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  1. Didn't he play for Manchester United?
  2. The Lingo 4 would clearly be superior to the Majik power supply. I'm interested in whether Linn's simplest 21st century power supply would beat their best of the early 90s.
  3. Given how technology has advanced in the last thirty years, would a Majik equal, or even out-perform a Lingo 1?
  4. I recall that when I got mine, about thirty eight years ago, the dealer brought it, and spent about 30 minutes making sure that it was set up properly. Bill, I kept wondering how long you were going to be. I needed my dinner.
  5. Why? It may not be shiny new, but would the Malik deck sound any better than the 1989? And the latter is a bit of history.
  6. Last summer I auditioned a Devialet 140 and a Moon ACE back to back, playing through my Shahinian Larcs. I was happy to buy whichever sounded better, despite the price difference. The Moon went first. My wife and I both enjoyed it. I expected great things of the Devialet. It was awful. Interestingly, the dealer agreed.
  7. The magazines' value lies in their telling you, by articles and adverts, what's on the market. Think how many web pages you'd have to plough through to get a decent overview otherwise. It's easy to get out of the loop without them. I went many years without reading them once I was satisfied with my system. When I decided to make a change I found they were writing about things called DACs. I had to ask this forum to explain what they were and where they fitted into a system.
  8. Well, the Lodge meeting got six of the eight who'd signed up to it. The other two sent messages by WhatsApp saying they couldn't work it out. The six of us found it a great way to catch up. We chatted for more than an hour about anything and everything. It was good to see their faces too. It'll help me recognise them with their new haircuts when we're able to get back together.
  9. My Lodge is having a go at a Zoom meeting at 3.00 today. Chaos will doubtless ensue. I'm not sure how many of the brethren have got as far as downloading the app, and not all those who've gone that far will know what to do next.
  10. A rant is always better without paragraphs.
  11. I had the same sort of experience when I went to buy a Mercedes. I was scruffy, and my 6 year old car was unwashed, so I was obviously a time waster. Twelve years before that, the local BMW dealer showed me the other side of the coin. There was only one salesman in, and he was with a customer. He excused himself, came to me, apologised that I'd have to wait, asked if I'd ever driven a BMW, said "here are the keys to mine, go for a drive and come back in half an hour." He got the deal.
  12. I had a local cabinet maker make me a locking cupboard with shelves for the electronics and the albums. The LP12 went on a Target wall shelve at a height that my daughter would not be able to get to till she'd reached an age at which she'd listen either to reason or to threats. The Kans went onto wall brackets. You can't use a shelf, so you'll need to put your Sondek on a high cabinet.