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  1. I found a third dealer in my area today. Called them about the Exaktbox-I and they couldn't have been more helpful! They didn't have demo unit but are looking to source one ASAP and even offered me a home demo, meaning they come to me and set it up in my room. They blew my socks off compared to the first dealer. Couldn't have been more helpful. I mentioned I have a sub and they suggested I might runthe sub off the pre-out of the ADSM as a stop gap before ordering an exaktbox-sub. Does anyone know if this is a viable? My dealer is confirming with Linn in parallel but I wondered what you guys thought. Would the exact links and pre-out run at the same time?
  2. I also agree that Roon is not needed. However it does bridge the gap between the physical experience of physical media (artwork, lyrics etc) and the convenience of digital playback and streaming (not having to the find a CD/LP, seamlessly linking into streaming services, Roon Radio!!). It's a pure luxury, as our HiFi's. Kazzo is functional, Roon brings back a little more of the magic. Both are great at what they do but neither are perfect. Roon Radio is a feature I love! This is a good point, they do tend to be dicks. However, you find them everywhere unfortunately. If you want to avoid them though steer clear of the Roon forum, they have more than their fair share! Manners cost nothing after all. Roon is not to be ignored, it brings something to the party for sure and only you can decided if you like it or not. I like it.
  3. It's this one, the P12-300SB-PR, down firing. I have no frame of reference to compare it with anything else. All I can say is it's fast, tight and musical enough for me. Subtle... that depends on how you set it up and what you like to hear form a sub but I've made it subtle enough for me.
  4. - I think I went a little overkill on the sub. It's a monster and could easily out power the mains! She sits there adding the lows in a very effortless way. I feel I have it set just right as if you're listening you can't really tell bass is there. Unless you turn the sub off and then it's very noticeably absent. I will never be without it now, it brings out so much more in my HiFi listening, adding those depths to make it all so much more visceral. Never noticed any flab or bloat from the old girl unless I go crazy with it's gain but I'm not an acid house raver so I'm very happy indeed! With Sabbathy stoner rock bass filled grooves the sub really comes into it's own pulling out the bass guitar beautifully and perfectly in time with drum lines.
  5. There are hardly any vibes or rattles unless I crank the speakers to silly levels and then the sub creates them. Considering I sit more or less inside my HiFi that isn't half bad. I have no reason to change them, I suppose that is testament to their abilities. For me at least.
  6. Thank you @zee9, I ordered these so I didn't have to drive to Ikea Amazon popped them through my letter box the next day. They do the job.
  7. Thought I'd have a bash at this... I also have opted for study enrichment. Left side... Right side... Under desk... Behind monitors... In this space I can only dream of speakers such as @zee9's wonderful new 242s!!
  8. Thanks @Paul_N. I did find it an odd way to treat a solid lead on an expensive item. They've more than put my nose out of joint, I'm done with them. ...but that's where it starts to get good!? My god man what have you done! Seriously though, give it time and play around (SO). I'm sure those 212's will come good. HOME demos! I'm struggling enough getting store demos! lol.
  9. I get that with a Roon source also. I haven't found a fix yet. I haven't look hard either though.
  10. A Roon core server on an Intel NUC is the best place for it but there are many solutions and lots of advice. I have my Roon core setup as a virtual computer on a new HP MicroServer with no local storage of music, it pulls the music files from my NAS over NF, is stable and sounds good. The application experience in Roon is second to none and have no complaints in regards to the sound quality. While sending streams to your DS is possible via AirPlay it's a weaker protocol than "Linn Streaming". Setting up DSP's to Linn targets does seem pointless for the most part. However I have a headphone station built from a Sneaky DS and it sounds bright as hell. I used the DSP in Roon to touch that down a bit. Digging into all this stuff is part of the fun for me, not so much fun if people expect things to just work. That's rarely the case for anything. Even in Roon's case, if you invested in the Roon Nucleus. That just solves one part of the overall solution. My advise is to get the free options working solidly before delving into Roon.
  11. @Jail4CEOs2 yeah, I wouldn't bother downgrading just to see how they sound worse, but that's just me. The guy who sold me my Katan's moved onto 212's. It's the next step after the Exaktbox-I for sure in my limited space. Saying that Exakt opens up more bookshelf possibilities from other manufacturers as well. My limited real-estate and budget is the reason for Exaktbox-I over separates. It feels like the right compromise and the Exaktbox-I seems to be getting a lot of love in these forums. If only I could demo one! hehehe, I will in due course.
  12. Hi Mike, a little update. Both dealers have been in touch today. The one offering me no demo and a return if I don't like it, are actually offering no demo and a full value credit note if I don't like it. pffft! A 5k IOU, I don't think so!! They have confirmed a 4-6 week lead-time on orders. The other can't get a unit in time for my visit so are offering an ExaktBox10+100w amp demo through my speakers and their ADSM. I think this is a good as a demo as I'm going to get. I'll take some silvers. ...and as I keep hearing, with this hobby I should take my time and enjoy the journey. There is no rush and even after the demo I feel I need to hear the actual unit I'll arrange for just that. What makes be laugh is I'll have ended up with £12.5K of electronics running through a £300 pair of used speakers. They sound so good to me though I really don't mind but the irony is not lost. Some 212's would be a revelation some day I suspect!
  13. Qobuz has a family option as well. £25 pcm here, I'm in my free demo month. Feels like they are all starting to understand what the customer wants. I don't think you can go wrong really, trial them all, make your own choice. Linn works with them all, we are lucky really.
  14. I'm using Qobuz with Roon. No music server integrates with Spotify, they take control of your streamer directly from their control app. Just a different way of doing things.