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  1. The 2K can be bright yes, the 3K too. They do provide huge amounts of detail though don't they? Width did some bass stuff for me, but moving back and forth had impact on the amount, the depth, and the volume of bass in the mix. Remember, once you turn SPACE back on, some of this boom will go away again. Did you read the Paulsurround's SPACE v1 notes including the tracks he uses and what to listen for here? It really helped me as I progressed. His suggested test tracks are great tools, even with v2.
  2. Linn speakers go lower by a significant amount when you go from aktiv (now Exakt) from passive. Could this be part of his problem? I'm glad you've had four months so it's not break in issues. Yes to going back to passive and playing around with placement. Yes to doing something I haven't done yet, playing with the sliders and materials settings. There's probably some bass there. So sorry, you've gotta spend a boatload more money. I recommend the Exaktbox-i. More power will always help. From the above the Selekt karts just won't offer as much grunt. Cool idea definitely, and a one box solution might be useful. The question is what are the costs of: 1)Karts (Katalyst or no) 2) Exaktbox-i (Katalyst or no) 3) single passive amp (Katalyst in Selekt?) That becomes a fairly large matrix with all the permutations. In the mean time, turn off SPACE and start shifting transducers around. I'll be curious your reports of how you think things are sounding with SPACE off after you're used to the focus SPACE brings to the lower registers.
  3. OP please tell us if the dealer set it up, and what SPACE you are using. Version one without serious tweaking as almost universally described as a bass robber when first encountered. Eventually people realised the boom was gone, and they were now hearing the instrument itself. Second, there is a thread on the Linn Facebook group of someone who is offering up what look to be pretty good bases cheap. They are an absolute must for bass....but it won't slap you in the gut. You'll never get that from any Linn kit period. If you want Cerwin Vega or Klipsch, you've made the wrong choice. All the above comments about revealed details should be explored as you start this journey. After going to hifi shows, I come back home realising most of the kit sound different to mine, but mine is so revealing. As an aside, twice I've listened to the Linn stratospheric system and been shocked at how bad it sounded. Another member here said the guy Linn sends around to set stuff up isn't "talented" to put it politely. This all gets back to setup. I painstakingly tunedemed my new speakers on my my own over the course of a month. It revealed a lot to me about my room and the components and what was happening. There is no substitute for this. Once I applied SPACE I'm still a bit bass shy, but what I have is so fast transparent and accurate. "Stuff I've never heard before"! Break in is still happening, so be patient with this. Turn off SPACE (mark the present speaker position) and then move them around significantly listening carefully to your test tracks listening for the subtle, or profound, changes in relative balance. If your wife objects tell her this is a month long experiment, given your outlay she should acquiesce. Assure her once this mythical "ideal" location is found, you can use SPACE to then locate them in her preferred "practical" position. Then come back here and try to find the tweaks with sliders to get more of what you think you need. There are no shortcuts, you've gotta do the work. Linn's tagline: "just listen" should be followed.
  4. After a certain date all speakers were measured during final testing at the factory so they could make the most exact Exakt calculations. I always wondered how valid that is given break in changes, but there's probably an algorithm for that.
  5. It's her pipes that intrigue me, but them stems ain't bad either!
  6. I put a blanket over my tv which is even more ugly, but it works. I downloaded and watched Shut Up And Sing yesterday. Even though the musical scenes were only maybe fifteen percent, to watch them while being belted out on a great hifi had me verklempt.
  7. I'll respond here, rather than PM. Living where I do, buying usually last gen stuff, a demo is never doable. I'm always flying blind, but general consensus is always a safe bet. I think an Exaktbox-i will achieve all your goals you laid out in the first post of this thread. A bit of housekeeping given you're in the wire upgrade business. This legendary thread is also a good read. Longer than my earlier suggestion for sure eh! Going this way won't cost much, and you've got the lead time for your new amp. I did Blue Jeans, and I did all custom lengths for my whole system AND different colours for each cable so I can trace them easily. I don't know if you have a NAS? These cables are cheaper than one run of your speaker wire, so do everything in your system, including wherever local music is stored, back to your router.
  8. Upgrade successful here. Maybe this update was to fix your problem, but didn't?
  9. Always great David, thanks. That did add a question I forgot. Can a subwoofer be added to, and calculated for in SPACE? Will SPACE apply corrections to the bass channel outputs that takes into account the main speakers, in my case 212's, AND a subwoofer (in this application no Exaktbox sub being involved)?
  10. This has been asked, but it deserves it's own thread that is hopefully indexable for future searchers. Can a subwoofer like REL or BK be connected "high level" via their Speakon connectors to the bass outputs of an Exaktbox-i? Is all the information contained in the music in the bass signal, or does the Exaktbox-i truncate the signal to the rated specifications of the attached speakers? That sounds crazy as soon as I said it, but others have wondered this too.
  11. There is a group who advocate a very specific, 2.48m, length of the k series Linn cable, but we'll set that aside for this discussion except to say you shouldn't go shorter than this. You already have one set, so you need only replicate the existing length. Hopefully you can use the existing cable, giving you a 25% discount on the cable needed for you to go Exakt! Terminate the new cables however your existing cables are now. Generally you'll only need three or four meters per side if you can locate the components the the center of the speakers. The scuttlebutt says the old style K400 and K600 are sonically slightly better than the newer Linn offerings, but they can be considered unsightly by those of the fairer sex, so take your various counsel on this matter. The old stuff can easily be found online in various lengths if patient. Certainly if you're getting a new AEB-i the dealer will be able to whip you up the cables needed, at hopefully a fair price. Going outside of Linn offerings there is a whole galaxy of manufacturers, and styles, that maybe others can speak to their benefits?
  12. I certainly noticed deeper bass with my Exaktbox-i than bi aktiv Ninkas out of a 6100D. Hiquophon difference?