have to start improving the fidelity, or all of the HiFi aspects of the sound. For me, probably an “out of the box” type sound would come first, followed by all the other stuff which helps to make the reproduced sound believable. Eg clarity, openness, detail, imaging, bass slam, dynamics etc. Adding these things, without losing the musicality is the hard bit of assembling a great HiFi system, and the one that costs the most money!
  7. Sorry, I didn’t realise. My location is the midlands, UK. I’ll sort out a photo tomorrow.
  8. 6TB capacity Black Original double box for safe carriage £2000 inc delivery with full insurance to the UK
  9. Ah, why didn’t you say you wanted an argument! Would that be the five minute argument, or the full half hour?
  10. No. Go back out, turn right, and it’s the fourth door on the left.
  11. I’m pretty sure philbo referred to them as performing somewhere between Majik and Akurate too. To argue about calling them anything other than Majik Plus or Akurate minus, or anything else is just alpha male posturing. While I’m at it, imho, every integrated Akudorik I’ve ever heard has been less impressive, but much more musically coherent than the separates equivalent.
  12. That’s not my point. You absolutely hear what you hear. However, the explanation for what you hear is far more complex than if you hear more via one medium, then that medium must contain more information. The mode of transmission, which is different for both analog and digital data, will create different losses which makes a digital/analog comparison impossible (in relation to whether analog or digital recordings contain more or less data). Of course, this doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to discriminate between the two , and develop a preference for one of your sources. Re: your comment about sampling frequencies. Now that really is bold 😮
  13. You make two interesting points, Clavius. This is a subject I have a passing interest in, but I’ve not come across any research which suggests that we find it impossible , or even difficult, to judge direction with sine waves. Do you have a reference for your assertions? Also, some evidence to support your statement that time/phase only comes into play at frequencies we can’t hear would be really helpful.