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  1. I noticed the poorer image quality of the album art in the "Now Playing" view of Kazoo ( in contrast to Bubble DS, when I select an album in Quobuz. I am using a Samsung tablet. Example 1 (Loaded with Kazoo): Example 2 (Loaded with Bubble DS): However, if the piece was loaded into the DSM playlist with Bubble DS and then selected with Kazoo, the picture quality is not worse. Example 3 (Loaded with Kazoo from the DSM playlist, previously loaded with Bubble DS from Quobuz.) Kazoo doesn't seem to choose the higher-resolution album art in Quobuz. Can you set something on the tablet or is LINN in demand here?
  2. Another workaround for albums that cannot be loaded For Kazoo on PC: Go to the 3 dots under the album and then select "PIN". Then save this album temporarily on one of the 6 PINs. For Kazoo on tablet: Mark an album (long press), then go to the 3 dots on the top right and select "PIN"....
  3. Interesting observation. Of the albums that cannot be loaded under "new releases", you can still hear the individual tracks, if you first select the ARTIST (e.g. Marcin Wasilewski Trio) and then search the TRACKS from that Album "Artic Riff" (88.2 kHz / 24 bit).
  4. Yes it works. Klimax and Akurate DSMs or System Hubs have 4 Exakt links. I use link 1 and 2 for the speakers and link 3 for the Urika II. Peter
  5. The Linn Radio streams come from TuneIn. You can select a corresponding preset source from TuneIn in Linn Konfig under Sources / Radio. The default is "Worldwide". In it You found "Venice classic radio". In the free basic TuneIn App you can create an account wit a username and compile a list of favorites. Then you only have to enter your TuneIn username in Linn Konfig.
  6. Venice classic radio works without problems in my Linn system (in Germany), regardless of whether my own TuneIn username or "worldwide" is set under "Radio".
  7. In my Linn-System (in Germany) using Kazoo, the following stream saved under favorites in tunein starts to play after 25 seconds. This stream starts after 1 second. ???
  8. There may be restrictions in certain countries. I live in Germany and I'm listening to the stream.
  9. I'm listening to Radio Paradise on this stream: I added it as a URL to my tunein account a few months ago. Still works fine. Peter
  10. I have had the Akurate Hub in continuous operation since Friday (with all possible sources). Since then there has been no crash! I have the feeling that the update (4.75.355) also brought a little sound improvement (Music seems to be easier to follow). But maybe it's just the joy that the troublesome problem is over (hopefully).
  11. I installed the beta update straight away and am excited to see the result. I will closely monitor the behavior of the Akurate Hub over the next few days and then report.
  12. I have the same problem with my Akurate System Hub. 2 Akurate Exaktboxes 6 (Kat.) are connected. I usually leave the Akurate System Hub switched on and use the standby function, which then puts the connected Exaktboxes and power amplifiers into standby. Regardless of the source, the device crashes once every 2-3 days, e.g. when I change the volume or select a different track from the playlist. It is not the remote control. I used another remote control for comparison. The System Hub also crashes when using the Kazoo app. I tentatively assigned a fixed IP address to the Akurate System Hub on the router, which also did not help. I suspect that the frequency of the crashes can be related to SO+ V2. Because in November I switched the space optimization to the new Version 2. If there was an occasional crash (1-2 times a month) before this change, it is now much more common. Maybe it has to do with the communication between the exaktboxes and the Hub? A friend of mine has also been using an Akurate System Hub for a year. By December he hadn't crashed. He has been using SO+ V2 since January and has now registered 7 crashes! My dealer has informed the Linn Helpline about this problem. So far there is no solution. Despite all the annoyance, the Exakt system still sounds outrageously good!
  13. In the long term, you need a new dynamic power supply. I had the same problem with a 4200 power amp. As long as the power amp was on (and warm), it came out of standby. Since the power amp does not start, it can help in the short term if you "warm it up" a bit. Pull out the mains plug. Then e.g. with a hair dryer at medium temperature, blow some warm air through the power amplifier. Then plug in the mains plug and switch it on again. It worked for me.
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