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  1. Sensible arguement about off the shelf vs in house bespoke. Linn did this with the CD12 long before streaming no?
  2. There has alway been this customer in the ecosystem. Prior to the intertubes , these customers would do the same and buy from a better priced brick and mortar.
  3. I’ve done it once before to listen to the Majik Isobariks ( many moons ago) . There was little chance of me buying them at the time and the dealer was in a different city ( I was there on business). Never did this before or since. I generally hate getting my time wasted and don’t even explore other hi fi shops other then my current dealer. Now if my dealer got a new Kilmax streamer I would feel comfortable enough to demo it and tell him prior I wasn’t in the market. I’ve spent enough to earn that demo.
  4. Take it easy there bud, and take 20 % off the top of all that Canadian stuff or we will cut of the Maple syrup pipeline.
  5. Holly Cole Trio, Montreal. Live recording in Montréal with the three original members ( David Plinch the bass player, left many years ago) . Love Holly Cole but the Trio was special. Very nice quality live recording.
  6. Well, I had I nice coffee chat with him back in 2019 when he bought the Kore from me, and I’m not giving any secrets away because his blog gives it away plainly ( you have to read a lot to find it ). Should be no surprise from the quality of his writings he is an English prof at a prestigious Canadian university.
  7. Oh my God, I think I sold this guy the slightly “bent” Kore, unbeknownst to me. He contacted me 6 months after the sale to explain his finding.
  8. It certainly means that Linn are not extending credit to ( some ? ) retailers. I know mine has asked for a partial down payment ( 50%) last June with the balance at delivery. To me this indicated that credit terms were short ( 30 days ) and the retailer who didn’t carry any Kilmax gear didn’t want to get stuck with it if I bailed given a no- risk deal scenario.
  9. All my direct contact with the Linn help line pre dates covid , but they where all for trivial enquires , so much so, I was delighted they responded as they did. Several enquires about used product I was interested in ( each time they gave me age and country of original sale ) to asking for 4 of those tiny rubber feet for my lp12 lid, which they happily send from Scotland to Canada. From my experience, they are stellar.
  10. I don’t think anyone buys Linn for brand alone. I would subscribe this sentiment to McIntosh or Sonos. If you know Linn you buy into because of performance. Yes, I buy only Linn in a cultish manner but it’s because of what of hear, not in-spite of it.
  11. Great advice for sure, but there are so many markets that this is not possible. Many markets , like mine that have restrictions on availble demo units like the Kilmax range.
  12. I know where I live ( Toronto Canada ) there is only one dealer that can do a klimax demo and he isn’t my dealer. My dealer doesn’t have any klimax gear so I took a leap of faith with my machined Radikal. I would rather have this then deal with a retailer I don’t get on with ( history). I can image in most North American markets there are few klimax level dealers that can do this demo at home. BTW I’ve only heard the katalist Kilmax system at Linn HQ and it was lovely.
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