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  1. Yes to Zee's and Mike's and McGillroy's comments, but I also ran away from the 2K'ed 109's (but have enjoyed, in small bouts, my exakted Komponent 104's), which you seem to be enjoying in their larger siblings. You could get passive Akudoriks, use your Exaktbox-i, and add a sub. This becomes a multi stage process, which may change the financial constraints? Don't worry, they (I'm only basing this on what my lesser, but relatively equivalent 212's do) do bass, so that initial step won't feel like too much of a step back. Exakt extracts everything out of them, just like your 140's.
  2. It's not something I care about either. It's just an attempt to get the best route to the game servers for the lowest ping time. It's all the other things he raves about like the UI, software (regular Asus updates + Merlin firmware), signal strength, thermal solution, multi gigabit connectivity, excellent mesh network-ability, and especially the great price for all the above. My Oppo has much more issues with obtaining and maintaining a stable network connection than the Linn stuff. And it's been much more reliable, but not perfect with this new router, especially with the above mentioned IGMP tweak mentioned above. Do I have a double NAT if I'm using a PPoE connection over ADSL? My router has the WAN IP in it, assigned by the ISP modem. I had the carrier disable the Wi-Fi in their modem.
  3. https://dongknows.com/asus-rt-ax86u-ax5700-gaming-router-review/ I just got the above unit, and haven't had any waiting for rooms. I would highly recommend spending serious time on this guy's site. Not just the reviews, but there is a lot of useful info about networking to help understand how to free yourself from the tyranny of ISP drek. He, like myself, is an Asus fanboi, but there are lots of good reasons to be. And I always urge anyone to sideline whatever their ISP provided them by turning off any Wi-Fi it produces, and only use it as a glorified modem (internet access thingamajig). Own, design, and maintain you own networking componentry, and you will have fewer problems. And to this end, the Asus software is the best in the consumer class space. Someone above reminded me to tinker with the IGMP. It took me less than a minute.
  4. Hifiberry or one of the Boss DAC's. I believe a Google for Boss DAC HAT will find you it.
  5. How to list files with "dir" The "dir" command is not new but it remains one of the most useful for average PC users. If you have ever wanted to make a list of all the files contained in a particular folder, you will have discovered that the Windows GUI provides no easy way to do this. It is very straightforward, however, when using the command line. The command “dir myfolder” will list the files and folders contained in myfolder. Again, there are switches that provide for various modifications of the command. For example “/h” will show hidden files and “/s” will list the contents of sub-folders in addition to those of the main folder. Of course, the normal output of the command is to the screen. To output to a file instead of the screen, the command isdir myfolder >listmyfolder.txtwhere “>” is the redirection symbol. The file "listmyfolder.txt" will be created by the command. Output can also be redirected straight to a printer on the LPT1 port but I think it is better to first create a file and then print from there if hardcopy is desired. These lists can be a lot longer than you might think. (These days most printers are on USB, anyway.) This use of dir is also available in Windows 98/Me. The dir command can also be used to list only files with a given extension. For exampledir myfolder\*.doc /s >listmyfolder.txtwill list all Microsoft Word files in myfolder and its subfolders. This form of the command will also list all the directories and sub-directories. If you want a list of filenames only, add the switch /b. The filename will include the full path. Or a simpler version https://www.tenforums.com/software-apps/104541-putting-folder-names-text-file.html
  6. Both DB and Carl, you are setting these roll off points in konfig, or the Linn app with extra fields that appear when an Exaktbox sub is added? You both have Linn subs, which are both measured for Exakt, so shouldn't there be an automatic figure generated by Exakt, or is the room such a dominant force in this that we need to be able to tweak?
  7. Thanks for that clarification, I was just going my memory of the high points. That would make a huge difference.
  8. C'mon babe, florid prose reaching into the thousands of words was where I was leading!
  9. ^^^^ The MDSM/3 is upgradeable to Exakt! Classik, Katans, Aktiv kardz, K400, silvers, 5125, 6100D, 109's, K600, 6100D Aktiv kardz, Ninkas, MDSM/2, Komponent 104's, Majikurate Exaktbox-i, 212's, AEDSM, Exaktbox sub, Majik 126. Are we there yet dad? One look at that list says I'm never satisfied, and that might be true. Sunday I researched Zee's new wireless network setup. I was just lying on the sofa, not "in position". Several times the system just reached out and demanded I listen. It's just that good to pull me out of an internet induced trance. But then sometimes all the resplendent detail overwhelms to the point of fatigue. Maybe I'm listening too hard? If I met the CEO I would have one very specific recommendation. I think it would solve many of the above problems. All my devices are given static IP's on my LAN. Kazoo should be able to store the "last good configuration", and attempt to connect to that again upon startup. Sure, sometimes I forget to turn on Wi-Fi and am still on 5g, so, my bad. Then it could, after checking the last good, go off in search of greener UPnP pastures in the hopes of making a connection. But if I'm on my network, which never changes, that last good configuration is always gonna work. I'm not a code monkey, so I'm sure there may be some reason why this can't be implemented, and this might explain why the "waiting for rooms" has been a bug bear for myself, and myriad other angrier commenters, as long as I've had a DSM. UPnP is hard. If we users can input our (semi permanent) credentials for the Linn app login, could we be able to add the necessary static IP's for the common (or many) control point(s), DSM, and NAS please? And that is no doubt burdensome for many readers of this thread, as would be assigning static IP's. But a query for last good configuration would require no input by users. Very rudimentary LAN configuration steps like this could be a service done by dealers upon setup. Users without NAS's would only really need the IP of the DSM to be static. This might not be doable on carrier supplied routers/gateways, but for users like me, it would only require urging by someone doing the install to input the new device into a table in my router firmware. Non nerdz eyes glaze over here. I will say my OPPO 105D is much less reliable than Linn in the software department, and Nestor has mentioned Naim software was a nightmare for him often, so nobody has this figured out. It's hard! But every time I have to go in and change the pulldown in settings back to 192.168.x.x because kazoo has been hoodwinked by Blockada into thinking that is THE network, I scream WHY?! Last good configuration. Period!
  10. That is a Majik review Karl (sorry, had to do the k thing)! How was the setup process? What do you think the sub added?
  11. What is kind of interesting is the specs are the same for both the 226 and 126. Ten inch driver, 500 watts of Chakra amplification, 41 pounds weight. And yes, I said that there could be no difference in Exakt when using my old MDSM and my me AEDSM, and I was wrong!
  12. Yes, but given the existence of the NSA facility in Bluffdale Utah that is literally copying everything ever done on the internet, the costs of storage are cheap, and getting cheaper. It is the common sales pitch for all these services to say they have a large amount of tracks, often comparing this number to that of their competitors. I'm sure they look at the factoid that Fleetwood Mac, Rumours jumped back into the top of the charts because it was the soundtrack of a viral video on some other streaming service. It would be bad PR if their subscribers went to find it, and couldn't.
  13. Does anybody have anything to say about Majik 126's? Specifically, musicality? Compared to REL T series? Repairability/reliability? I have an Exaktbox sub.
  14. Methinks m'lady doth sanctimony too much. Can you get Miles Davis, or Gershwin, or Robert Johnson on Spotify now? I think Johnson predates Steamboat Willie (Disney bankrolls legislators to assure it's copyright will never expire), so perhaps no licensing needs to be paid in his catalog. As we move forward in time the streaming services will gleefully soak up anything they don't have to pay royalties on. Plus when watching the complaints that Quobuz has less than Spotify, there is no doubt that Marx's theories on monopolies and monopolists is extending to streaming services catalog building. I think there are micro royalties paid to publishers (which often is not the actual artist) to just maintain the track in the library, but there are definitely micro micro payments made when a track is streamed (often also not much, or none reaching the artist). But it's safe to say if there are streaming services, they will have massive libraries.
  15. I think I remember a post a long time ago that said Linn has stopped development, and support, for it because of some major changes in Windows. I don't remember the same for apple causing problems, but they are notorious for this. It is a shame, and I'm glad I've retained executables for it as it's a great tool if there is stuff I want to quickly blast from the PC. Such as... https://www.npr.org/2012/12/10/166752674/lyle-lovett-tiny-desk-concert https://www.npr.org/2016/10/03/496433228/common-tiny-desk-concert-at-the-white-house https://www.npr.org/2013/06/17/192685157/billy-bragg-tiny-desk-concert https://www.npr.org/2019/07/29/732097345/lizzo-tiny-desk-concert Enjoy
  16. The tribe, the clan. I live in a monoculture here. Genuflection to my honky arse aside, the divide here is between those Han that arrived on these shores a few hundred years ago versus those fleeing the civil war in 1949. And both relative newcomer groups don't have much good to say about the folks in the hills, who some postulate were the forebears of all Pacific Islanders, and have been here since prehistory. Keltiks versus 242's. Klouts versus Solos. Exakt versus Aktiv.
  17. And a second skirting the image size rules here. Hopefully this gives you some size reference.
  18. The all aluminum construction makes them quite sculptural as well. The lighter grey is essentially bare metal, whereas the darker grey will show wear a bit more. Do you like detail? If yes, these, with the 2K array will give you detail in spades. Probably a fairly wonderful nearfield image too!
  19. Professional sport is a blight on society. Fawlty Towers is in the pantheon of The Simpson's, The West Wing, Johnny Carson, The Thick of It, and of course Python, as one of the greatest television shows ever. Period. But don't show it to Millennials/gen Z.
  20. This doesn't answer your question, but a pair of Komponent 104's might also fit your bill. They would go the other way towards being bright. They would sit nicely on a desk. They're maybe deeper than your choices, but slightly smaller. The 104's are rear ported. I'll bet they are slightly more money than those you are looking at, but they are pretty great. I will say that I've only heard mine Exakt out of my Exaktbox-i, never passive. But they are something that should be on your radar.
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