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  1. First, why wouldn't you keep using the pi as your digital source, rather than the Chromecast? I was shocked seeing this cigarette pack sized setup could drive your Uniks! Second, your decision should be based on reliability of these integrated amps. I know my Classik, that lives unloved under my sofa, is renowned for it's vs drive failing. Many also advocate recapping it. I think the display also starts to fail? Hopefully others know the weak points on the movie version.
  2. Thanks, I found it. I always set my Android Opera browser to mobile view. Now I'm using desktop view, and can see the signatures, but I don't like the way the pages render. Zee has three lines, but only one shows up using using mobile view. It's something I'll have to live with as sig details aren't as important as overall layout. I've now added my own sig for what it's worth.
  3. I'm quite happy with my system. The Exaktbox-i really improved on them being passive from my MDSM/2. They say solos are special, I can't speak to what you're attempting, but you should try to get an Exaktbox-i demo. You may find the proceeds of the solos could fund an Akurate Exaktbox-i with Katalyst and an Exakt sub box. I've just finished Get Back, and McCartney 3 2 1, and the realism I experienced with both of these live recordings was just jaw dropping. Katalyst would add significantly to this.
  4. Opera on Android. Only Zee's sig shows up for some reason. It looks like there are several who have better, more specific, experience.
  5. No info on your signature about your system makes this somewhat difficult, but let's try. REL prefers you use a high level input into it's subs, so let's try to use this connection first. REL provides several videos on how to set up their products. This shows the wiring: If you are coming out of a MDSM, you'll be connecting to the same posts your speakers are attached to. Other amps I don't know. We don't know if you are running the 109's Aktiv or Exakt? If aktiv, just do the same as the video on whatever amp you have. If Exakt, this is where attenuation of lower frequencies may occur. As for setting SPACE in Aktiv with a sub, this is something I've never done. I think you'll just add the sub with the 109's in the list of speakers, then input their position. The t5x is not measured for SPACE or Exakt, but I think Linn provides a suggestion as to what to specify as speaker type in the SPACE documentation. I'm assuming you're using SPACE v2? Just measure it's placement in the room, and then set the rotation (you may need to input a negative value for this), and the roll off. If aktiv, try starting with a roll off of 65Hz (this is a setting option for me in SPACE v2 in Exakt). If you are running the 109's passive, try 77Hz roll off to start. Both of these figures are five Hz above 109's stated frequency response for the amplifier condition involved in your system. This has level of overlap worked well for me using Exakt with an Exakt sub box. The REL have excellent controls as well, so utilise those in this process. There are a ton of helpful videos produced by REL that will help here. Your response about the details of your system will help us help you.
  6. And the pi can produce enough watts to drive them? The spec says "Up to 2x35w of crystal clear amplification", but a wall wart works?
  7. But, correct me if I'm wrong, but putting one element in the Exakt domain, the sub, will cause timing issues? The OP's setup is all non Exakt? It's my understanding that Exakt adds 60ish milliseconds delay for processing. I don't know if this, given bass is the slowest wavelength, could be tinkered away with a phase correction, but I doubt it. The OP has indicated budgetary constraints, and has active speakers, so Exakt seems a bridge entirely too far. Especially to just get a sub to work. So perhaps he can dive deep into uMic, REW, and miniDSP and report back?
  8. I have used an Exaktbox sub, and it made my setup remarkably simple and well balanced. I haven't tried fiddling with the sliders, or found the perfect roll on, OR toe on the sub itself. But I'm very happy with where I presently have with no booming. The OP isn't going down the Exakt path I suspect.
  9. Brevity. The ADSM/3 was always and only Kat. But my MEB-i needs Kat appended if it is so equipped, and do those first few non Kat AEB-i. All NG<wasted effort by me here) KDSM's are Organik, the KSH/2 has no Organik. MDSM's have had casework changes, but were never denominated as next generation.
  10. Can't we just append a numeral to KSH and KDSM for brevity? I guess we could add AV as needed to that.
  11. You can use a Linn turntable equipped with a Urika II, which would connect via Exakt links.
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