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  1. Yes @bencatyou may well be right. So far I have had periods of it working flawlessly and not working at all! One issue could be that as the Mi-fi is battery powered I tend to turn it off at night which will also effect the extender I'm sure. Not sure of a way around that, I could just leave it plugged into a phone charger for most of the time and just unplug at night but not switch it off. The switching on and off is probably playing havoc with the whole network, I hadn't really thought of that before. It wasn't working this morning so I turned things on and off a couple of times and it sprang back to life. Maybe I just need to get used to it and learn what to do and what not to do. This has confirmed to me that I don't want to rely on a network / internet to work properly for my main source to operate, sometimes you just don't want to be fannying around with switches, routers and reboots when you just want to listen to some music after work. So in a nutshell it would appear a network streamer certainly can work with a mobile wifi mini device, but you will need to some patience and perseverance with setting up - may depend how savvy you are with networking issues (I find it a bit frustrating to be honest) I may get myself a good usb dac instead - and then see if I want to keep the streamer, depending on if I can equal the sound quality. The Linn Klimax Renew is a great sounding device so I might have to spend big bucks to equal or better it - I don't really want a backwards step.
  2. Back from work and fired up the system to find it working perfectly once again..... at least for now! I dare not touch the adaptor or cable or anything else for the time being - the ethernet cable will just have to stay trailed across the floor. Luckily the Audioquest Cinnamon is a good match with my carpet . I'll try relocating it all again another day
  3. It worked well for a couple of hours so I popped out to the pub to celebrate. On my return in an attempt to tidy up the cables etc I moved the extender to another location closer to the hifi but within the same room and the music hasn't played since! Even when moved back to the original socket and after rebooting everything several times I couldn't get it to work again! Just constant buffering now and music cutting out every couple of seconds . I couldn't really have left it alone as there was ethernet cable trailing across the middle of the living room! Hopefully it's just a glitch, I won't be home until Tuesday evening so fingers crossed I can get it working again! Given in one hand, taken away in the other!
  4. Seems to be the case, it hasn't worked that way previously to the best of my knowledge ....but I'm pleased it's working anyway
  5. Update..... It seems to be actually working properly at the moment - much to my amazement
  6. As the TP Link page when accessed said the device WAS connected I thought I'd try plugging in the streamer anyway via the ethernet cable. To my amazement I did actually get some music out of the steamer - but it's cutting out every coupe of seconds! Its interesting it's working at all - maybe the TP extender was working but for some reason it didn't show up as a separate network with -EXT on the end as it had previously but seemed to have somehow to have just merged with the main network name! Is that possible ? I am just updating the Linn software as I had a notice about updates - so when that's complete I'll try again. However It would appear that the 4GEEMini is probably not compatible with the streamer - useless if experiencing constant dropouts. I will give it another go My next decision will probably be whether to pay more for broadband internet or use a USB Dac instead. I have got a USB dac ( Orb Jade ) but it just doesn't sound as good as the Linn. Plenty of interesting DACS out there if I go down that route. Thanks for all your help , I'll let you know if I get it working properly
  7. As there is no mention of your location and the one photo looks like it was taken in the dark I guess I'll leave this one....
  8. Fair enough, The TP link "seemed" to set up properly but now I am exploring the fact that my antivirus (Avast) may be blocking it. I'm currently trying to uninstall the antivirus but even this is turning out to be more challenging than I hoped! I am having to do a system restore on my pc. Hopefully when the antivirus is uninstalled the TP link and 4Gee will make happy bedfellows ..... fingers crossed. Watch this space......
  9. I wouldn't know! That's a fair comment, but if it's more expensive then I might just as well get a "proper" router / broadband. I was trying the 4GEE as it was cheaper and if I can get it to work would suffice. I could send it back as they did mislead me by telling me I could use an adapter from the mircro usb (I think the sales guy I spoke to didn't really know and was guessing !) I will have another play tomorrow and see if I can get it working with resetting etc ...
  10. After contacting EE it transpires the micro usb port on the mini mi-fi box is indeed only for charging - as was alluded to above, but it was worth a try. Apparently I should be able to use a range extender and then use the ethernet port on that to run my cable to the streamer. Problem is so far I cannot get my TP link extender and my 4GEE Mini to actually see each other. I guess I could try buying another one in case the one I have is for some reason incompatible with the 4GEE device!
  11. What is the condition of the unit please ?
  12. I didn't get the cupboard / storage I originally wanted but at £99 for solid wood shelves the right size for my mainly smaller than average components, I just couldn't resist
  13. Sorry, I've been off line for a couple of weeks since moving. I got lucky with a shelving "rack" in TK Maxx / Homesence . Almost made to measure and solid wood, no flat pack and it fitted in the back of my car. I will post a pic shortly ....
  14. Maybe Maybe that is the answer, to buy a unit with an ethernet port.....as long as I can just swap my SIM card into it...
  15. The Lan port seems to be on the 5GEE version, mine is the 4GEE WiFi Mini 2020 Regards the TP Link Extender, I have used it before without issue at a previous address with a regular router, but here it is seen on the network as the name of Link Extender Where I'm sure previously it showed up as the Wifi name i.e 4GEE - Wifi but with EXT on the end. Maybe that's the issue!
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