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  1. TBH I think it's hard to remember exactly what older systems sounded like, especially if we are talking 20 or 30 years ago!
  2. Maybe a boring answer but after owning various well regarded equipment in the past including Mcintosh, Pink triangle, Auidolab, Sonus Faber etc I'm most happiest with my current set up. I was just thinking about it whilst out for a walk in the rain just now, there seems to be synergy between my Linn Renew, Perreaux 80i integrated amp and My Audio Design 1920 speakers, that is missing when I occasionally swap other things in and out to experiment. The current system has a solidity and liquidity and musicality that I have been searching for in recent years. Most importantly I enjoy listening to it
  3. Can't imagine you would be disappointed with that amp, personally I don't have room for such large amps which is why I bought the compact A/B Perreaux 80i, which is a very fine amp in my opinion. Enjoy your purchase
  4. I agree with the above comments, I have always liked the look of Copland and would be happy to own an amp like this, providing it sounds good too of course.
  5. Well as the title of this thread is "A bit Underwhelmed" I thought I should add a note about where I am currently with my new headphones system in case anyone reads this with a view to purchasing any of these items. The Wyred 4 Sound Intimo I now know to have great potential and when paired with good quality headphones is capable of producing a stunning sound, it's a very flexible and accomplished player and amp and great one box solution. It has a dual mono class A amp, along with a high res 32 bit sabre DAC and can also be used as a preamp, and can be tweaked to suit your headphones via the many user options and functions such as Gain, Phase, EQ and Impedance. It has multiple functions and both looks good and sounds great. The Shure SRH1840 are a fantastic pair of headphones, capable of stunning detail and incredible clarity. The mid range is awesome and the bass very tuneful and taut, certainly not overblown or bloated like some headphones, and some, including myself will find some EQ useful to bring up the level of the lower frequencies a bit, depending on your choice of music. I find the treble very clear and sweet, not bright to my ears. So as you can tell I am no longer underwhelmed, my latest listening session left me wowed by all the detail and separation and it's easy to loose yourself in the music. It appears that headphones and amps do need some matching to get it right, and I am glad that I had the capability to make adjustments via the various controls, both on the amp/dac unit and on my laptop which I use as a source for this set up. It was well worth the perseverance, and I am now very happy to have a headphones system on hand that provides a great alternative to a loudspeakers system and can provide a great escape into the wonderful world of headphone audio.
  6. Well I now have two sets of headphones with different characters so probably just keep both and swap over according to music / mood etc 😁. Maybe one day I'll look for something that combines the qualities of them both... but not for now, I've spent enough already! I do have a nice little bedroom system now though and listening through headphones is definitely a very different experience than regular speakers and gives a different insight into the recording. The beauty of having the dac and amp in one compact package is that it only takes a moment to swap it into my main system to replace the Linn streamer when experiencing network issues. It then becomes a source and / or pre amp so quite a flexible solution.
  7. My amp/dac combo (wyred 4 sound Intimo) has a built in EQ - a simple 3 band one that I have utilised when using both my sets of headphones, one to increase the midrange on the DT990 and now to increase the bass on the Shures. I also have EQ on Musicbee, the media player I downloaded purely to use my headphones as I use the Linn software (Kinsky) when using my streamer - my main system. On Musicbee you can choose a 10 or 15 band equaliser and it seems to work to good effect and both EQ software can be used simultaneously without issue. It seems to me that EQ is more important with headphones that on a loudspeakers system. I have limited experience with headphones but both mine require some serious tweaking with EQ to get them to sound how I like them to sound. (Although I am used to tweaking with the Linn Space Optimisation - which is another form of DSP)
  8. Bought a couple of things actually, firstly a Wyred 4 Sound Intimo dac/ pre amp/ headphone amp combo and then some new headphones to go with it , some Shure SRH 1840. Lockdown has been quite expensive, but then again I did sell a Linn power amp, Fidelity Audio pre amp and some AVI speakers so all in all I'm about even
  9. Well providing you are not broke after lock down, and maybe even feeling flush from all the money you haven't spent going out, why not try the wine at the top of the list, or maybe even second from top, she will surely be impressed
  10. I have owned a total of 3 x USA built components, one twenty years ago - a big old McIntosh integrated, forget the model number, it was nice but massive and I downsized when I moved into a static caravan (bought a Linn Classik and later a Linn sneaky) and then recently a Wyred 4 Sound Intimo Dac / preamp/ headphone amp (which I am listening tonight as it happens, because the network is so crap the streamer won't work! { was purchased as secondary system for times just like this}) And again a very recent purchase of some Shure headphones (which I may well return as not entirely happy with happy with the sound). I do think they make some decent gear in the states, but as mentioned above it's not the best value for money when buying in the UK (my US built items have either been used or ex dem)
  11. Where did you get this idea? I have been led to believe this is the one that has the biggest mark up as this is the option most people go for so as not to look like cheapskates! This is the one that is least value for money...
  12. Yes I know, especially after the DT990!. I think that is their weakness. I have been busy lately and not listened that much but agree bass is a bit shy. I have increased bass on the amp / dac and on the DSP on Musicbee. I did wonder if the character would change a bit, but don't expect it to make a radical difference if any at all. Strange as most reviews say the bass is fine, which just goes to show..... . This headphone experiment is getting very expensive!
  13. Maybe they are looking to upgrade, I expect I would be after 5 years