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  1. We have the same speakers. I see a bottle of Yamazaki hiding there!
  2. Kazoo on Android requires faffing every time I start it. To be fair so does my Oppo, so I think maybe I'm starting to point to my router. I've gotta get my Netgear switch installed to see if it helps, but tunedem/SPACE is the priority right now. I was thinking that maybe, just maybe, the "waiting for room" has become more common in the past year or so, but I can't remember exactly.
  3. https://www.whathifi.com/us/pro-ject/2xperience-sb/review Beyond having someone look at it, as it apparently is not too complex, maybe you're hearing all it can do?
  4. Once the dam broke open, and Napster and Kazaa had filled hard dives the world over, apple agreed to protect the record companies. They did everything in their power to block the sharing of their 99¢ files, and make it hard to use anything not provided through them. Sure, the apple tax is a thing, but there was no other way to get all the majors on board without a guarantee iTunes wouldn't be just another hole in a very leaky boat. This is also a major reason there is no iOS file browser. Golden handcuffs. Sent from my iPhone as the rubes will never figure out how to disable this signature.
  5. Oh, I didn't realise your issues were with surround, I thought you weren't getting good 2ch music?
  6. Cool, as I said though, this is a medium term observation as all your networking stuff has been prodded recently. And the unit itself is fresh. Does software root set in over time?
  7. I edited my post with a second paragraph, long term reports would be cool on this. Some day the Oppo will die and I have no idea what to buy to handle video output. It does that job, at least when actually playing and not crashing or freezing, spectacularly. It also performed really well as my preamp in various Aktiv systems.
  8. I have an old Classik that is, well, old. That Kairn could be the same. A few hours might not be enough. Let it run a few days. But yes, crack it open and look for swollen capacitors, as well as leaky batteries. It might take the speakers and amps a while to come into their own as well. If they were unused in a tropical climate like mine, you indicate Panama, they may take a week to get the damp and corrosion out. Theoretically that is an incredible system you have there. The preamp, from an excellent manufacturer, shouldn't be a problem unless tweaking is needed to get it to output more, or are you certain you're outputting two channel? I know my Oppo once sounded off because I was not feeding "down mixed multichannel" to it. Arcane language deep in nested menus could yield a eureka moment? As a total aside, but on topic above, what is the Marrantz software like? Is it intuitive? A longer term question is, is it stable on your network, including connections to wireless devices? You may have read some of the nightmares we experience with Linn kazoo not maintaining stable connections. This means we wind up having to reboot players and network elements to get the music to play. Are you (will you) experiencing software nightmares?
  9. My Oppo fed a 6100D with no issues out of it's analog outputs, I doubt Marrantz would put roadblocks in its output path, but it may allow for customisation of output. I can either have the Oppo acting as preamp with variable volume, or set it as pegged at 100. Could this be what is happening? Also, maybe I missed it, but did you find of the 5140's have their crossovers orphaned inside or somewhere in your possession?
  10. Franz, I'm glad CJ has weighed on here. Do you have a way of getting CD or digital music into the system without the turntable? What are details of that, and how does it sound?
  11. SPACE optimisation is the room correction, Exakt is digital Aktiv.
  12. Does it matter whether the format is lossless as you would be limited by the mediocre DAC on your device, and not having a wired solution? Sent from my quad DAC LG V30
  13. I think VLC also works, and maybe actually allows rudimentary file browsing which abusive apple overlords disable.