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  1. Have the users of the ML on here decided on the optimum loading for the cart? As I understand the HL likes 400ohm, is that the same for the ML?
  2. Another hour or so of checking and testing last night with some improvements but still lingering issues; - Checked armboard which was confirmed as level however the headshell of the arm was slightly out of level when stylus resting on the record. I have noticed that when changing VTA - which is a sliding collar with grub screw on my arm - that there is a little side to side play when the grub screw is released, so it is possible when re-tightening to slightly adjust the whole arm assembly. By doing this i could correct the levelling - effectively a tweak on the azimuth adjustment - I increased tracking weight slightly to 2.73g, just over maximum of recommended range - i was able to find a much clearer optimum setting for bias - 2.3g on my dial - that minimised distortion in the right channel on the tracking tests. Nevertheless, the right channel is still consistently worse than the left and I still can't clear the 2nd level test (14db) without some distortion in right channel - Channel balance has improved as by switching to mono I was able to pretty much eliminate L&R output - No change in resonant frequencies which at 16hz for vertical is higher than ideal and well above the expected arm /cart calculated result Next up will be to change the cart (I have a spare Ortofon 2M Bronze) with the resonant frequencies being the main focus - if this is also performing well out of spec this could point to an arm / arm set up issue rather than cart problem. Thanks to all - and particularly Slav (Mac 72) - for the feedback yesterday, really helpful
  3. It’s quite the transformation Pete, bet it sounds stunning. what happened to the acrylic platter, I thought you were having that drilled out to take the gold weights? I liked the concept and the look of that idea.
  4. I’m very happy to leave you with contemplating power supply upgrades on your streamer, I hear there is plenty of insanity over there 😀
  5. lostwin

    Cartridge Setup

    It's a new technique for me too but try to imagine it more from the what is happening to the body of the cartridge as that is what is effectively moving due to the sylus being held in place by the groove of the record. By adding bias you are causing the cartridge body to pull away from the spindle so the cantilever seems to deflect more towards the centre. As I read, what you are trying to achieve is no deflection of the cantilever as it is raised from the record.
  6. therein lies the Pandora's box of reading a hifi forum...
  7. That is a good question and I guess that I got the test record as i was not happy with my sound currently. I revived the thread as it contains some great feedback from forum members dating back a couple of years which helped me in trying to assess the results. Consensus seems to be that the test record does use extreme examples that may not be relevant to normal playback but for me I think it has helped to isolate some potential issues worth investigating. I would thoroughly recommend a good alignment protractor as a first step. i was making do with downloaded and printed versions that i never felt fully confident in. My new one came from Vinyl Source and was really nice to use.
  8. lostwin

    Cartridge Setup

    The way I read Dave's technique is that you observe on lifting off the cart whereas you video shows lowering onto record - that would reverse the observed direction of movement of the cantilever - does that make more sense when considering the comments around adjustments? hopefully the expert could comment for us both... @bigfool1956
  9. lostwin

    Cartridge Setup

    Did exactly the same thing last night and on a stationary record as well!
  10. I have used the 2 point Lofgran A alignment. Arm is Riga geometry. Good suggestion on testing with the spare cart, I guess this will help determine if it is an arm / alignment issue or a cart one. Lots to try, thanks for your insights and support
  11. Thanks for the offer on the Cart test, let me see if I can pin down any of he issues with the tweaks suggested and take it from there. I have a spare cart I can use if it comes to that.
  12. Yes, that seems logical - i will have a further session this evening to see what I can do. The arm has been re-wired but i am sure that I have had it balance freely at zero bias setting before so I will work on levelling. In respect of resonance - particularly vertical - can this be affected by the cart alignment? i.e. if I twist the cart in the headshell would this make any difference? I have the cart body very slightly out of protractor alignment as I feel this achieves better alignment when looking just at the cantilever. I am guessing not and just re-reading that it will probably have more impact on the tracking so another thing to try.
  13. I put in my responses to each question below; I looked up the specs and you're right you shouldn't be that high on resonance frequency , possibly suspension but most likely too high ant-skate causing uneven wear to the stylus - how old is your cartridge/ how many hours? - Bought the cart as lightly used from a trusted seller, I estimate it now has about 500 hours on it If your tonearm swings back to the arm rest with zeroed bias I'd have a look at turntable leveling first , possibly there is no way to set proper zero bias as is the case with many arms - is it weight bias or dial one ? - Yes, I am going to look into leveling a bit more. TT platter is level (checked yesterday during testing) but I have been fiddling with (and chnaged) my armboard in the past few weeks so this is worth checking again. My dissatisfaction started before armboard change though so I am fairly certain not solely due to that. The bias setting is by dial. You mentioned left and right channel wired wrong , does cartridge still distort on the right channel or it has moved to the left one ? when you say distortion was in the left channel now is in the right do you mean when checked with test record? - Yes, I initially continued with the test record knowing that the L-R channel wiring was incorrect after playing track 1. The mis-tracking moved from the left speaker to the right speaker after I corrected the L-R channel wiring (reversed the phono plugs into the head amp)
  14. Thanks for your interest and thoughts. Lateral resonance is also high at 18hz - I use an aftermarket counter slung weight which might be having an impact here. Tracking force is currently set to 2.65g, this is accurately measured at the same level as the surface of the vinyl. The recommended range for the cart is 2.2 - 2.7g so already close to top end of the range. Anti-skate was set around 1.3g but with the free floating arm still swinging back to the rest with this set to zero I think the actual value might be a bit higher than indicated. I have felt that something has not been quite right for the past few months, more a feeling of some distortion whilst playing music rather than it being very obvious. Interestingly, that distortion was more through the right channel (was left speaker before I corrected the L-R channels) which matches with the tracking test results. A few weeks ago I bought a decent alignment protractor and carefully set up everything again, it's has been better I'm sure but still not really singing. I guess two areas of concern highlighted by the test record. Why is the tracking in the right channel so much worse than the left? My calculations on the arm/cart combination had the resonant frequency around 11hz in standard form and reducing to 8-9hz with the brass mounting screws but the test record is indicating that is not the case. I am beginning to suspect the cart cantilever / suspension has gone out of spec - would that be a reasonable conclusion?
  15. Got my first copy of this test record through the post today and it is posing a few challenges! TT is a Gyro, arm a Roksan Tabriz fettled by AO a couple of years ago, cart a Ortofon Rohmann. I failed the first test, my left and right channels were wrongly wired - easily fixed though and My excuse is the lack of labelling on the back of the amp. On the Tracking / Bias tests I get right channel distortion from the second test track 14db and quite pronounced on the 15db tracking tests throughout side 2. By changing the bias I can get the right channel a little cleaner and the left starting to distort but the right is never totally clean except on the 12db track. There’s more. My vertical resonance is a bit high at 16hz. I have been using 3g brass mounting screws on the head shell and a heavier counterweight to increase effective mass of the arm. Removing these doesn’t change the 16hz figure but the cantilever wobbles noticeably less. positives are that channel balance seems good, it is in phase and channel alignment seems ok with noticeable an even reduction when switching to mono. Checking the arm whilst freely floating , there is free movement- no stickiness. With the anti-skate set to zero the arm slowly moves back to rest position and as more is added return speed increases. Anyone care to pick the bones out of that lot?