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  1. My Majik Exaktbox-i. The wires I was using cost me more than the 104's! They were great for most stuff, but I really pushed them with The Foo Fighters, Everlong. Here they just couldn't keep up, and stay coherent as loud as one wants it to go. Even though long in the mists of my memories, I felt they were better in the low end than my aktiv 109's. But they should be better with Exakt.
  2. Yes, there at tons of reviews on it. Most quite favorable. I'm still looking at Vizio et al as an upgrade to my present cheapo, but this Senn unit is intriguing.
  3. And to add too much money to simplicity, at the Taipei audio show last month I heard the Sennheiser Ambeo bar. It sounded spectacular and gave a very good representation of a sound field. Cheaper by half than an Exaktbox, and plug and play simple.
  4. I have it downloaded, I'll have to watch it today. My recommendation, Netflix: The Social Dilemma. The filmmakers have an excellent podcast too.
  5. Yes to Reds as well. I believe they are designed for NAS use which means they are designed within the temperature envelope and always powered environment. Looks like there is a bit of a kerfuffle! https://www.anandtech.com/show/15878/western-digital-cleans-up-the-red-smr-nas-hdd-mess Like Paul, I don't use RAID, as it is kind of a fantasy with few drives in these consumer class boxes is the scuttlebutt. I just happily JBOD in my QNAP, and then have a second old Synology NAS unplugged, I occasionally backup my music to.
  6. Capitan, I have nothing but time! Same question as below though. Silk, does that mean you were using high or low level inputs to your sub? How were you getting the signal from the bass channel of an Exaktbox-i?
  7. I'll be curious to hear your comparison of the sub before and after the sub box. Did you feel the sub went deeper (and better)?
  8. Just to be a nattering nabob of negativity from Covid19 free Taiwan I say, "Party like it's 1929!"
  9. I'm confused, isn't he wasting his Katalyst in the ADSM by putting an Exaktbox-i downstream of it?
  10. Signing up gives the data privacy thieves yet another tracking point though. This is wrong, things should always be opt in.
  11. It has been scuttlebutt that the /2,3 sounds better than the predecessors.