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  1. Not directly. I’d like to savour the delights of the hub for a bit before I go for the Organik boards.
  2. Fabulous review. Such an enjoyable read and great that Simon was able to set up the experience for you.
  3. Thanks, guys. You’re very welcome. My order is in for a new system hub.
  4. Consider yourself invited, Paul. Now where did I put that Linn tea towel?......
  5. None. Thankfully all of the SOv2 profiles loaded up once we added speaker and Exaktbox info and chose the room. Ive been using the profile I regarded as best using the old hub. I’ve not had the urge to tweak.
  6. Whilst predominantly streaming in the time I’ve had it, I can confirm LP’s via Urika II and CD’s from CD12 digi out via toslink also benefit . So musically engaging on all sources.
  7. I am also fortunate to have the privilege of auditioning. I can’t believe how much better it is just as a System Hub. Power, control and loads of musicality. And it wasn’t bad before! Another level.
  8. Linn’s latest “reveal” clip on Facebook today more clearly shows the glass knob and the chrome pin buttons along the front. Looking more like Selekt DSM every day!
  9. Yes I can confirm it does put your device into standby using the “automatic sleep” function which you can adjust to your liking, in terms of time delay, in the Device Setup screen. Navigate to Settings/Audio then choose the device and then enter device setup. Each device, should you have more than one, can be set up individually.
  10. Fantastic job! Who is responsible for the dismantling and re-fitting of the drive units etc. ?
  11. Ian H, I've had this problem ever since the account was created. Linn Helpdesk told me that it was due to an incompatible browser but offered no further help. I found a "workaround" by accident and it works for me every time but as you have had it working before it might not work for you. From the screenshot you posted, click and highlight "Rooms" then go back and click the "reloading" link. This should highlight your room(s). Then go back and click "Music Systems" and it should populate with your system(s). It's the only way I can access my account properly. Good Luck, Stu
  12. It’s possible! Currently listening to the digital output of my CD12 through a pair of Katalysed KEB’s via a KEDSM......
  13. Nothing in my Linn account of v5 filters for exaktboxed 350’s so must be restricted to integrated models. In fact I think DavidHB mentioned this earlier in the thread.
  14. Paul, Thanks and well remembered. It was indeed a memorable evening. In the intervening years I have managed to swap out my Klimax Twins for a gorgeous bank of 8 Klimax Solo/D’s. So no holidays for a while but if you find yourself nearby again on a Cheerios tour, it would be a pleasure to host you. Stu.
  15. David, I too had the pleasure of a home visit from the Space Commander and enjoyed many hours of a Paul v1 profile, but SO+v2 running algorithm 3.0.0 is a transformation. Hurry up and clean those records!
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