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  1. My first record player was a repurposed television, that was hollowed out and with a turntable installed, this was fashioned by a kindly neighbour that was an electrician , how I wish I had a photo of it ....
  2. Initial impressions after 30 mins or so is they are very impressive. Smooth, layered and plenty of details (details I don't remember ever hearing before!) So far so good, great headphones. Shouldn't need to change these in a very long while (if ever!)
  3. Maybe we are forgetting that it might not be just regular common or garden variety air inside these boxes.... but 100% oxygen free cryogenically frozen, all singing all dancing audiophile (or should that be military/ medical) grade air .... That stuff doesn't come cheap you know...
  4. I now have some Celestee on order, should be with me in a couple of days
  5. Good to know , thanks for the replies ...
  6. I don't have a problem with RS at all, but it's the one shop I wouldn't buy ex-dem after witnessing all the poking and prodding that goes on (mainly by small unsupervised children with sticky / grubby fingers) - although to be fair that was on a busy boxing day about 15 years ago I made a note to self to avoid in future.
  7. I was going to mention Perreaux, not so well know over this part of the world but they make a few beefy amps, using mosfets and large transformers... Personally I'm a fan as I own their smallest offering which still returns about 80W into 8 ohms (measured at 98W) and 130W into 4 ohms (measured at 156W). They are not cheap but cost no more than the American equivalents ...
  8. Electric Beach! New one on me No mention of My Audio Design or Audio Smile - both British designed and built speakers that I happen to own.
  9. I live in the south west but on a holiday to the lakes I'd pre arranged to visit a dealer in the north as they had the Linn Sneaky at a very good price - not sure why, maybe it was a promotional thing but was a few hundred less than other dealers at the time. I actually didn't really like it in the demo but bought it anyway - hoping it would sound better somehow when I got it home. And actually I did get it sounding good, with different speakesr than in the demo and using as a source only so bypassing the built in amp. Although I was a bit underwhelmed - I still bought it, maybe bec
  10. I know of a few speakers that work near walls having similar limitations in my onw listening room Audio Note - most, but not all models , AN-K would be a good starting point maybe Neat Ministra - this relatively new model is designed to work near the boundary wall - great bass for small speaker Larsen speakers - again these are designed to work against a rear wall Buchardt S400 - think this is also designed for close to wall placement MAD 1920 - these are the speakers I use - although rear ported they can also go up close to the wall behind them Xav
  11. Thinking of treating myself to some decent cans. This would be about the max I would spend (£1000). Don't suppose anyone here has heard them, they are a relatively new model? Limited but Positive reviews, not seen anything negative said about them. Via internet (but through a bricks and mortar seller) so always a chance to return in not impressed. I currently have Shure SRH-1840 but finding them a bit bass shy, but otherwise pretty good. They certainly look the business...
  12. Maybe so but artists will always want some kind of payment or maybe we will just be listening to old music that is free. I think there is more money in touring now for most artists except for maybe the ones selling huge amounts. I expect we will have to pay for new music somehow - which is fine by me if it's not too expensive.
  13. I used to find it easier to hear differences when I didn't have so much music and listened to the same recordings quite often ( often critically ) But over the last couple of years I have probably doubled my record collection and don't think I'm familiar enough with all of the newer music to hear subtle changes without lots of A/B which I really don't enjoy doing. I know we need reference tracks for this reason but I spend most of my listening with newer rather than older recordings and can't remember exactly how tracks sounded when I listened to them a lot a few years ago. I
  14. I have got an itch for new speakers, either high quality stand mounts or small floor standers, but must work close to wall, that's how I discovered Larsen speakers that I have now posted about a few times , might try and have a listen to some soon...
  15. I still have my black one of those, bought new for my static caravan . It's my bedside radio now, used daily both morning and night. Radio sounds really good actually. Unfortunately the cd player on mine has recently stopped working, I have been in two minds whether to keep it just as a radio or replace it with a used one (hoping that the cd section hasn't had too much use) or get mine fixed. They don't often come up in blue, and many now are showing their age ... so well found
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