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  1. Best album of the last ten years. imho.
  2. I have now confirmed to make the album appear I go into Kazoo in the QNAP app centre I then stop Kazoo, wait and restart. The album will then appear. Yes the change enabling is on. This isn't happening every time I add an album but once again it did today. I made a check list to try things if an album didn't appear and the stop start is definately the answer. It's also the same with Minim. This is very strange especially with Minim which is the most stable app I use.
  3. I use a QNAP253. Downloaded two albums thus week (new releases) from Qobuz and had no issues.
  4. The Black Keys Delta Kream and The Coral Coral island.
  5. The last three brand new release albums I have purchased from Qobuz have all done this now. They appear in Twonky but not in Kazoo or Minim. To rectify I have to use MP3tag and rewrite in the artist name and album artist. That appears to fix it. Is anyone else seeing or seen this?
  6. This has now mysteriously come good. I think rewriting the metadata has sorted it. Despite this I’ve never seen Minim thrown whilst Twonky has worked. It has always been the other way round. Thanks for the response.
  7. I've not encountered a problem like this. I added an album this morning that isn't showing in Kazoo or Minim yet appears in Twonky. I've stopped and restarted Kazoo, rescanned Minim and checked the metadata Including reentering the band name and artist name all with no joy. For it to work in Twonky but not in Minim and Kazoo is very, very unusual. Any ideas out what I've missed?
  8. I have since checked this out. If you have Konfig open it. In configuration on the left side is streaming services, click that. You will then see a list which Qobuz (on mine) is top of the list. Click that, it opens two options. First is enabled, second is streaming rate. Select the highest rate FLAC 192/24. You can also do this from your Linn account. Log in and open system. You will see a row of options General Space Display Sources Music. Open music, you now get a list Spotify, Tidal and Qobuz. It should be enabled then select Lossless (192).
  9. If I remember correctly and unfortunately I’m not sure where, it used to be in konfig, there is/was an option to enter the max streaming rate. Maybe worth a look around to see if it’s limited to 16 bit. If you have an iPad with the Qobuz app try streaming to see if you can get a higher rate.
  10. I’m not a tidal user but if this helps. It may be storing the playlist in different machines. For example on my MacBook I can see my playlist but not on iPad or phone. With Qobuz the playlists are held by Qobuz and appear on both.
  11. I’ve been using Kazoo most of the day on my MacBook. This afternoon the alphabet has become partially hidden as seen in the photo. I’ve done the usual deleted the app and reinstalled but it’s still the same. There was an update a day or so ago but it was fine after. It’s fine on the iPad so may be down to the MacBook. Anyone seen this or any suggestions.
  12. I have asked about some albums and one of the usual answers is the artist or label won't put the album up. The last I asked about was The Times by Neil Young. The label were stopping it. I was trying to buy it (still am) but can't find it anywhere which is a bit of a shock as Neil is a big supporter of digital high res.
  13. Try Sea Change, the 192 from Qobuz is really good if you want to hear good 24 bit. I streamed it from Qobuz whilst my QNAP was updating. I was amazed how good it sounded and then found it was remastered 24/192. Bought it straight after.
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