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  1. Not to put a damper on this thread but I’m staying put for 2021. Nothing. I swear. did the machined rad plus urika 2 in 2020. Basta!
  2. I had my pair of M140's shipped from Vancouver to Toronto 6 years ago in original boxes. All was good. The only issue these days is the big shipping cost increases. If I remember correctly I paid around $250 to ship the two boxes with insurance.
  3. All I know is that the phono cards in a Linn Majik or Akurate MDSM are not worth the effort, easily out performed by an external phono worth not much more. So short signal paths are trumped by internal preamp / amp noise. Wanna limit any Lp12? Use an internal preamp card.
  4. The Klouts run much hotter than the newest Chakra switchmode Linn amps so Im not sure the more compact layouts will suffer more since the running temps are much lower
  5. They get the aluminum from a German supplier and sell back the shavings to them. All information gleemed from my tour of Linn in 2019 .
  6. Star electronics has been my Linn dealer for several years since my last dealer , Gary Dillot of better sound past away. Star is relatively new to Linn but the principle Sevan, is an excellent Lp12 set up man. http://www.stardeals.ca
  7. I’m beginning to think the M140s will go down as one of Linns most underrated speakers.
  8. Sensible arguement about off the shelf vs in house bespoke. Linn did this with the CD12 long before streaming no?
  9. There has alway been this customer in the ecosystem. Prior to the intertubes , these customers would do the same and buy from a better priced brick and mortar.
  10. I’ve done it once before to listen to the Majik Isobariks ( many moons ago) . There was little chance of me buying them at the time and the dealer was in a different city ( I was there on business). Never did this before or since. I generally hate getting my time wasted and don’t even explore other hi fi shops other then my current dealer. Now if my dealer got a new Kilmax streamer I would feel comfortable enough to demo it and tell him prior I wasn’t in the market. I’ve spent enough to earn that demo.
  11. Take it easy there bud, and take 20 % off the top of all that Canadian stuff or we will cut of the Maple syrup pipeline.
  12. Holly Cole Trio, Montreal. Live recording in Montréal with the three original members ( David Plinch the bass player, left many years ago) . Love Holly Cole but the Trio was special. Very nice quality live recording.
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