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  1. I would love to have 808,s upgraded, serviced or something like that if your new venture starts up. The two base units I put in them are seas, but not exactly the same, but one went pop so I replaced both. Even my wife remebers them as our best speakers, they do need some driving though, but when you do they really rock. steve
  2. Hi, have been reading this thread for some time... I have a pair of IAS 808's ..... transmission line speakers since my time with OAK audio in the late seventies. We loved those speakers then and played them non stop at a small factory near guildford. I still get them down from time to time, the tweeters and crosovers are still original but the bass/mids have been replaced.... they are still a pocket rocket. How does so much bass come out of such a little box........ steve
  3. I am really pleased with the Volumio prima I have just bought.... New to streaming and for that price I thought I would give it a go..... Knocked over by the sound quality.... very nice little product. First bit of "new" hi fi I have bought for years.
  4. Hi Very interested in your system, but I live out in Somerset. Is there any way that the items could be sent by courier, obviously cost down to me ? Steve
  5. interested in a pair of the 0.5m how do i go about doing this.... i have paypal thanks steve
  6. I think they are s50. steve
  7. Does anyone have the instructions to install Aktiv bass cards to my Majik DSM to power the bass in my Majik Issobariks. Thanks
  8. Yep... thats the way to do it. Well done. My 3 kt 100's, kairn, lingo 2, pekin and kabers were all off ebay. As were the active cards. i dont know what the equivalents would be. I have some majic isobarics coming and i will be trying to upgrade but I dont want to lose the lovely enveloping sound I have already...... majic 6100 ? with active cards. My LP12 is triggers broom, only the plinth is original. Very happy with it. It is nice reliable gear and being an "unbeliever" for years, I have been very pleasantly surprised by how good Linn electronics are. It was the price that kept me from finding out, but ebay has changed that, it seems i am not the only one.
  9. I could never afford the high price of Linn equipment in the past, but due to the old Linn forum and the healthy trade on that well know auction site I now have a full Linn system. Albeit, a few years old. The reason I make this point is that the trade in second hand Linn gear and the discussions on the forum about how to do this, how to fix that and so on, must have impacted on the sale of brand new gear and maybe Linn thought that this should be stopped. There is no magic to good sound from your music sytem. It is engineering and research. I did think sometimes that Linn saying that that screw had to be chromed not painted or it would not sound as good, sometimes sounded like it may have come from a Harry Potter book, but like most people of my age, (63) we like to fiddle, improve and try out new ideas and we would try out the Chrome screw. My point is that this is possible for me and other like me to buy second hand and then sell on again when upgrading or just for a change, when we are talking about hundreds of pounds. But....I would not go near a new pair of £15000 Linn speakers with a screw driver and wire cutters. Knowledge is power. I have been inside my Lingo box and seen a small circuit board and maybe thought thats a lot of money for that...... I dont think I would have a look inside the box I had just paid 7k for.... All that said my active kabers with LK100's and lp12, Kairn and Pekin, sounds rather wonderful and give me a great deal of pleasure steve
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