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  1. Hello all, I like this thread so I'll give my own answers 1. What Linn products do you have and how long have you had them for? Linn Majik DSM/3 + Majik 109, for the past three years. 2. What made you choose Linn? I wanted a simple one-box system with lots of inputs (including several HDMI so it could act as a hub for my video projector), good sound and actual high fidelity, and front firing not-too-big bookshelf speakers to put on my bookshelves :p With all these prerequisites and my budget, this system was the only one my dealer made me audition. I loved it and bought it. I wished I had other options to compare to, but I trusted that dealer and besides I was too lazy to go into a long search with other dealers after listening to this one which was perfectly fitting. 3. What do you like about your Linn system ? It's pretty straightfoward, stable, sounds good, and works well with Roon which was part of my investment. 4. Conversely, what do you not like or feel your Linn item could be improved on. The Kazoo app is buggy on my Android, and quite ugly on all platforms. As it has been discussed in length here, considering the price we pay (specifically for Klimax owners) it would deserve better software. That's why I decided to go with Roon. I also think Linn products are a bit overpriced, but it's the price to pay for their philosophy (upgradable products, not many concessions on design, building as much as possible in Scotland with Scottish materials and scottish employees, not exporting production, and so on) and I respect it. Anyway it seems to me that many competitors are as overpriced or worse with less excuses. 5. If you could speak directly to Gilad Tiefenbrun, what new product would you like to see, or existing product improve ? I'd like to see a new Linn sub (maybe with exact ports?), but mostly I'd ask him to please not give up on the upgrade philosphy :p (My Majik DSM/3 is not upgradeable to anything, which is a bit sad but does make sense I guess as the new one is completely new...)
  2. Hello, As a reaction to the first part of this thread (about Paul's help to Linnies and Elad Repooc's puzzlement about it): I live in France and when I originally purchased my Majik DSM/3 and pair of Majik 109, my dealer did not accept to come and do the setup. I had to get the boxes home, plug everything (not much of a challenge) and do SO1 tuning myself (trickier). In the end I had to ask for a little help on this forum and had nice and helpful answers. And using SO2 later helped a lot. Apparently, for some dealers, a €4000 system is not a purchase important enough (ouch!) to take the pains to come and tune it, even as a paid service. Now, I like the people at this store and they give good advice, so it's not all black or white; but in the end I was alone to do the tuning and I'm sure many other dealers around the world are not as helpful or dedicated as you might think. (Which is a shame!) Knowing that, you can guess that I would have loved to have Paul's visit - as I already told him. I might not agree with all his ideas, and I can't be certain I would have enjoyed his tuning more than someone else's, but as he said himself it's all about the learning, and you can easily revert to your own settings. Plus it's always nice to meet new people and beers can be shared Now as I'm upgrading to an Exaktbox-I Katalyst in a few months (yay!) the dealer has agreed to come and do the SO2+ tuning for no additional fee. But will it be an improvement over what I (or Paul ) would have done? Who knows... Wait and see hear Cheers
  3. Hello all, Some of my CDs are old and were not properly taken care of over the years, and they can't be ripped as accurate. As Exact Audio Copy gives the exact position where the flac file is not accurate, I always listen closely but hear no skip or weird sound at the exact position. One bit makes almost no difference as far as I can hear. However, I recently discovered a neat little program called CUETools. CUETools can scan your album and if it is only a few bits off from accurate, it can repair the tracks from the database! Very helpful. Also there are tools that can check if your whole collection is accurate, like dbPoweramp's PerfectTUNES. Foobar has plugin to check albums too. Very convenient! Cheers
  4. Hello, I asked the exakt same question to my Linn dealer last month (in Paris) and he told me that according to him, the difference for streaming was close to non existent. He told me to stick to my MDSM when I get an exaktbox. I didn't bother to try myself as I like the idea of keeping my MDSM/3 the day I purchase an Exaktbox, so I can revert to a simple integrated system if needed later. (And also my ears are not that trained :p)
  5. Hello Pete, and thanks for the info! I have some other examples of advanced room info that is missing in SOv2. My listening room is in a Parisian flat and it has the classic "Parisian ceiling" with beams (see below.) It certainly adds some sound reflections and I have no idea how to configure this in SOv2. Other example, My Majik 109 are actually "inside the wall" as my shelves are inside the wall and my 109 are on the shelves. My reseller sold me the 109 because of this specific setting. However in SO v2, I have no way of putting a negative value between the wall and the back of the speaker. My only option is then to draw little gaps in the walls were the speakers are, but the final result will probably not be the same... Finally my back wall (the shelf one) is wooden, but I have no way of putting this info. I don't know if this important or not. I don't know if these settings will ever exist, but I guess it's worth mentioning them Cheers
  6. Hello to all of you, This thread has been going all over the place, some comments have been quite aggressive, but I can still understand most of your points. I would like to make some things clear: 1) I don't think anybody here is contradicting Paul's knowledge and skills. Some people just point out that although most changes he hears are definitely real, some might be due to cognitive bias. Him, or anybody else who hears changes in a system for any reason, might be wrong at some point. There's nothing personal in this. I see no bullying, only people who are tired of repeating their point. Or if there is some bullying, then it's mutual bullying. 2) Why is this important, why ask him to do blind and scientific testing? To me it's not a game, or a challenge, or an ego clash: it's just a search for knowledge, knowledge that can be really helpful for people like me, who want to know what changes are actually useful, and what other changes are mostly imagined, so we can improve our own system without doing many experiments ourselves. If switching between a good quality cable 6 and cable 8 is an improvement and can be heard in a blind test, I will probably buy a cat8. If not, I will probably not. 3) Why the fight between Linn owners and non Linn owners? I don't think this is relevant. If a change of Ethernet cable can be heard on an Exakt link, then only Linn systems users are impacted. But if a change of cable can be heard between the router and the DMS like some have said, then everybody is impacted! 4) Overall, it's not that important. I'm pretty sure everybody loves everybody else here anyway :p (Or they will leave soon, tired of hating ^^). We also all agree that enjoying the music is the most important. Cheers, A.
  7. True. But I meant that in the context of using Space Optimization v2 and other parameters found solely on the Linn servers!
  8. Thanks MagicRat. Could you maybe do a blind test with the same files on Kazoo and Roon for us? It could be interesting! (And you might get rid of your nagging suspicion - or not...)
  9. But that is exaktly what happens. And that is why you can do your Space Optimization from another country if you want to :p Your browser connects to the Linn server, and your DSM also connects to the Linn server. You browser never connects directly to your DSM. Yup.
  10. It could be a timeout problem. I guess your DSM connects to the Linn server, and stays connected, until your router kills the connection. Might be a parameter somewhere.
  11. Hello Dutchlinn. It can still be a network issue on your end (and probably is), Qobuz and Spotify use different - and probably more mainstream - ports from Linn.
  12. Worse than that: it would mean that, until the end of times, every time you plug a new Linn device in your system, Konfig would have to ask the device "Hey, did you get my special secret patch yet? No? Here you go!" As a software engineer: inconcevable, when you can easily publish a firmware!
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