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  1. Hello there, Just a thought, I've a Target AudioTT2 turntable stand going spare. Adjustable spikes on the feet, adjustable spikes on the top shelf It served me well for 20 years and its in good unmarked condition. Pics are available. Let me know if it is of interest Stu
  2. Thought id seen one on their website recently
  3. GLWTS Hope you manage to sell the mid sized rack. I had one on here that I had for my Linn equipment.
  4. I traded 3 X LK140 for an Exaktbox -I. The Systemhub and an Exaktbox-I is a very well balanced system. The difference in speed and detail was quite an eye opener on the modern amps verses the LK range. There's 20+ years of development difference between the two ranges. My analogy was that LK's were trying to run through treacle, the Exaktbox is so much more musical!
  5. I second that. Going from 3x LK amps/aktiv Keilidhs to Systemhub/Exactbox Keilidhs big difference, Upgrading then to Kudos Super 20A night and day difference, its that much better altogether
  6. Any use? You've not named your budget but I knew Cymbiosis had this
  7. Keilidhs were Linns most successful speaker, rightly so. Yes, they boogied and rocked with great effect but as 30 years of modern materials and technology have brought improvements to most things, and despite me resisting not upgrading this year, I have scratched the upgrade itch! Good job I did, see below. Kudos bass is deeper and clearer, treble detail is beautifully clean , the newness harshness is wearing off now and the transient response, quiet to loud, even at low volumes through the Marantz is so marked, they really make you prick your ears up and listen. You hear all the music, every detail despite the volume level. Keilidhs, in comparison, need to be driven to bring out their best, hence the Boogie effect they possess. They're still good at high volumes mind! The reason I went for them is they are exactly the same width and depth as Keilidhs but 4" (100mm) taller, they will fit in the same location as the Keilidhs are in the attached picture (just for comparison to show you all, not their final position) plus the cherry finish, which is, unfortunately, no longer available from Kudos according to Derek Gilligan, their Director, so I'm a lucky chappy securing what could have been their last cherry pair! Nice pics ae111sr, very nice colour on yours, almost the same set up as mine as well!
  8. Hello Neilj Glad you have chosen your new system, I know you'll have hours of entertaining music as you've got the system that I run. Ironically I have Keilidhs on the end of my Akurate Exaktbox-I, until Tuesday - when I have chosen some new Kudos 20's to be put in to operation Now, this will make you laugh. I have the Kudos' running-in on the end of a Marantz 1602 AV amp.. TV has never sounded so good! So good in fact, listening to internet radio, the Marantz/Kudos sounds seriously better than ASH/AEB-I and Keilidhs! My Keilidhs have the 038/2 tweeters fitted as well yet they sound slow, muddy and not too good, yet until I heard the Kudos' the Keilidhs sounded great through the ASH/AEB. Modern technology has really come on leaps and bounds and I was quite sure I would make Keilidhs do for another year or so but like you, I've been able to redistribute funds and bit the bullet and got them now. I've done this as Linn seem to be going away from passive speakers and I didn't like Linn M140 floorstanders Once again, congratulations on your new system.
  9. So I said I wouldn't be changing them for a while. How wrong I was!!
  10. Glad I remembered seeing them! They will make a great improvement. Enjoy!
  11. Hello Vic, Thought I saw some somewhere recently, Hope he can help you! Stu PS, just saw youre not in the UK, oops!
  12. Hello, If you swap loudspeakers over from your own pair to a different, new (different make and model) pair, do you need to remeasure your listening room and add all the doors and windows again when you go back in to SO2? Currently Keilidhs powered by Akurate Exactbox-I and Akurate Systemhub. Can you save existing settings? Stu
  13. Hello Jail4CEOs2 I have also used the absorption sliders, they're subtle but do seem effective. I tried the "top 3" and both their min and max values to see their effect, then reigned them in to a setting I enjoyed Davidp, this is the fine tuning that you can done when you're happy with speaker location, toe-in etc
  14. Hello David, I have a Akurate Systemhub and I've been able to upgrade to SO2. I went from the original SO platform to SO2 and it made a great difference. Better timing, better separation, better all round. Go to, and then "full menu" and scroll down to "My account" Log in and you can download SO2. I have checked SO2 on my account and Kudos Super 20A are a listed Exakt speaker (thankfully, if that's what I am proposing for my upgrade!) I am very familiar with Pete and Phil, I've known them for over 30 years and recently upgraded my system last summer at the shop. Do I assume your X2 are on the Cymboisis website, the cherry ones? I know the filters to which you referred to in SO, I used them initially before changing to SO2. I have also read that Super 20A's do need a great deal of running in. Keep tweaking and nibbling at the system, it will come good but I do recommend going for SO", if your Akurate DSM can run SO2. It really os a big improvement Let me know how things go. Stu
  15. Hello David, I read your post with some interest. I have pretty much the same system as you except I have an Exaktbox-I driving Keilidhs but Im looking at upgrading to the 20A's. Strangely enough, I feel sometimes the Keilidhs lack sparkle and "life" What did you have before the 20A's and have you resolved your issues yet? Stu