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  1. The biggest buzz in the headphone world right now seems to be these THX amps. I bought the SMSL one because it's cheapest, and it was an improvement in clarity and noise floor over my Aune X7s. Some folks are gaga over tubes with 650's, I want clean and clear. That is what the THX are, wire with gain. Right now I've decided my best setup is to come out of the pre out on my MDSM with blacks into the SMSL. I tried coming out of the dedicated two channel of my Oppo, but found the Linn a bit more musical. The 650's are not the pinnacle of clarity. I tried straight out of the MDSM vs the SMSL and found it's added power made the low end deliver more accurate slam vs straight out of the MDSM....but it was close. Like you, cord length was a consideration in all of this, and the amp allows me to get closer to my preferred listening position with the various cabling involved. Amped is much better than straight out of my LG v30 too, but it does a yeoman job considering the impedance of the 650's and it's relatively small output. https://www.head-fi.org/threads/smsl-sp200-thx-aaa-888-balanced-amp.918070/ That's the headfi thread on it. For me it was the right price/performance ratio. Phones are a financial distraction from my main system. I am glad I have this rig when I need it though.
  2. I strapped mine on tonight for a little session. Warm fat bass, wonderful mids, nice sparkly upper register...out of my PHONE, no amplification, only my quad DAC. When I listened to the 600's they were flatter without the bass bump, but these are still really great for $210 delivered. How are you liking yours?
  3. It's funny, Google used to return answers for the dead forum. Another interesting aside, Duckduckgo does not index this site, if I need deep search I'm forced to use Google.
  4. Wow, neat, I never read that, thanks! My steel bases tightened, but I don't think dampened, good to know. The deletion of the old forum is a great loss.
  5. Ignore if privacy concerns are paramount. Baba, can you say what part of the world are you in? Did the authorities do any contact tracing with you? Do you know where, when, how, who by you were infected? You're the first here, so I'm curious.
  6. You could also use lead shot, shotgun pellets, or just make complete new bases from steel or stone.
  7. https://taipeitimes.com/News/editorials/archives/2020/04/05/2003734015 For those blighted in Blighty. An Englishman's perspective. Paul, you worked in government. You know that nothing gets done unless the electorate demands it, so your passivity here is not helpful. Sure, in this particular case, the virus is an unstoppable force, but never advocate anything less than people's %100 engagement in democracy or the corrosive effects of the oligarchy will win. P.s. see my member name and photo (Edward Bernays btw)! Plus don't forget what our countrywoman Naomi Klein says about Disaster Capitalism!
  8. This is another tab found with redundant settings? But no multicast on here....? Should I enable or disable (currently off) the game boost functions? To me it's probably only boosting latency on ports Linn wouldn't use?
  9. IGMP wasn't on. Photo attached of the multicast rate which was set at auto. Should it stay auto? Anything else on that list to try?
  10. Again lover, no. If you watched the Amy Goodman thing any country could've done what we did here in Taiwan. Our connection to China during Chinese New Year trumps your border. Docility means nothing too. We're talking about border controls, contact tracing, nothing else. Read this https://www.currentaffairs.org/2020/04/notes-on-a-nightmare-4-the-criminality-of-donald-trump You ain't seen laws flaunted until you see scooters look straight at the cop with his lights flashing, and then proceed through the red light. And now re-read the democracy now post and tell me how you're right and I'm wrong. We just have a vice president who's an epidemiologist who understood what needed to be done, and did it. Straight up professionalism and doing the correct steps in a crisis. Who's taking care of the Chinese, and thus Eurasian, swine herd, including wild boars while this goes on? Remember they had to cull near half their herd because of another virus. There were more than enough warnings.
  11. David, I think you were the David who once suggested that something should be suggested in router settings to help speed the UPnP plough. Was it multicast you suggested? If yes to both questions, what has worked for you. I can't ever just fire up the DSM, open kazoo (on any of my devices) and start playing. I need to toggle Wi-Fi, sometimes reboot the DSM, try another device. Given my Oppo and its software is buggy, maybe it's my flagship Asus router that is the problem?
  12. Hmmm, I guess because we're plummeting into the longest and deepest depression the world has ever seen?
  13. No Paul, I love you, but Que Sera Sera is not the tune right now, it's this: How's the herd immunity thing going, especially for the prime decider? He's looking a little green behind the gills. I don't expect much from the Americans, but you I do. You, like us, are islands. You too have an excellent healthcare system, and smart people who had just done a tabletop exercise on this. Our links to China mean it should be worse here. Instead we took this seriously early, focusing on ports of entry, testing, and contact tracing. All measures with relatively low friction for the economy, and life in general. I don't think we closed our borders here as early as some other nations. Our economy is totally reliant on global trade, so we had the same considerations as leaders in other industrialised nations. Bobo is trump lite. While falsely bleating about using EU remittances savings to save the NHS, he'd love to eliminate it. Heaven forbid doing anything that might highlight it's competency or value. This was avoidable. Period.
  14. https://www.democracynow.org/2020/4/3/taiwan_coronavirus_response Just to keep banging this drum. I emailed this idea to them Monday. There is absolutely no reason for any of you to be going through what you're going through. Get angry, I am.
  15. Weed used to be "highly illegal" in some jurisdictions. Sodomy is punishable by death in Middle Eastern nations, and onerous sartorial rules, and travel restrictions apply to half their populations. Miscegenation laws were on the books in the U.S.in our lifetimes. No senior executives were held accountable in the great financial crisis (doubtful this one either). While most artists aren't in love with piracy, they hate record companies more. Rules and norms change.