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  1. Blues, rockabilly and gospel all in one package.
  2. I use a VPI 16.5 and two passes of 50/50 denatured alcohol ( the clean burn inside fireplace/ dish fuel) and distilled water. Then two passes of MoFi ultra pure rinse. Works for me.
  3. My reply from Linn helpline: Hi Anthony, Thank you for your e-mail and please accept my apologies for the delay in responding. 30 minutes at a loud volume could trigger thermal shutdown depending on the type of music being played and the volume. It could also be the amplifier going into protection mode if the pre-amp is sending out a clipped signal. If you suspect the amplifier is faulty, I would suggest contacting your local Linn retailer to have them assess your amplifier. If it turns back on straight away after turning it off and back on, I would suspect it is more the protection circuitry cutting in, rather than the thermal shutdown. If it was due to thermal shut down, the amp would not turn back on until it had cooled sufficiently. You can locate your nearest Linn retailer by visiting Best Regards
  4. That really is a beautiful rack, and very reasonable compared to much in the market.
  5. I think the collectablity of vinyl has a lot to do with it's longevity too. And I don't mean the 20 something who doesnt own a deck to play his collection on, I'm talking about how ones' collection is a link to a time in the past. Like a photo album of sorts. These are keep sakes.
  6. I love separation of instrument, clear vocal textured. BUT, not at the expense of total rhythm and harmony. The music has to flow all together. I recently heard a system where the separation was immense and profound , I couldn’t focus on anything other than the individual instruments. It’s wasn’t unpleasant, just not something I could live with. oh, and a good system goes loud while remaining clear and enjoyable
  7. Now that is some value. I have a sunglasses brand I deal with that does the same. I am hard on glasses, so when I send mine in for new lenses, the frames are often out of shape. They alway just replace them entirely. Charge me $125 for $400 glasses. This past time I got news ones for free, not sure why. Of course this merry go round ends when I lose them in 2-3 years but they have my full loyalty and have only bought Maui Jim in the last 10 years. After sales service is just as important as the initial purchase.
  8. That is a sexy remote. Never said those words before , in that combo.
  9. Thank you, Spoke with my dealer yesterday, he might not have read his emails. Great news.