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  1. Our neighbours to the south are off colour and have no honour! Soldier on in that milieu Zee!
  2. I have to agree with you Jens, a sub adds so much more than bass. I was not really in love with my 212's until I got my sub. Now I am.
  3. V1 Klimax source first, they're cheap and plentiful now. V2 no this is a waste of the Exaktbox. 14f-361 see above, if you're going Klimax, get the latest KSH. Demo the solos before you move away from Katalyst Exakt. V4 even though it's not source first, you've already got a spectacular source, so maybe this wins?
  4. No, I did reinstall Windows/konfig/Songcast on my notebook, but I use my torrent computer, which is wired to the hifi switch, to do konfig stuff. Both the torrent computer, and my phone were not changed, and they both showed the error message (the phone was the source of the screenshot in my first post). As for IP addresses, I set all my devices to have static IP's in my router, and the notebook had it's usual IP after the reinstall. Something that needs to be said here, this has not happened in the past and seems to be a recent glitch. Linn has just told me to "suck it up, nothing to see here mate, move on"* and redo SPACE. I get that software is hard, but this puts "waiting for rooms" to shame. *my snarky transliteration
  5. My NT$0.6. Just a cautionary tale. We have monthly earthquakes here, most are not serious. I did lose a set of Indexes many years ago. It seems your fault is saving it all up for one biggie rather than mine's slow release method. I like your idea of using adhesive to stop a slip to collapse. The experts tell us yours will be so massive, and the resulting inundation from a super tsunami so devastating, it might not make a difference, but it is something that I've used as a North Star when hacking stands here: can this survive a locally felt five.
  6. I can sort of understand you two because those devices are new to your account. My AEDSM has been with me for almost a year. I did have a recent incident where the complete system could not communicate to any kazoo, and had erased all settings. So I had to completely input all SPACE values again. At the time of writing this 107 people have viewed this thread. Has anybody else had issues? Sign into your Linn account and check that your SPACE settings are still intact. I listened the night before noticing, and I could play music fine, but I wasn't in serious listening mode, however I felt it was "off" somewhat in retrospect. Having had a DSM for six years, this is the first time anything like this....let alone a string of quasi catastrophic failures...has happened.
  7. Yes, it seems a hex, but it also sort of looks like it could be torx. Perhaps the previous owner obsessively who shall remain nameless and blameless, torqued them and changed the hole shape?
  8. I reinstalled windows on my notebook, and so was in the process of reestablishing everything, and discovered my DSM was offline in SPACE v2, and was presented with that yellow error message (on my pc's, and phone) when I tried to log in to SPACE (the phone and PC kazoo, and Firefox seem to accept my login credentials). Anybody else seeing this, or has seen this? I've reached out to the helpline as well, and will report back with WTF.
  9. I just change the photo size down to the smallest I can, which usually winds up being around 3 megapixels. Don't forget to change it back once you get a good photo for uploading here!
  10. What type of fastener is used on the 3K array? I bought a Torx 20 for my Ninkas, but it's not fitting my 212's. The fasteners look like they are Torx.
  11. I think it was @hifipm who first showed me the earliest quad electrostats in the seventies...I think driven by a quad pre and amplification? I do remember the incredible sense of air and space they provided on that day.
  12. How do I add my subwoofer to my music system? Click on the Add Additional Subwoofer button below the graphic of your music system; a dialog prompting you to provide the channel, manufacturer and model of your subwoofer will appear. Select the channel, manufacturer and model of your subwoofer using the drop-down menus, Click on the Add button; if your subwoofer’s manufacturer or model does not appear in the drop-down menu, select Other. See §2.1 and §2.2 of the user guide for further information. (Subwoofers to the Linn Account Space Optimisation in added in July 2019) https://docs.linn.co.uk/wiki/index.php/Linn_Account_Space_Optimisation#How_do_I_add_my_subwoofer_to_my_music_system.3F
  13. While I am talking my own book, given I have an MDSM for sale here, I would also suggest a modern SPACE optimisation capable source. My Ninkas benefited going from Aktiv to Exakt, and from Majik to Akurate. I think you are using vinyl, so don't know how those various phono stages compare, but streaming, in all it's guises, is wonderful. Undoubtedly you'll have hifi fun sourcing and connecting the more muscular 280's etc. If you're really determined to concentrate on amplification I'd go bi-aktiv with a 4200. Your spare set of bass kardz could be kept, or very easily sold to a tri aktiv curious person. I had two empty channels in my 6100D in search of kardz back when I was bi-aktiv. I personally can't vouch for this, but most said there wasn't much difference between bi and tri. But I'm with the source firsters here: DSM first.
  14. OLED is fine for phones that have a relatively short lifespan, but the longevity of hifi is counted in decades. I think there are still small LCD screens being made that would be suitable and longer lasting. I wonder if they found a sonic difference between the two types of panel?
  15. Dunno if the remote has the "i" button, but if you can cycle through it, it may give you what you need.
  16. I thought witchery like vibration control, power cords, and quantum dots did nothing?
  17. Bass reinforcement speakers are truly great additions to any system. Before I landed mine I was lusting after a t9i, but the price new kept me away. They are great looking pieces of furniture too. You can see the little t5i lurking in the corner of Zee's photos. They are great plant stands.
  18. Given money IS an object, why not try the smiling pizza box KSH too?
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