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  1. Glad I remembered seeing them! They will make a great improvement. Enjoy!
  2. Hello Vic, Thought I saw some somewhere recently, Hope he can help you! Stu PS, just saw youre not in the UK, oops!
  3. Hello, If you swap loudspeakers over from your own pair to a different, new (different make and model) pair, do you need to remeasure your listening room and add all the doors and windows again when you go back in to SO2? Currently Keilidhs powered by Akurate Exactbox-I and Akurate Systemhub. Can you save existing settings? Stu
  4. Hello Jail4CEOs2 I have also used the absorption sliders, they're subtle but do seem effective. I tried the "top 3" and both their min and max values to see their effect, then reigned them in to a setting I enjoyed Davidp, this is the fine tuning that you can done when you're happy with speaker location, toe-in etc
  5. Hello David, I have a Akurate Systemhub and I've been able to upgrade to SO2. I went from the original SO platform to SO2 and it made a great difference. Better timing, better separation, better all round. Go to, and then "full menu" and scroll down to "My account" Log in and you can download SO2. I have checked SO2 on my account and Kudos Super 20A are a listed Exakt speaker (thankfully, if that's what I am proposing for my upgrade!) I am very familiar with Pete and Phil, I've known them for over 30 years and recently upgraded my system last summer at the shop. Do I assume your X2 are on the Cymboisis website, the cherry ones? I know the filters to which you referred to in SO, I used them initially before changing to SO2. I have also read that Super 20A's do need a great deal of running in. Keep tweaking and nibbling at the system, it will come good but I do recommend going for SO", if your Akurate DSM can run SO2. It really os a big improvement Let me know how things go. Stu
  6. Hello David, I read your post with some interest. I have pretty much the same system as you except I have an Exaktbox-I driving Keilidhs but Im looking at upgrading to the 20A's. Strangely enough, I feel sometimes the Keilidhs lack sparkle and "life" What did you have before the 20A's and have you resolved your issues yet? Stu
  7. Hello Zee, Thank you for your kind comments on our room. I am wondering about a set of Kabers or maybe Espek (5140) I have Exakt and Katalist with the Systemhub and Exaktbox, it makes the Keilidhs really sing but I have notices that with SO2, I need a volume of 60 to make them really sing, they can sound a bit "lifeless" at low volume, not something I suffered with my LK amps and Wakonda at low levels. We have moved house and upgraded the hi fi in one undertaking so my only reference is what the Keilidhs "used" to sound like in the old house. I hope I haven't got upgradeitus, that's just what I don't need in these current times!
  8. Hello Mike, Here's a full room view. Speakers are at 4* toe-in. The rack looks best at this angle as opposed to flat back to wall, it didn't look right and didn't fit with it flat back to the wall.
  9. Hello Mick, They're hidden!! Zoom in at the skirting board, there are 2 pvc cable trunking runs hiding the tri wiring going to each speaker. All other cabling is behind the rack tidily sorted into both "signal" and "mains" runs.
  10. Hello Zee, They are Keilidhs with 038 tweeters I managed to secure from my dealer brand new last year. They work well with the Akurate Exactbox - I. I am wondering what speakers would give me a benefit if I was to upgrade...
  11. Hello Fitter, Its an original 1986 genuine Linn Rosewood including corner braces, one of the very last in fact Linn made. Guys tell me that its faded over the years but I still love it. Its fully Klimaxed spec except it still has an Arkiva not a Kandid. I also have a Tranquility fitted so hearing about the Karousel makes me wonder how much benefit a Karousel would give me?
  12. Hello JT Click "Space" in your Linn Account SO2 set up. there is your own saved SO2 room profiles. Click on the 3 dots on the right and click "Details". Once there, scroll down under "Locations" will be your room and speaker directions. Then, click on each speaker, the values you've saved will be shown, as I said, the left speaker needs to be a negative value if you have it toed-in. Hope this helps. {PS, if you need to adjust anything, you'll need to do an adjustment and save that new Optimisation) Stu
  13. As we've plenty of spare time on our hands (!), I thought I'd double check my SO2 settings. Interesting, as I've been able to re-measure the room and its features. Got them now as near to perfect as I can. I then thought I'd check my speakers, not that I've moved them, but to ensure I'd entered details correctly initially and since becoming more familiar with SO2. Interestingly, I hadn't. I looked at the small pop up tab that allows you to view details of your SO2 setting and I thought, "why do my speakers both face to the left?". So, for a double check, I reset the "Rotation" to a silly figure, 45* or similar on my left Keilidh. I recalculated and sure enough, theft speaker was now pointing towards the kitchen on the pop-up tab shown in SO2!!! It may be worth checking the "Rotation" on your settings on SO2. I had +4* on both speakers, i.e. both angled to the left, but I had to change the left one to "-4" to make it turn back in towards me and match the right speakers toe - in of +4* Therefore the right speaker "rotation" is a positive angle, the left is a matching negative angle. A simple error but I have noticed its made a change for the better. Hope it helps someone else too. Stu
  14. Hello Simon I found this seller recently. He looks like he has some decent retro equipment. Stu