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  1. I am Windows and Android based, so the new Linn app is not an option. Kazoo on a Windows laptop is frustrating to use - for instance, after looking at an album and then going back to the album list, you do not return to the place where you selected the album, but back to the beginning of the list. Also, album titles are allowed only one line, which for most composers is not sufficient to include the symphony number. I do not have network problems, although I sympathise with the many users who do.
  2. I am also in agreement that Linn needs to focus on the control point and other software. Buying a Linn is akin to buying a beautifully designed, top-of-the-range car that has a plastic dashboard that falls off every time you go round a corner.
  3. After this flurry of comment on tubes, I thought I would initiate a different topic for conversation. I have been using the Premium Preamp and Premium HP Poweramp for the past four years - and have been delighted with both. Currently, my speakers are the PMC twenty5 23. What speakers are others using with a similar setup, and how satisfied are they?
  4. I also use a Qnap NAS (HS-251+) on one system. However, it requires a little knowledge to set it up and then maintain your music Library. The music server app I use is MinimServer. An easier option might be to buy a Windows desktop PC and use this to store your music library which can be backed up to OneDrive or another cloud service. You can then run Kazoo Server on the PC as your music server (it has its limitations, but it works more or less straight out of the box). Bear in mind that you want the NAS or PC to be located somewhere that you do not hear the fan.
  5. You can, using Linn Songcast. This still works (on Windows 10, at least), although I suspect it is no longer being developed
  6. With regard to Primephonic, please see https://development.linn.co.uk/thread-474-post-1878.html#pid1878. When Simon Chisholm states "We're aware of primephonic and would like to add it in future. It isn't top of our list however - any short-term work on streaming services will focus on those with broader geographic coverage", I read as this year, next year, sometime, never... For the record, Primephonic has good geographic coverage.
  7. I have three Linn systems. Had I realised that Linn would provide such substandard software (both in terms of a control point and music server), I might have taken a different route ten years ago. We have been saved by Simon who developed MinimServer. And, for a control point, on Android we have BubbleDS. However, on Windows, there is no decent control point (Linn will not be providing a control point to replace the very basic Kazoo on either the Windows or Android platforms). Linn and it senior team are a chronically arrogant operation. I doubt that it will survive in its current form if it
  8. I use it for most components, including streamer, amps and NAS. Sits in a cupboard and never gives any trouble.
  9. I use the following to reduce power fluctuations. Seems to work well... https://smile.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07D5BHNV7/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  10. Installed and playing over songcast. No problems as yet, although I could not get songcast, itself, to install on one of my desk-top pcs.
  11. Has anyone come across the primephonic (https://www.primephonic.com) streaming service? If yes, what are the 'ins and outs'. I note there is a free trial available, but I am not sure I want to invest time in a new service unless it it likely to be supported by Linn.
  12. I have two BT networks using Smart Hubs. In one, I use the Smart Hub on its own (with one BT powerline adapter for BT TV); in the other, I use the Smart Hub in conjunction with a ASUS ZenWiFi AX Mesh. The latter network is more complicated as it is an old house with very thick stone walls. It is partly wired and partly wireless. I have to say that in both networks, the Smart Hubs work flawlessly. So I would investigate whether the network wiring or switches are causing your problems before I changed the hubs.
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