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  1. My wife and I had our jabs on Friday. No ill effects save that my wife was a little sore where the needle went in. We both had the over-65s vaccine. Perhaps it depends which one you had.
  2. Why does a LP12 cost so much? Why does a Bentley cost so much? Why does anything cost what it does? Development costs, material costs, labour costs, rent, marketing costs and the profit motive, for both manufacturer and retailer, all have a part to play.
  3. I came close to selling my LP12 and my vinyl a few years ago. My wife talked me out of it. I don't use the turntable very much now. It's in one room and the records in another. But when I do I'm pleased I kept it. More recently I decided to get a Moon Ace, sell the CD player, burn the silver discs and get rid of them. Again, my wife voted against. She doesn't trust the computerised world, and fears that somehow I'll press a button and all will be lost. I'm glad I got rid of the Dansette before she came on the scene.
  4. Which is more than I do.
  5. I fast daily between 8am and 10.30 am, then from 10.45am to 1.00pm, 1.30pm to 3.30pm, 3.45pm to 7.00pm, then from 7.45pm to 7.45am. I regret, however, that I am sometimes tempted to interrupt one of my periods of fasting with a snack.
  6. I can only see one review of the Houdini here. Some posts mention the Isolater, and others are unhappy with the way the Houdini is being pushed. There's a much harder sell going on on Pink Fish.
  7. My original point was that the first branch they closed was a short walk away, the next, a short drive with private parking. Both very convenient for my lifestyle. It may well be that I have to change my ways, which doesn't delight me. I do across-the-counter transactions more at the building society than I do at the bank. For current account transactions I use my card. The greater part of my available money is kept in a savings account. When I sold my Guzzi, for example, the money went into the savings account. When I bought my Moon Ace the money came from that account.
  8. I pay cheques and cash in and take money out by cash or cheque. I don't do anything involving my finances online. It's too much hassle jumping through all the hoops required to set up and log in. And as for trying to speak to anyone on the telephone to get advice, forget it.
  9. I received a letter today telling me that the Leeds Building Society is closing the nearest branch to where I live. Several years ago the closed the one that was in walking distance. The one they're now closing is a short drive and has parking. Given the lousy interest rate and the inconvenience, I think I'll take up your suggestion.
  10. I had a free trial and didn't subscribe. I couldn't see the point of it. It added nothing to what I get from Qobuz.
  11. Once upon a time nearly every amplifier allowed you to tape your vinyl and cds very easily. Just add a cassette recorder. It's about time that amplifiers offered that facility again. These days we have to get into the confusing world of computers. I yearn for the simple life.
  12. Take a trip to Leeds. I've just jarred this year's crop.
  13. The Lingo 1 fits perfectly beside my amp. The 4 would necessitate one or the other of the leads being folded back on itself. There's nowhere else for it to go. I'll not bother with it.
  14. No. I tried it every which way nearly 40 years ago, when my ears worked fully at all pitches. I've not repeated the experiment in the last 40, and these days the combined effects of wine and age would sent me into the market for a new lid instantly were the lid not to remain securely attached to the deck.
  15. By whom? I didn't notice a groundswell against open in previous threads on the subject. I've been open since 1982, having tried all three options. I didn't like the sound when closed, and I feel off is a recipe for disaster.