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  1. To get the most from the Karousel you need to upgrade everything else in your system. But the Karousel alone will make a great improvement to the LP12.
  2. Okay, so what other means are available? Israel holds all the power, so I suppose there's always rolling over. The Jewish people definitely need a safe home. Anyone who's visited the Holocaust museum in Jerusalem must acknowledge that. But the Palestinians also need a home, and they had one that was taken from them by Britain and the USA. The best thing would be for Israel to return to the pre-1967 borders and for the Palestinians to accept that and so give Israel security. But the Israelis would need to to compensate those Palestinians and their successors who are still in refugee camps having been chased from their homes by terrorism in 1948. Israel under the present government won't consider this, but continue to settle Palestinian land. If you visit Bethlehem you will see that across the valley is a "settlement" surrounded by barbed wire, protected by Israeli troops and carved out of olive groves and pastures worked by Palestinians for centuries. I had a conversation with a Palestinian security guard on the Temple Mount a few years ago. He felt that the situation could only be resolved if a hero arose who could carry both sets of Semitic people with him. But this will not happen with the USA propping up an extreme right wing Israeli government put into power by immigrants from the former Soviet bloc.
  3. Which of the two is in control? Which is evicting the other? Which won't agree to the Egyptian peace proposals?
  4. I'm mix-handed. I write with my left hand, but do most other things with my right. It's very different from being ambidextrous. I can't write with my right hand, despite having tried repeatedly when I was young, and I can't play racquet sports, for example, with my left. I suspect that being mix handed is the cause of my general clumsiness, as the two sides of my brain would seem to be battling it out.
  5. And the indicators have never been used!
  6. Otherwise known as the Norton Electra, a bored out Navigator with electric start and bar end indicators. It had Roadholder forks and a Norton grey tank, but that's as close as it got to being a Norton. It was made in Plumstead out of spare AMC parts. The Prince of Darkness was responsible for the electrics, so it's hardly surprising that they were hit or miss. Mine was a 1964 model bought from a collector in the late 80s. I sold it a few years later, having never really enjoyed it.
  7. First, Vespa 125. Best, Yamaha AS1. Small, but perfectly formed. Worst, Norton EL4. Now, I sold my last, a Guzzi V7ll, a bit over two years ago, and have permanently retired from two wheels.
  8. Had he named the pupils he was speaking of I'd have agreed with you. But no names were given.
  9. There's no Prince Harold in the British royal family. That's why I'm confused by this thread.
  10. But who is this Harold of whom you speak?
  11. I replaced my Lehmann Black Cube with a Rothwell SUT and am very happy with the result
  12. I suppose when you're the fat lad who's always the last to be picked.....
  13. As others have said above, it's "influencers" who've gone on holiday to Dubai. Thirty five coppers have been disciplined for having their hair cut at the station. Reports from the ski resorts suggest there are a lot of wealthy Britons among the crowds partying there. You appear to have an dislike of footballers which has led to your singling them out and being blind to the offences of others.
  14. Could it be developed specifically for use with Ed Sheeran records?
  15. I've gone from a Basik arm to an Ittok, Valhalla to Lingo 1. I've Cirkused and Trampolinned. In November I went from Cirkus to Karousel. It's the only change I've ever made that was a noticeable upgrade. I love it.
  16. Don't encourage Amazon. It's taking over the world.
  17. That's a bit too close to how an Industrial Tribunal case I was involved in ended. My client, an Irish drinking club, had sacked the bar steward. He claimed unfair dismissal. We lost. It then came time for his representative to outline his losses. He gave the salary, whereupon the steward jumped up and said that there was a further £25 pw. The Chairman of the Tribunal asked what that was for, and the claimant stated that it was "some kind of a tax fiddle". The Chairman immediately said he would not have his tribunal used for tax fraud, and threw the case out.
  18. Why not keep with something from Moon?
  19. Why not keep with something from Moon?
  20. When I opened this section of The Wam, subtitled "discussions about the Sondek LP12, tone arms and cartridges, I found the first four topics and two more in the first ten had nothing to do with the Sondek LP12, tone arms or cartridges. Friends, the Wam kindly gave us a home when Linn abandoned us. There's a whole website outside our little ghetto, with people sharing our hobby, but misguidedly owning turntables other than LP12s, and some not even having turntables. Shouldn't we be repaying The Hifi Wigwam's hospitality by visiting and posting the wider Wam when what we have to say is interesting to those outside of the Linn bubble?
  21. I'm using a Rothwell SUT into my Moon ACE and it sounds good. But one day I'm going to trace the problem with my Lehmann Black Cube. If it's the power supply I'll upgrade it, if the Cube itself I'll have to decide whether a repair is cost effective. Then I'll try the Rothwell against the Cube and decide which to sell.
  22. I got a call today from HMRC telling me I'm being investigated for tax fraud, and that a warrant has been issued for my arrest. I could sort it out by phoning them. No, I think I'll do the time.
  23. I don't remember Bill Hutchinsons. Where in Leeds was that? Talking of Leeds, Audio Projects and Image Hifi have gone, and in the 80s there was a shop diagonally across the junction from the Hyde Park pub, from where I bought my Dual deck. I can't remember what it was called. The only hifi shop remaining in Leeds, England's fourth biggest city, is Audio Republic.
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