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  1. 10 likes so far, which I think makes it my most popular hifi related post. However, my wife and I have somewhat competing passions - her with the garden and me with all the music stuff - so she still holds a little smugness that my most popular post ever on here was when i posted a picture of the garden!
  2. This is interesting and touches on something I wanted to listen for as well. I have played around with the suspension post isolation in the past. Before the pads were installed I had settled on thin neopropylene washers both above and below the plinth where the suspension posts screwed in. I had tried options that were more lossy - such as cork washers - but whilst these did seem to add a clarity to the sound the overall presentation seemed to be very bland - no 'soul' as you mention above. The Pads are relatively lossy as well in their implementation, but so far I can hear the cleaning up of all the elements and it has retained the texture that is the essence of vinyl replay. What I didn't mention before is that the Pads are very nicely made with a design and finish that complements the TT perfectly.
  3. For ease, I am going to quote your review as my experience with Petes Pads pretty much mirrors your own. I have made a few changes both permanent and temporary over the past few weeks - a bit more room treatment, a loaned set of 300B amps, and an enforced change on some valves in my usual amp - all of which has made an A/B comparison a little more uncertain. As such, I have had 4 separate sessions of an hour or two with the pads in place so I can get to grips with their impact and compare to my audio memory of my system basepoint. As with the pylons, they don't impose a change of character on the sound but they do seem to make a fundamental improvement. I realise that I have heard people mentioning a lowering of the noise floor as a benefit with a number of tweaks and changes. It description seems quite intuitive and I guess I had lumped it in to a similar ballpark to 'blacker blacks' and background noise, although with an inherently noisy medium such as vinyl I am not sure now that it was always obvious compared to what I was experiencing. What these pads do I have found is something a bit different - but perhaps is more closely aligned to the real meaning of lowering the noise floor - in that they reduce the point at which micro details are lost into a background mush. Everything seems cleaner, more in focus. Tiny details not heard before emerge but that also affects the bigger picture as every element and every note becomes clearer and more distinct. Reading through Tarzan's list of improvements, I can't help think that these describe the results or the outcomes of the clearer portrayal the TT is now able to produce with the pads in place. I'm calling it now, this is another winner from Pete. My Gyro has never sounded better.
  4. Having posted this in Mondie's speaker thread I realise that it is also a pretty good choice for my favourite optical illusion. From one of my favourite contemporary artists, Mark Wallinger, this has been exhibited quite a few times, but this is how I remember it looking when I saw it in the Whitechapel Gallery about 20 years ago.
  5. The reflective surface does a great job of disguising some of the bulk , as well as being interesting and different. Nice choice, reminds me of this from the artist Mark Wallinger;
  6. Considering only 100 were made, that’s at least 3 with regular forum members. And you are right about trying to keep these decks clean. Last night I almost wished I had a pair of white gloves as every time I touched the plinth installing the pads, another set of finger marks appeared.
  7. Yes, I thought that too. We can always just blame Keith though!
  8. The hotel website doesn't give any further clues on the 'long term let' apartments - presumably these could be two rooms combined with living area / bedroom, but not likely to have been opened up sufficiently to be used as a double sized room for a system. Could be if they are let out then some are not even available for that weekend. Anyway, no point in speculating further - Peter has seen the hotel and communication now seems to be flowing again (), so let's wait and see. Good to have the provisional dates for March '22 as well for the diary!
  9. Looking good. I have them on mine but I was changing so many things at that time as Petes brain went into overdrive, that it is hard to isolate in my mind their individual impact. I think it is quite subtle but await your thoughts. Fitted the pads tonight, not had a chance to listen yet but will definitely report back.
  10. Now entering my 30th year of ownership and off the rack temporarily for the fitting of ‘Petes Pads’, the latest in a round of steady upgrades. Still gorgeous in my eyes after all these years! 🙂
  11. Lots of great responses in the thread and by PM. I have been hosting a little bake off for local Wammers today - so good to be able to do this again - so not had a chance to respond to all. Plenty of options to think about over the next few days even though the John Wood made a pretty good account of itself today.
  12. Yes, I had picked up on that from an old thread and it has stuck in my mind. Not many of these amps around but definitely interested if someone has one they my want to move on.
  13. Yes, these potentially would be of real interest. I hope to hear a Radford in the system later today in a mini bake off so it should start to give me an idea if I like the character. Would you send me a PM with further details or is it easier if I gave you a call in the week?
  14. Thanks. These have always intrigued me due to their unusual design and users who seem to be very positive about the benefits of the approach. Never heard one though, but on my short list radar.
  15. I have tried with this type of plug (albeit a different brand) when making up my own speaker cables. It does need a specialist crimping tool. I used one of the cheaper DIY ones and it was a total pain and a pretty mediocre result. Without a proper crimping tool, I would look to plugs with a screw down connection, preferably one with two screws.
  16. So my big Snell speakers are 86db sensitivity and with a 4ohm load, not the easiest but so far I do prefer them with valve amps. Currently running them with a John Wood KT88 but potentially looking for a bit more finesse, particularly on mids/treble and bi-amping is a possibility with something else on the bass to share the burden a bit. I would generally rule out SET, but a PP configuration with a bit of guts would fit the bill. I have an expressed interest in a Radford STA100 but would be interested in hearing if any other options out there ala Border Patrol, CJ, Viva etc. Budget I guess is in the £3-5k range. Thanks
  17. Where are you at now that you have had a number of replies - confused or with a clear plan? From your response on the clap test I would still try getting some extra soft furnishings in there - rugs, quilts, blankets, cushions - easy to do to see if it makes a difference.
  18. WOW!!! They look fantastic, well worth the wait, I’d say. Let’s hope they exceed expectations when you fire them up for the first time tomorrow 👍
  19. I presume that you know that the armplate decoupling kit requires an earth cable to be introduced between arm/armplate and the chassis (if I remember correctly they provide that with the kit). As Pete mentioned earlier, it is best to scrape the paint off the chassis where the earth cable attaches.
  20. It has got to be some sort of static / grounding issue going on. If you have someone there to lend a helping hand, I wonder if when you try lifting the record in the normal way but with the other person touching the tonearm, TT chassis and/or both whilst you remove the record. I would imagine that this would provide some form of temporary grounding to different parts of the TT and maybe help isolate which bit is causing the issue.
  21. Appreciate that this is a voyd thread, but to get things moving I use my Gyro with one belt even though they supply with two. I can see the theoretical benefits of two, but I do think that you need a pair of very closely toleranced belts to avoid issues of them starting to work against each other to the detriment of wow.
  22. @HiFiWigwam An key update was promised on 1st June, particularly for us potential exhibitors. Surely the courtesy of an acknowledgement of this - even if this is that you need some more time - is in order. Suffice to say, I have severely edited this post lest frustration get the better of me. I am sure you are working really hard on getting things ready. I/we just want you to communicate what's going on regularly to us.
  23. Room treatment with acoustic panels is an option, I found a very economical option on eBay in the thread linked below. These won’t address anything as low as 44hz but would help control higher frequency reflections. Try using quilts, blankets or cushions , particularly at first reflection points to see if it could be worth investing.
  24. Had similar with second jab notifications. Both my wife and I had first jabs on the same weekend but she had an invite for second jab a couple of weeks ago and I didn't get any notification. In the end I went on to the NHS site and booked it myself - easy to do, so might be something for your wife to consider.
  25. Apologies, wasn't trying to catch you out - for some reason the copywrite issues hadn't occurred to me, but of course would apply even in such a niche area of the market.
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