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  1. Bumpity-bump-bump. These lovely JBL's are still available, I am open to sensible offers from AoS and WAM enthusiasts, and I mean sensible. I know it is not the best time to sell hifi, but I sure that something could be sorted for collection/delivery.
  2. Mid week bump, these wonderful JBL's are still up for grabs
  3. Thanks for the offer but for now I would prefer to sell the speakers with the stands. If someone comes along and just purchased the speakers separately then I will come back to you. Hope this is OK, thanks Adrian
  4. These are still available, I am willing to discuss a little movement on price. To be honest I am surprised they have not been snapped up, they do not come up that often in such good condition. PM me to discuss.
  5. Lots of interest in these, don't miss you chance to buy them, they are very good.
  6. Thanks, I am sure they will find a good home.
  7. Thanks for the comment. I have used them in a 24 by 13 foot lounge and they sound great, also in a small room on about 12 by 8, still sound good but less volume needed, because they are front ported it is easier to accommodate them back near a wall, without re-enforcing the bass.
  8. SOLD So after careful consideration I have decided to sell my JBL L100 Century speakers, as I now have the Tannoys Ardens and to be honest the JBL's are just sitting in the spare room. Sue has also said I cannot set up a second system, one is enough in her opinion. I also have plans for some new headphones and some other small upgrades. They originally belonged to a very good friend who has had them since 1978, he purchased them from a friend who need the money at the time. So I am only the 3rd owner. On getting these I decided to sympathetically restore them as they actually were not that bad, a few tea/coffee mug stains on the tops and the odd knock to a couple of corners. So I took out the drivers and checked the foams inside which are fine, also inspeceted the crossovers which are original and are working very well. I carefully hand sanded the veneer on the cabinets and carefully filled the two damaged corners with matching wood plastic filler, these came up well. Once finished they were just oiled. At the same time I replaced the binding posts with modern high quality ones. I inspected the drivers and they are all in excellent condition, one tweeter(right one in photos) has a small dent/crease in the dust cover in the centre but this in no way affects how it sounds. After doing the cabinets I originally just recovered the wood speaker grills with blue speaker material. The speakers sounded so good that I went on to repair the speaker grill surrounds with walnut strips that hold the original foam grill covers in place, and I purchased some replacement foam covers, at great expense. I also purchased a pair of new genuine JBL stands. The Presence and Brilliance control pots are silent in operation, and are fully functioning, I have generally found that in our 24' by' 13' room with the speakers pointing down the room the JBLs sound best at the factory setting, although I did have them adjusted a little brighter from a while. They sound extremely good and as you would expect produce some very nice controlled bass, great mid-range and I am surprised how good the top end is. They are a pretty efficient speaker and are easy to drive, they produce lots of volume driven by my 10-12W 300B SET amp. They give a lovely musical rendition and are not fatiguing in any way to listen to and work well with all genres of music, although back in the 70's and 80's pop and rock fans loved them, they are also great with Jazz and Classical. JBL L100 Century Specs:- Sensitivity: 91dB (1W input, measured at 1m), the factory quote 78dB measured at 15' and state 75-80dB is a comfortable listening level. (be assured they can go very loud) Impedance: 8Ω Power Capacity: 50W (continuous program) High Frequency Driver: LE20 36mm (1.4″) Paper Diaphragm Medium Frequency Driver: LE5-2 130mm (5″) Paper Diaphragm Low Frequency Driver: 123A-1 300m (12″) Pressed Paper Diaphragm Crossover Frequencies: 1,500Hz and 6,000Hz Enclosure Type: Bass Reflex Enclosure Dimensions (HxWxD): 600x360x350mm (23.5×14.5×13.75″) Weight: 25kg (each speaker) This pair have not been played around with, in the sense of they have the original drivers, and crossovers, and still sound excellent and are in good cosmetic order after my efforts. They give a lovely musical rendition and are not fatiguing in any way to listen to I am more than happy to demonstrate them at my home, I live in Seaton, DEVON, just 7 miles from Lyme Regis in Dorset, not the Seaton up North. Due to the weight of these units and I really would not want them to be damaged them collection is the only sensible option. I am willing to meet a purchaser up to 120 miles from my home, but payment would be required first before I committed to meet up. Due to the weight of these I am asking for £1000 for the speakers which is great value for an origianl pair in such great condition, and £200 for the JBL stands, if you purchase speakers and stands together then it is £1100. If you are interested or questions them please PM me to discuss.
  9. Selling my spare amplifier which was going in the spare room, but that is not happening now. I have owned it a couple of years and have used it occasionally. This Marantz PM-40SE Amplifier is 50w per channel and working, it has built in phono stage which is switchable for MC or MM. The Special Editions(SE) models are built with better components and Ken Ishiwata's subtle enhancements and sound better as a result, it is a smashing amp and has a good clean sound. Power output: 50 Watts per channel into 8 Ohms. Total harmonic distortion: 0008%. Signal-to-noise ratio: phono MM 87dB. Weight:8.5kg phono MC 74dB other inputs 97dB. Input sensitivity: photto MM 25mV phono MC 0.25mV other inputs I50mV. Frequency response: RIAA/IEC within 05dB. Stereo separation: 85dB. Dimensions (W x H x D): 420 x 118 x 280mm. See for gramophone review-marantz-pm-40se-integrated-amplifierIt is good condition overall with minor marks, the top of the casing is slightly pushed down slightly although I am sure this could easily be corrected. It will be carefully packaged and sent by UPS. Price £80, plus £15 UPS standard, signed for (it weighs 7kg) (UPS look after parcels better in my experience)
  10. This is a great amplifier that would grace any serious hifi system, it has excellent, clarity and is very musical. Just PM for more info.
  11. Surely someone wants a lovely sounding amplifier. you really would have to pay much much more to a get a better sounding amp than one of these, it is excellent value for money. PM me with any questions.
  12. I have for sale some valves as I have recently changed amplifiers and kept the better ones back to sell. If you are interested then just PM me. A matched pair of Psvane CV181-T/2 / 6SN7 Black Bottles (Matched Pair) £160 plus P&P. These are superb valves and have had only about 350-400 hours of use so are just about bedded in, they produce a very natural, musical and open sound, and will enhance any amp. Pair of EDICRON 5U4G valves about 600 hours of use £40 plus P&P