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  1. I am selling the turntable as complete and ready to go, including the cartridge and won’t split. I am looking for £1475, which feedback suggests is reasonable, but open to offers. It comprises: Base LP12: Serial No. is 0413** which I believe is July 1982. Plinth is fluted afrimosa and, I believe, not braced. Cirkus bearing. Platter could use a clean! Plinth is generally in very good condition but there are a couple of marks for which I can send photos. Cover also has a couple of very small marks and had new hinges 2 years ago. Ittok LVII arm fitted with Dynavector 10x5 Cartridge (around 100 hours only) Lingo 1 power supply which I have had for 18 months. It has not been re-capped while I have owned it. The deck has been regularly serviced by my dealer. Last service was 18 months ago when Lingo was fitted. I can send specific and more detailed photos to anyone who is interested and it is of course available for inspection. Whilst I have partial original packaging – box and bottom styrene - I don’t want to courier this item as I just don’t trust them! I live near Derby and would be happy to arrange delivery if we can negotiate reasonable fuel costs. Also I occasionally travel to Enfield if that would help.