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  1. Give it several spins and you will be hooked I suspect, it passed me by in the the early 2000's, some prefer his most recent just called St Germain.
  2. I used to think this was Pink Floyd - DSOTM, but now it has been replaced by St Germain - Tourist
  3. Just read through this thread and it occurred to me looking at your room diagram that the speakers are pointing directly at the opposite corners, in my experience from working at a sound and vibration lab this will not be good and will enhance the bass somewhat. As others have pointed out listening position in the centre of the room is not great, it would be better if you are further back. I would suggest moving speakers further out if you can and listing spot back. To deal with the bass enhancement you are experiencing it is likely that you are going to have to put bass traps in the corners of the rooms. I would also rely on your ears move about the room when playing a bass prominent piece of music to find where enhancement is least. If have a read of this if you have not already, I had a problem in our previous house and it certainly helped me improve matters. https://www.tnt-audio.com/casse/waspe.html There are videos on youtube for it as well. I hope that helps a bit.
  4. A good album, I did not know him until I picked up a NM copy very cheaply in a charity shop a few years ago.
  5. Not very well known, but extremely good IMO, even though they made the Jazz and Billboard charts several times, sadly the founder died in 1995 and they disbanded. Shadowfax – Shadowdance Label: Windham Hill Records – TA-C-1029 Format: Vinyl, LP, Album Country: Germany Released: 1983
  6. Always like Mary, pure voice and great musicians.
  7. Spinning, Genius, one of the coolest records you could own.... Rickie Lee Jones – Rickie Lee Jones Label: Warner Bros. Records – K56628, Warner Bros. Records – K 56628 Format: Vinyl, LP, Album Country: UK Released: 1979
  8. Lovely..... Mary Black – The Holy Ground Label: Pure Pleasure Analogue – PPAN 019 Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue, Remastered
  9. Time to clear out the cable drawer, so here are a mix I have for sale, I have owned all of them from new. Postage in the UK will be £4.85 1st signed for a pair of cables, this covers up to 1kg of weight. If you purchase several or you are not in the UK I will advise postage costs. If you are interested any please PM me in the first instance. Thanks Adrian First is the pair of 600mm green cables, they are interesting as they have twin solid core copper cables, and high quality screw clamp phono plugs. I cannot remember the make. I believe they are a low resistance cable and are quite neutral. Asking £30 plus Postage. Next is a 1m pair of ECOSSE "The Conductor CA1" Reference cables, these are award winning cables, as can be seen these have the better Neotech phono plugs, available at the time of purchase. Asking £40 plus postage. https://ecossecables.co.uk/ecosse_analogue_interconnect_conductor.htm A pair of 1m NVA SC cables, these have a different Phono plugs to those currently supplied by NVA, these offer a very open an neutral soundstage IMO. Asking £30 plus postage. A pair of 1m Chord Chameleon Vee 3's, these are a very well known interconnect having received many awards over the years. Asking £60 plus postage Finally a pair 1m pair of Belden 8402 cables with Switchcraft 3502A phono plugs, these have very low resistance and are a very good cable for example between a phono-amp and a pre-amp. Asking £40 plus postage
  10. Led Zeppelin – Led Zeppelin III Label: Atlantic – 2401002, Atlantic – 2401 002 Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Gatefold, First Pressing Country: UK Released: 5 Oct 1970
  11. Hi, PF - Meddle is marked as SOLD STP, and I just sent you a PM. Thanks
  12. Added two Led Zeppelin albums, and a Pink Floyd Removed Rainbow - Down to Earth, added Rainbow Rising
  13. Just marked some more as sold, will soon be adding some others today, keep an eye out.
  14. 6 more records added to the list, with some comments and dates added column
  15. Hello, Thanks for looking, I don't post much on WAM although I have been on here for a while, I am better known on a couple of other forums, I will be adding and removing form the list as time passes so keep checking. My vinyl collection needs a prune as it is getting out of control, so below is what I currently have to offer. I have priced each as fairly as possible, based lower than current sales values on Disccogs and Ebay. All the records will have been cleaned, most with an ultrasonic record cleaner, then rinsed with pure water and vacuum dried. A few will have been manually cleaned with L'Art Du Son, pure water rinsed and vacuumed dry. Each will come in a protective clear sleeve and will be carefully packaged. Nearly all have been played once using either a Benz Micro MC or Goldring 2500 MI cartridge by myself and graded accordingly, a few have been visually graded, I follow the Discogs guidelines for grading and if in doubt grade down. I will visually check before sending records out. If you have any questions on records or sleeves please ask. POSTAGE and packaging:- Packacking will whenever possible will be in a LP mailer or I will make a suitable one from cardboard to protect the contents. All packages in the UK will be sent 1st class signed for, please note that in the UK Small Parcel is 45cm long, 35cm wide and 16cm thick, up to 1kg cost is £4.85, and up to 2kg is £6.57. So to get value for money it is best to purchase several records together. For larger purchases or if sending abroad I will advise the total cost and method of sending which may be cheaper by a courier such as UPS. If you are interested in purchasing any of these records then please note which in this thread and then PM me, I will then contact you and advise the total cost and how to make payment. Thanks for looking, Adrian Click here to see list of records available in google spreadsheet here is the link as I noticed clicking on the above does not always work, not for me anyway, so you can copy and paste if need be. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vQ7IF-BTiev-nic3a5Cr8-q39rfhifOTsVMQ1gNoOnLXDSjnN2qZY01Dr3KJAeIusCRZTs3SUozvbI-/pubhtml?gid=0&single=true
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