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  1. The Sonos Connect is discontinued, but was basically the same as a port. The bridge is to expand the number of zones you can have, the boost is to increase the range of your router. So really you only have the Port to consider from Sonos now. That being said, I'd be tempted to swap out the Oppo for a dedicated AN CD transport on the coax. Then use the oppo with whatever streamer suits on the optical as they'd be relegated to background/music discovery. G
  2. Sonos have a near equivalent item to the Bluesound Node 2i, it called the Sonos Port. Either of these is an upgrade over Apple TV, laptops and the like. At least sticking with Sonos will give you party mode, should the need arise (roll on the end of lockdown). It should be said something in the £1500 to £4000 price bracket is a better match to a DAC 2.1x but for a toe in the water Sonos and Bluesound are great starters. I'd normally stream through the optical on an AN DAC, largely because the coax usually has a CD transport attached to it, but you'd have to use the coax with the Sonos Port as it doesn't have an optical out. Either sounds good on the AN, the RCA option has more air and space to my ears which could well be a benefit to streamed/stored audio, however this is the potential fly in your ointment if you use CD a lot. ATB, G
  3. The Bluesound Node 2i is my suggestion. Other options abound, but I like the Bluesound software, only really bettered by Roon. I could go on, but better not. Converters are for kids. Edit, I've just come back from the Bluesound room, I see you took my advice before I gave it! Enjoy.
  4. You can buy original boxes. Failing that put them in a bin-bag, or wrap in cling film (especially if they are gloss) before packing. Invest in a couple of sheets of polystyrene. The main difficulties will be protecting the corners, binding posts and drive units. I'd usually have a double layer of polystyrene, one with cutouts for the features and one outside that. Then wrap in cardboard and put on a pallet to ship. Good luck.
  5. Yes, the AN should sound fuller and more dynamic than the Rega. The other main contender, for me, is the Hana EH at that price. If you are likely to upgrade the stylus over time then the AN seems sensible. If you will fit and forget for a few years and then swap the whole cartridge; then the Hana is lovely and worth some contemplation (it's all one piece as it's an MC cart, but has MM level output). It sounds a bit more subtle than the AN. G
  6. If your stands are already sand filled you won't see much, if any, improvement moving to metal filler. Removing the Townshend platforms should give punchier bass, the trade off will be marks on the floor and a little less space in the high frequencies. If you have spikes, but don't let them bite into the floor they aren't performing as intended. The super spikes, to my ears, do a similar job to the Townshend podiums. So, again to my ears, you have two products under your stands that are undoing the good work brought by the filled stands. In your setup I'd try again without the Townshend podiums to see if that brings back the punch or at least moves it in the right direction. My next suggestion is alternative upsidedown spike feet. (So the spike part of the spike makes contact with the bottom of the foot of the stands, but has a flat bottom on the floor so it doesn't leave marks) something like the Michell tenderfeet, music works p-cones or even the oak cones from Russ. I'd probably choose the p-cones from those three as they will match the stands, the other two options do cost less though... G
  7. The AN-Ks are not rear ported. This means they don't rely on being in a corner to increase the bass extension in the same way as the Es and Js do. In real life use the Js are less fussy about corners than the AN-Es are, but both will perform better (as the designers intended) in corners. If moving your Ks into the room fixed any problems then worry not, but changing to filled and fixed stands should tighten the bottom end up a bit. So if your keen to get your Ks closer to the walls\corners have a think about changing from Townshend stands to filled Audio Note ones, or any other fixed, filled stand (atacama, custom design etc.) I have used Townshend bouncy components to great effect in systems that are too tight sounding and need more air and space in the sound (for example they can make Naim, B&W or Cyrus equipment easier on the ear), it seems to me you have the opposite problem though so mass should be the answer. Best, G
  8. Hi, The AN P2SE, or some of their monos are well worth considering. Moving from the scale and dynamic range from a pre and monos combo to an integrated would bother me, it could also let you upgrade in a more pocket friendly way. Your Cyrus monos will have the power to over drive your new J's. So long as you start with a low volume to find your new range you should be fine. I agree about the Van Damme cables, perfectly good enough for an experiment. It'll only get expensive if you don't already have Cyrus friendly banana plugs. Could also be worth speaking to your local dealer, dealers often have cables they can lend out for experiments like that or used cables languishing in a drawer. Hope you enjoy your new speakers, G
  9. OK, I understand. I'm not too post here. I'm am an employee of a dealer, posting on my breaks, in my own time that owns some Audio Note gear. My posts are based on my experience, although I now understand the wam views this as shilling, I see it as sharing experience. I think it's sad that experience needs to be hidden behind a paywall, but if that's the wam way I guess I'll have to live with it. The readers seemed to understand it was a dealer engaging with them and were happy of the engagement, but if my comments have offended any of them or have been viewed as sales pitches that wasn't my intention. Sorry to the paying dealers I've offended and any readers that feel I've misled them by not being explicit that I do sell hi fi equipment for a living, but post in my free time. Just one man's opinion, albeit one with access to the a source. Best G
  10. Fair enough, I'll not mention the trade in scheme again. Apologies to the Mods. G
  11. Hi, I read his message. He isn't very clear, he seems to be asking for me to pay so I can comment here. I'm waiting for him to come back to me. G
  12. Hi, The AN DAC2.1X is £3145 and the AN DAC2.1X Signature is £4210. Best, G
  13. Bi-wire does bring benefits to the AN speakers. They do get a touch evangelical about it. For me chiefly the separation of the bass makes it clearer, which then supports the rest of the frequency range allowing voices to come out from the image. It's like it gives the sound a better foundation. A lot like filling the speaker stands with something heavy. I usually recommend adding bi-wire as a cheeky upgrade after the initial purchase. It's good to leave some tweaking room in a system, especially some vaguely hidden tweaks. If budget is the main issue there are options for "pseudo bi-wire" where the 4 cores of one cable are used singly opposed to in pairs. G
  14. I'll have to have a hunt for a CEC to listen to, Carlo (the owner at Audio-philia) spoke very highly of them to. The hope with our trade up scheme is that everyone gets as good deal. It does only apply to items originally bought from us, and it does need to be an upgrade (from one level up to another, so DAC 2.1X up to 2.1X Sig wouldn't count) we are usually competitive with other dealers offers to. We do what we can to make you guys happy, sure we want to make money but happiness and customer satisfaction come first then the rest will fall into place. G
  15. The DAC 2.1X Signature (budget permitting) would be closest to your OTO Signature as they have the same level of components. It is also one of the most entertaining, real world pieces of AN equipment we have had on demo. Peter Q described the DAC 2.1X Sig as the sweet spot in the range, it is the piece we built our first demo system around. Which is an OTO SE Sig with AN Js. It's a great system. G
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