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  1. If you are within travelling distance the David Coe of AD Audio and (Juancho on this Forum) is in SE London and works regularly on these amps. If you don’t already have the BP supply then he offers a similar rectified power supply option that is cheaper and avoids the separate box.
  2. Bluetooth speakers and soundbar development have probably made this a much easier solution that ever before. Maybe not hifi in the traditional sense but a very decent compromise. Just need to find a set that can be configured as a stereo pair - I know that Sonos have this functionality.
  3. After stumbling around in trying to describe my goals in the thread about building a system, I think you have just nailed it.
  4. Now that’s a system - and a room - that I would really like to spend sometime in. Having had LV speakers for many a year I just know this is going to be loads of fun, I do miss them sometimes.
  5. Not with you on EAR but the rest are spot on! I am considering a Union Research amp for the sound but half the time I am thinking about how I can disguise the ‘orrid wood.
  6. Well said. Too easy to get into a spiral of increasing expectations only to realise that it brings frustration and not joy.
  7. No, it’s just that you can’t see the other pair on the left...
  8. Hmmm, good question... In a way I am not new to the world of hi-fi. I have had my Gyrodec for nearly 30 years and Definitive got their arms around me early and I went down the valve, higher efficiency speaker route. Having children altered the priorities for quite a bit but then I stumbled across this forum about 3 years ago and it motivated me to set up the TT again and see where it would take me. I think I realise two things. Firstly, whilst I like reading about pieces of equipment and sometimes even working myself up into a 'must have' mini frenzy, I don't want to be a continual box swapper. I like to have equipment that appeals to both the head and heart and stick with it. That doesn't mean that I haven't upgraded - god knows, being a regular reader and contributor on here has been directly responsible for a radical change in most of the components in the system - but I am now buying what I hope will be 'end game' pieces as I think that just suits my personality. Secondly, whilst I could claim to be into hi-fi for 30 years, I still feel that my experience is quite narrow. I have never visited a trade show, haven't been into a dealer for as long as I remember and, until recently, had few friends that had systems that could remotely be called high fidelity. Again this forum has helped change this - I've been to the last Kegworth show, attended a couple of bake offs and now have friends locally through the forum and otherwise that share the same passion and have distinctive set-ups in their own right. I am understanding better the possibilities and different approaches to reproducing recorded music. I am starting to know what I want and what to expect but I really want to hear more and that has been one of the biggest frustrations around the virus this year. So a bit of a long winded way of saying I am trying to put the pieces in place to create a long term system, it has a sound that seems to be working for me, but I would love to have a bit more experience of other systems just to make sure that I have not missed an approach that connects in a way musically that makes me question the path I am taking.
  9. Thanks Pete - I appreciate that TP are now the contact for many of these upgrades. I went back to the standard aluminum armboard and plastic upstands initially with the Morch arm, the Rega dimensions could just about be made to work by rotating the board in the mounting. Sounded good but I did feel that I had lost some of the tonal richness of the wooden armboard and rubber isolating mount previously. I have now made a new wooden armboard out of hardwood, used a blowtorch to char the surface black and re-fitted the rubber mounts. The mounts I bound in black tape to reduce lateral movement and finished in gold tape purely for the aesthetics.
  10. Made my own last night 'inspired' by the Cartridge Man and Origin Live versions. Raided the sticky tape box and came up with a multilayered shim designed to give a mix of damping and de-coupling. At the heart was a piece of velcro tape - just the 'eye' part so a fuzzy soft fibre, then on the back a thin neoprene tape. On top of the velcro, stuck to the 'eyes', a fabric based non slip tape and because the back of this was a bit sticky- finished off with a piece of insulation tape. Nearly 2mm thick in total but a bit squashy so less than that when installed and cart bolts gently tightened. Seems to work ok, no obviously ill effects and Mr Coltranes' sax seemed a touch smoother than usual. Sorry no pix, my attachment allowance has disappeared and never seems to be refreshed.
  11. lostwin

    SME model 6

    Vertere for me...
  12. Probably one more for the owners forum, but there was a pair of Dali Model 15 for sale near to me last year that looked really tempting, just priced too high to take a punt. Dome mid-range driver a la ATC. They have been in the speaker business a while, Dali. Anyone had experience of the older models?
  13. lostwin

    SME model 6

    I have had more than one person tell me how good the model 10 is/was. PRaT in abundance whereas the models higher in the range are much less fun. Looks a good value option compared to this.