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  1. The help line has always replied to me within a reasonable amount of time. Don't forget they are just coming out of lockdown, so have been working remotely for quite a while. Roon becomes a lot more expensive when comparing it to prices of used Linn gear.
  2. Paul, buddy! You had the 105D before it! Before I bought my 105D I read lots of reviews that talked about the app...buddy buddy buddy...technology is your blind spot.
  3. A couple of days ago I converted my 212's passive, and connected them up to my MDSM/2. It was a very illuminating experience. They were placed on their ideal position and let rip using SPACE on and off. With SPACE on they were quite good, but simply too lean. This thinness disappeared when I turned SPACE off. With it off, a little mid and high detail was lost, but with the now untamed flabby, fuller low end, the sound was very enjoyable. I might even be able to live with them in that configuration, but I'll never know as I quickly returned them to aktiv to hear them Exakt in the same session.
  4. My 6100D and 5125 didn't pop when the MDSM was put into standby. I notice my Majik Exaktbox-i pops when shutting off. Paul, did your old Exaktbox-i, or does your new one pop the Akudoriks?
  5. When you upgrade to the Klimax cased Radikal, is it sort of like the renew? In this case, do they take your existing boards and power supply and just house then in a new Klimax case? Or is it a completely new box/boards/ps, and you just sell your old Akurate box?
  6. Guys! Horses for courses. I've said it several times, it is a given there are super tasters and super smellers. From that can't we concede there are super listeners? Can't we concede we all have different tastes and priorities in our sound signature preferences. Every audio company has to have a legion of of people who have strong opinions about how to judge a system....and they all have their own opinion about what sounds the best. In this specific case we find ourselves in the old Linn versus new Linn question. I myself am stuck here. Think about the difference in signature just this one com
  7. I'm always curious...how long did it take for the dealer to set it up? Did he need to tunedem first?
  8. Is there a difference in speed depending on the file type of the USB? What is the hierarchy coming off of either a Synology or QNAP? I've just been dragging and dropping from my QNAP to my Synology across the network. It took several days. I might change this process by just formatting the drive in the Synology and plugging it in to the QNAP as an external USB if it's faster?
  9. Have some 1cm steel plate milled to a suitable shape, and affix it to the 5x0 spike holes. Have the steel provisioned to have spikes in their bottoms. That should add stability and mass.
  10. So this allows you to go Exakt if you change your mind. Did you see Akamatsu's thread about the MDSM? That'll make you happy. I don't think we know what your speakers are yet? The good thing is you can explore SPACE optimization!
  11. Please make the comparison to your Akubariks versus the 530's
  12. An ADSM would be a suitably large upgrade too! If you found a good second hand unit you'd achieve your goal too, maybe slightly cheaper, but no wireless or USB connectivity options if that was an interest to you. I had a 6100D aktiv into Ninkas before I upgraded to my Majik Exaktbox-i, and yes Exakt is an upgrade. Ninkas will clearly show this upgrade. Are you aktiv? More clarity, larger/deeper image, tighter bass. I would sharpen your pencil and see if you can get the amp Dynamiked and a new streamer. That would probably be the best bang for your buck. That will also make the 6100D a mo
  13. As no one has mentioned it, I found it striking that near the end there was a slide only showing an MDSM/4, Selekt, and the new Klimax units. While maybe it was done to provide a showcase for the new casework design language, not showing an Akurate DSM is a decision, not an oversight. What that means will give many here much grist.
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