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  1. Possibly something like this for a magnifier - I reckon you could lay it on it's side to get the viewing angle low enough. The plastic lenses on these cheap magnifiers are not great though https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/6X-Large-Magnifying-Glass-With-Light-Led-Lamp-Giant-Magnifier-Reading-Hands-Free/402485402806?hash=item5db5ffdcb6:g:Gp8AAOSwK2ZfgYBh Otherwise, a more traditional Lupe is probably of higher quality but you would need to fashion a stand to hold it on the platter at the right angle - shouldn't be too hard if you evoke your Blue Peter cardboard and sticky back plastic younger self! for instance; https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/OPTICAL-PORTABLE-LUPE-SPI-JAPAN-MAGNIFIER-JAPAN-10X-METROLOGY-INSPECTION/124531730463?hash=item1cfeab681f:g:WMUAAOSwuLJf-uGN I am similar to you in that I don't hear great differences with VTA within a reasonable range. It is set too low when the bass becomes a bit bloated and the music loses some of its momentum, too high when the sound lacks body and harmonic richness. Between those points it's pretty subtle changes IMO. Once you are in the right sort of zone just leave it for a while, get used to it and if you fancy a further tweak in a few weeks time you have a good reference point to work from.
  2. Looks clever Pete and I guess similar in concept to the Cartridge Man spacer. For the best isolation between top plate and the cartridge you wouldn't want the bolts touching as they appear to, but I imagine that you had spotted that already. Appreciate that you have done this mainly for practical mounting purposes but would be interested to see if you find any sound benefit from the isolation/ decoupling.
  3. I know quite a few have taken advantage of this offer - £20 for 6 albums is amazing value and these are all on good labels / good pressings. The selection you have here is very similar to all the others I have seen so worth pointing out that it seems there is not much variation based on their current stock. Only difference from yours to mine are that I got Ella&Louis instead of Brubeck, other 5 are the same. Edit - see that this is now offered at £34.99, still good if you need the albums
  4. Yes, I would agree with this. The large room allocation was a bit of a last minute scramble last time around and the SpreadSheet wasn't clear as to who was specifically requesting a large room so some who wanted to be considered were disappointed. Suggest that when the Spreadsheet is released that there is a specific column for normal room vs large room. It should also be clear upfront that if there is over subscription for either category then the show organisers have the final say on who gets the allocation with a weighting given to forum regulars. Maybe we can persuade the new hotel owners to let us use the restaurant as well this time around which would take us to 5 large spaces available.
  5. No, based on what I was told this was not the same amp. The dealer was selling on behalf of the owner to whom they had supplied the amp new about 15 years ago. I think that you will find selling prices to vary quite widely. It is a fairly rare amp this side of the pond and it probably would come down to whether someone is desperately looking as and when one becomes available. I would be aiming at £3.5k as a reasonable benchmark with variation depending on history, condition and whether a dealer warranty was being offered.
  6. Hijack away, it’s all good discussion. I did speak to Audio Consultants about the one they had but they already had a potential buyer, so a very quick decision was needed and when spending that sort of money I would want to hear it in my own system first. A 350 is still on my potential list but after lots of spend over the past 18 months I feel like taking my time currently, particularly as it is so difficult to get out and hear different options currently. Good luck with your search, a wanted ad in the Classifieds might get more attention than here as well.
  7. B&W still manufacture their higher end speakers (800 series?) in the UK. Virtually all processes are carried out in house including cabinet and driver manufacture. Mainstream models are assembled in China using components bought in, this would include some driver parts manufactured in the UK.
  8. Would love to see a picture of these Phil. one pair of speakers that maybe on your regret list - the big Snells - are sounding fabulous tonight . I swear Duke Ellington is playing right in front of me...
  9. Well today I had a look at the Michell site and it only seems to show two finish options- black or clear Perspex, silver or black chassis, all with gold brass weights. I think knew the smoked Perspex was no longer an option but @radiant red you seem to have silver weights. Are these special order and what other options are available?
  10. Simples! 😀 Does the LV design include isolation between the bass bin and mid horn? Might also be worth experimenting here with springs as well - the Nobsound units could be worth a look.
  11. Ohh, another club I can join! went from a 2M Bronze to a Rohmann which I picked up lightly used for a good price. A whole different league, as it should be considering the price differential. Interesting to read the comments on the latest models as the trade in deals are good if you stay within the Ortofon range. Maybe the Rohmann errs slightly towards the analytical, a bit more rhythmic enthusiasm and a touch of warmth could be a good direction based on current set up. Hopefully a little way off yet as prices up the range get a bit scary...
  12. Some lovely looking decks over the past few pages and it is good to see Michell offering various colour combinations- presumably you can order any combination when you buy. For those of you who may have owned your TT for a while now and perhaps bought when there were not so many options, if you could choose afresh what combination would you now go for? For me, the SE version wasn’t around when I bought mine but I still prefer the full plinth look. My younger self thought the smoked perspex and gold combo looked a bit trad at the time, but I am pretty sure that is what I would pick now. what would you choose?
  13. Don’t envy you in manoeuvring the speakers on top of these, but very much looking forward to hearing what you think of the results 👍🏻
  14. They are good - especially under a valve amp. Bear in mind that as they are a spring support they need to be loaded correctly to work effectively. You can adjust the number of springs in each unit but I would suggest that 3 springs is the minimum for stability - that equates to around 4kg per foot, so 12kg min for 3 feet. It does tend to rule out lighter components unless you also add weight such as a granite chopping board.