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  1. Fixed. For some reason R232 was set to on in Konfig despite not using the connection. Turned it off and it works now.
  2. I am having the same issue. I do not use the R232 connection either. I have Kisto and a Majik DS. The now playing screen with controls is blank but the music plays, queue fills up etc. Below is a picture of what the now playing screen looks like. I have tried logging in and out of Tidal. Downloading the newest beta app. Nothing seems to fix it.
  3. Can anyone that has experience with both of these very popular tables share their thoughts on how these tables differ in their presentation and which you prefer and why? Ideally I would like to hear from folks that have owned both or A/B tested them against each other. I understand that both of these tables can vary greatly based on how they are outfitted so please share info regarding how the tables you heard were outfitted and your thoughts on the different levels and options for each. Thanks in advance.
  4. Looking for some instruction and any information you guys might have on the small white treble adjustment knob you see pictured in the attached photo? I have Linn Ninkas with Activ Bass and Treble cards installed in my AV5125. I've read that this knob is used to adjust treble. I'd like to know more about how it works, the default setting, and to understand how the notches on the knob tell you what setting you are selecting. Thanks for your help.
  5. Anyone else have experience with tweaking "stereo sub" mode? I can't seem to get it to sound better in stereo sub mode utilizing my Sizmik sub than by just using the Aktiv Ninkas by themselves in plain stereo mode. Surprisingly there seems to be more impactful bass in stereo over stereo sub.
  6. According to Linn there is no crossover when using "Stereo Sub" mode. A full range signal is sent to the sub and left and right speakers. With "no filtering" set on the sub because it is hooked up to the Kisto AV Processor that is going to lead to quite a bit of overlap. Do you guys think this is the best way to integrate a sub? Should I ignore the "no filtering" recommendation and set it the sub to filter at 50 or 80 khz?
  7. That is a great point regarding the manual. It is also hard to estimate the toe in angle because there are no straight lines on the Ninkas. They have a weird angular shape. Do you think moving them forward to get closer to the equilateral triangle is more or less important than keeping them 4-12" from the back wall? Right now I have them 12" from the back wall which puts 8.5' between the speakers and about 12' to the listening position. I could move them up which would get closer to the equilateral triangle and also closer to the 1/5 rule and 8:5 rule.
  8. If your main speakers are set to "Large" in the Linn 5103/Kinos/Kisto what crossover does it use when using "Stereo Sub" mode? Is there one? Is this the best mode for 2 channel music with Aktiv Ninkas and a Sizmik? I have a Kisto, Majik DS, 2 5125 Power Amps, Ninka Aktivs, Trikan center channel, AV5110 surrounds and a Sizmik 10.25 Sub.
  9. Everytime I do a search for info or a question on my system the answer is in a link to an old Linn forum thread. Is there going to be an archive or cached version posted anywhere where we can access all of that knowledge and information?
  10. Thanks! I didn't even know there was an SOv2. I just set it up and will try it out. Do most people use the 80/20 default optimisation preference at the end? Are there any opinions on the performance of SOv1 v v2? Is there a good way to measure the angle of the toe in? The Ninkas are angular with no straight lines so it makes it tough. I tried to emulate the pic in the manual and also point them at the center of the listening spot.
  11. I've always been baffled on how to best integrate a subwoofer for use with both 2 channel music and 5.1 with my Linn system. I've even emailed with Linn support and am still confused. I'm pretty sure the Ninkas should be set to "Large" and use the Stereo Sub mode on the Kisto? What do you think the crossover frequency should be in the Kisto? I am using 80 right now. I have the Sizmik 10.25 on all the defaults except for "Internal low pass frequency" which is set to no filtering because it is being used with an AV processor per the manual.
  12. Was looking for some help from the community on optimizing my system setup. I have a Linn Majik DS, Linn Kisto, Linn Ninkas Aktiv (polymer base) powered by a Linn 5125 amplifier that I use for 2 channel music. I also have a second Linn 5125 that I use for the center channel, surrounds and subwoofer that I use for TV and movies. My room dimensions are attached below. My questions: 1) What should I use for the ideal speaker position in SO? I really don't have the ability to move them all around and try to Tune Dem them. I've read a bunch of theories on how to figure ideal position for rectangular rooms. Not sure which to use in SO. 2) I do have some leeway on the practical speaker position. Where do you recommend putting them? Ninka manual says best results are 4-12" from back wall and 18+' from corner at 5-10 angle. I've heard opinions saying keep them close to the wall and others saying move them way out. Aktiv is probably a factor in that too. 3) Would using the subwoofer with Aktiv Linn Ninkas provide any benefit on 2 channel music? What settings would I need to change in the Kisto besides putting it in Stereo Sub mode? I'm guessing I would want a low crossover because the Aktiv Ninkas seem to have excellent bass. To be honest, I'm not even sure there is even a crossover in Stereo Sub mode on the Kisto. It may play all of the low end out of the sub in that mode. 3) I added a window feature to the back wall in SO. Should I use the length to the bay window or the back wall when entering room dimensions into SO? 4) What do I do about the opening on the side wall? SO only seems to offer only door and window features. 5) When I get to the Room Mode options in SO should I make any adjustments? 6) If I wanted to make upgrades in the future what do you suggest? Any help is greatly appreciated. Room Measurements.pdf
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