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  1. Just seen this thread I have a powernode 2i, rel T zero subwoofer connected high level and a pair of Dali Oberon 1s in my bedroom system it is also connected to my tv its a nice little system which I use every day the Oberon 1s are delightful little speakers so long as you don't drive them two hard they can be hung from the wall but if possible I would try and place them 12'' away to get the best from them.
  2. For sale Rega aria phono stage very little used in mint condition. Cash on collection £550 . Please don't ask for it to be shipped. Thanks. Location Derbyshire.
  3. The deck is now provisionally sold awaiting pick up once concluded will archive as sold. Thanks.
  4. Only 20 minutes away . One just sold on fleabay for nearly £1700 so a good price on mine.
  5. Thanks morten but wouldn't feel comfortable shipping such a fragile component.
  6. For sale Rega RP8 with Apheta 2 cartridge had very little use hence sale. £1100 pick up only. All original packaging included.
  7. Yes I watched that he really liked the hegel kef package you would have thought the active kii would have walked it.
  8. The rel tzero is very tiny but does make a difference to performance iam very happy with mine.
  9. Apparently the 390 has a better dac and sounds very similar to the 590. I've found out with hifi paying alot more doesn't always equate to much of a difference in sound quality sometimes quite miniscule jumps but doesn't stop you wanting to scratch the itch lol.
  10. I don't listen at high levels I live in a semi detached so have to think of the neighbours but don't listen at mouse squeak levels either for normal everyday use they sound fantastic and you do find yourself turning them up on some recordings as they sound that good Billy eilishes song boyfriend seems to get the volume treatment makes you smile at the tuneful deep bass these tiny speakers put out.
  11. After all the hype I thought I would give them a go as nothing to lose which iam glad I did they are very nice sounding speakers with excellent tight bass they do need a few hours run in though before sounding there best.
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