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  1. Anyone got experience with the Basis Signature decks? the one above has got me thinking...
  2. I think that would be far too powerful and risk damaging the cantilever. One of the Ortofon brushes is quick and easy during a session. I am a new convert to the sticky blob thing which seems really effective at removing stubborn fluff, whilst the magic sponge seems to have an amazing ability to clean off the baked on cack without the use of solvents.
  3. Did you put the bottle down to take the picture - it's scarily close to the TT edit; oh, any why has the speaker got one ear? (they are lovely by the way)
  4. Interesting to compare the development and aftermarket tweaks of an LP12 against the Gyrodec, as both have been around for a similar length of time. The LP12 has always seemed to have had both officially developed and unofficial upgrades throughout it's life. To me it seems the Gyrodec much less so. Some early changes to platter and bearing from Mk1 to Mk2, then motor power supply improvements and the enforced change to DC - all of which were Michell developed. I guess you could say that the most radical development was the creation of the Orbe which has strong Gyro DNA. It's only recently that we seem to have some good options on third party upgrades and Pete has been a key figure in leading the charge on these. i wonder if that is reflective of the fact that Michell themselves have been so glacial on the development side themselves recently. Any thoughts on why there isn't more of an industry supporting these decks? Has the LP12 really sold in such greater numbers to justify the extra attention or is it just more tweakable?
  5. I would say that your TT and cart lags behind the amp and speakers and the phono stage would be good enough for to reflect an improved source without becoming a limiting factor. Two provisios - firstly that your commitment to vinyl merits spending the money on the analogue source and secondly that the Primare / KEF combination is delivering sonically in a way that you like. You don't state the arm on the Riga but I assume that it is one of the RB derivatives. May be possible to transfer to a new deck but probably better to sell as a package with the TT and replace. I always consider second hand and a Gyrodec should always be on the shortlist in that sort of price range as a proven performer.
  6. You would need to raise the height of the garage significantly in order to get a usable space in the attic both for head height and probably acoustically. I liked the idea earlier in the thread of creating a 4 bay sized building but having two of the bays open to the eves as a music room leaving the other two bays for cars with attic storage space. This would fit with the height of structure currently in your plans. Depends on how many spaces you actually need for vehicles though.
  7. Just watched the Miles Davis doc on iPlayer- a troubled soul at times but an unmistakable tone. Virtual Ashby Room IMG_0381.MP4
  8. Yes, that is the one we have too. Does need to be hard wired to the router but it is absolutely stable and provides great coverage. I can’t remember a drop out since we had it two years ago. It’s a life changer - and I don’t think that is overstating it.
  9. Plug in WiFi extenders are the devils work. What you need is a new WiFi hub linked by a CAT cable to your router. Position the hub centrally in your home - ours is on the hall ceiling. Big house, thick walls, perfect WiFi everywhere.
  10. I think some where having issues with YouTube copyright removing videos due to the music being played. I posted a 30 second clip on the forum itself (less than 2mb) by using a compression app (called Compressor) on the footage shot on my phone. Quality might not be the best but it captures the spirit. I’ll post another later today.
  11. If you are prepared to do a bit of DIY then it’s possible to put together an ultrasonic machine for around £150. That’s what I did.
  12. Such a shame that the culmination of this wasn’t the Kegworth show. The build and they way you have experimented, listened - and supported results with measurements - has cut through the endless debates about the relative merits of both approaches like a breath of fresh air. You never did prove that they could blow out a lit candle at twenty paces though....
  13. Considering how long it took you to build, these are ridiculously impressive. Scratch that, they are impressive full stop. Would love to hear them, in the spirit of the times a video would be cool...
  14. I secretly like 90125, I don’t regularly admit it so I am thinking that is a bad thing, right?
  15. They do have a certain je ne sais quoi...