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  1. I bought a Quad power amp, hooked it up via RCA. Nothing no sound. Rand the seller who asked if I had switched the input from XLR to RCA lol oooppps
  2. ChemMan, thanks for your insight, I have never heard the node 2 or Qutest and was merely surprised after such "rave" reviews the difference wasn't noted. But grateful for the reminder that system.synergy is key and plays a major part. Openness detail Γ nd sound which is 3d without loosing any musicality is what I'm trying to achieve. Wether the pimped Node 2i or Qutest can offer what I'm after in my system has yet to be tried. If I find it's the sound I'm after may even part with my cd player to achieve.
  3. Unfortunately as good as the Sonica is it doesn't have digital outputs. I'm surprised to hear you don't rate the Qutest especially with the LPS. What are you currently using?
  4. HectorHughMunro I quite agree. Some components are more forgiving than others. To some the ease of a component easily accepting different sources cables is a pleasure, whilst to others it's the fine tuning and the searching for the holy grail.
  5. Thought I saved them will try again. Thanks letting me know. I'm a drive out but not to far over in Lincoln. Would be fantastic to demo the other 2 DACs against my present streamer. What would you say was the most cost effective way to stream via WiFi tidal to the Qutest.
  6. Thanks Lurch I hadn't realised I hadn't filled profile in, have now updated. Yes I appreciate all hear things different. We've been pulled by rave reviews and thought why do we read them lol. Hence coming here for some good honest impartial advice, with the application we have our own preference.
  7. Unfortunately I can't bypass the internal DAC in my current streamer. I realise that the Qutest would require a separate WiFi streamer that for me would present another hurdle then raise another question which would be the best way. Wondered if the quest was worth the extra effort and outlay? But like the simplicity of a pimped node 2i if it's on the same level/ similar?
  8. Spanner in the works here, looking to replace my streamer/DAC, and wondered how the pimped node 2i compared with the Chord qutest? Any one compared or have any experience with the difference?
  9. I have the oppo sonica DAC and icon audio cdx1 cd player. I'm looking to stream digital to the DAC in the cd player, I want it to be via WiFi via the tidal app on my phone. I think I'm after a WiFi reciever that uses a coax connection to my cd player. Which can be used as a stand alone DAC. I don't want to have a cable from phone or laptop to it. Yes I have my sonica DAC but would like to try via WiFi the one in the cd player?
  10. Hi thanks for your help and advice, I do have a Sonica at present but have a DAC I can use as a stand alone DAC in my current cd player and would like to try it whilst streaming. I could connect my sonica to the cd player but feel I will have my music going through 2 DACs then instead of just one. Or does the signal from my sonica bypass its internal DAC if not connected to the XLR or RCA outputs? Hi have looked in the manual but with my limited knowledge/intelligence unable to work it out lol.
  11. Evening, hope you had a good Xmas and looking forward to new year. I'm after some advice and wondered if some one could help. Let's say I have a DAC in my cd player that can be used as a stand alone DAC, or say the denafrips Ares, if I wanted to stream tidal wirelessly to it.... How do I do it?
  12. Has any one on here had any dealings with Cori's or used his services before?
  13. Having received this information the Oppo Sonica has the best of both worlds with linear and switched power supplies 🀩 The Sonica DAC uses a linear power supply for the analogue audio and a switch mode power supply for the digital/control. As part of the signature upgrade we replace the monolithic linear regulators with discrete, ultra-low noise types. The signature upgrade includes the replacement of several different capacitors, including power supply and analogue stage.
  14. Well after following my original post, I would like to thank you for your help even if it has become a healthy debate. Firstly as a newbie im now on WiFi instead of Bluetooth, πŸ™„. Also as someone else mentioned power supplies plugged in and not used, I unplugged my Dino phono (which has their standard power supoly. And low and behold it made a huge difference. Now is this why they do uograded power supplies? If it affects other items on the mains line, I can only assume it must make a difference to the equipment it is powering. At this stage I'm happy but am now wondering even more if the upgrade power supply in the oppo would be a great step forward. That remains to be seen maybe later this year, but ATM I'm happy with the free tweeks achieved with your help. Many thanks folks 🀩
  15. Morning Bokke, We are under no illusion that the oppo should give us many years of good service as is. But I look upon HiFi not just as a means to listen to music ( or we would of gone to Argos for a all in one system), but also as a hobby and enjoy seeing how sometimes a simple change of equipment, be it a valve or cable can make a difference. Hence we came to this site for advice.
  16. Have since started listening via lossless, yes has improved the sound 😁. We are relatively new to the world of hifi so greatful for all advice! Surprised no one has any feed back on mods to the Sonica though.
  17. Many thanks Jamie, that's great info, 😁
  18. Good question, and one that we don't always have an answer for when we try different equipment. The companies say it offers more and tighter bass, cleaner treble and better dynamics. We ultimately looking for fullness and texture of the music. Also quick sounding. Recently tried some very expensive chord interconnects that gave a very detailed clean sound but lost the realism and emotion in our current setup, which surprise d us as we use a valve amp. Used a Meridian 506.24 a few years back that was really nice but sold it in pursuit of the holy grail. Lol
  19. After using my Sonica via Bluetooth tidal, and spending to much time on the net. I have seen that there are companies that mod the Sonica. My question is has anyone here done this and what were your opinions.
  20. Thanks for the warm welcome, After a few years now of swapping kit and endless moving my speakers, I'm changing tack, and looking at my room. Hopefully using Room Eq Wizzard. With this software I think I need a Umik microphone to help find out the peaks and troughs of the frequencies in the room. But am willing to hear more about renewable energy for the room, clean power lol. (I might be onto something there).
  21. I'm wanting to try and use REW in my listening room, but require a UMIK. If anyone has one for sale please drop me a PM. Or even better if some one local to Lincoln has one to lend or help, cups of tea and coffee freely offered. That would be even better :). many thanks
  22. Aye,well have had a look at REW and it looks like a hobby in itself learning how to run it lol. Nice to hear you managed to position your speakers close the wall and using software get a level freq response.
  23. Many thanks for the above link, will look at downloading it tomorrow. We are relatively new to hifi, and have enjoyed the merry go round of trying things, and just feel the room and speaker listening position has been neglected. I know it should really be one of the first things to address, but situation hasn't allowed. hopefuly I will find out if I have any peaks or nulls in the sound spectrum, even just for interest sake. Plus it's always good to have something to be tinkering with in this hobby lol.
  24. Evening Keith, I think there are nulls in some of the lower freq at my current listening position, because when I walk around these freq raise in volume. i have not yet measured any the sound hence asking which app would best for doing this, is there a free app that you would recommend.
  25. That's fantastic as long as I can rectify the null with moving speakers or chair I'm happy. I do hear more/tighter bass at various locations in the room. We have looked for the REW app as I believe it was free. Is it still avaliable as an app.