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  1. I wonder who the regular readers are of the Audiosciencereview site, they are probably scientists and engineers etc , probably no artists or musicians. They must all be terrified to purchase anything that has yet to me measured lest it be torn apart by the white coat brigade
  2. In a generous mood I think .... It probably won't last!
  3. I don't agree with everything Keith (Purite) says, actually far from it, and have never bought anything on measurements alone, but there does seem to be a culture of attacking him now on this forum, it's starting to look a bit like ganging up and bullying. He's only makes his point, but people seem to get a bit defensive for some reason, he certainly knows how to wind people up, whether or not this is intentional is another thing, but we should be open to other peoples views even if we don't like them (Let me know if you want me to be a moderator on here ?)
  4. Thought it was interesting how he said reviews for darker more complex recordings generally got better reviews as was more interesting to right about than sunny happy music, more for the reviewer to get their teeth into and show off their writing skills. Also funny how he said reviewers were often trying to impress each other rather than the general reader ...
  5. I found the last one interesting too (Friday night) talking about the star ratings used in record reviews and how and why we shouldn't take much notice of them! Thought this was very transferable to Hifi reviews Glad you found it interesting, I listen most evenings.
  6. Unfortunately lots of people do! Bugbear of mine grrrr
  7. I didn't know Pink Triangle ever made speakers, I've seen record decks, amps, cd players and DACs but don't remember ever having seen or heard of their speakers!
  8. David Hepworth discusses the golden age, and recent resurgence, of vinyl records. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m0001d34 Has anyone else been listening to this series of short essays by David Hepworth about records? It's been on at 10.45 Mon to Fri (the last one being this evening)? I particularly enjoyed the one on Wednesday about the Hifi system in the home, and last nights about album covers. Well worth a listen on iplayer or sounds or whatever it is that people listen to things on....
  9. This is a good point. I do generally consider my speakers as warmish but when I swapped out my Linn source and replaced with the W4S DAC/Pre the speakers sounded very different, as did when I swapped my amp for a brighter sounding integrated for a while - its definitely not ALL about the speakers.
  10. Or Desert Island Discs
  11. Yes, I actually ended up with a pretty good system in there, I lived in it for 10 years! Sold all by bigger heavier gear when I moved and bought a Linn Classik and Linn Kan (not the original ones the later mark 4 or 5 I cant remember, came as a package deal). This was my first Linn product but was not to be my last. When later I got the itch I bought a Linn Sneaky from the same dealer when I was on holiday in the Lake district, I had prearranged a demo. I used this as a source with the Classik on amp and cd duties and later added a Linn power amp as this seemed the obvious thing to do under the circumstances. I was lucky that the mobile home had some relatively solid little build in shelves in the corners of the main sitting / dining area which were ideal for placing speakers, but here started my mission for buying speaker that worked in corners and near real walls . That's how come I ended up with some Audio note speakers, which I picked up used for a very good price as they were a bit tatty. Now I live in a small studio apartment I still only buy small speakers that are happy in a similar position which is how I ended up with the MAD 1920 and later AUDISMILE KENSAI that are now partnered with the old Classik and don't seem to mind being on a window sill with glass directly behind them. This is why I am often a one trick pony when it comes to speaker advice - make sure they will work in the position that you will be using them in, as many people , myself included haven't got the luxury of moving them out into the room without tripping over them! So yes it did rock
  12. Agree with this, if she knows Hifi is important to you …. (not trying to start some sort of domestic here though …) . Otherwise you will be downsizing massively like when I moved into a static caravan ,but still managed to have Linn streamer and Audio Note speakers
  13. Not sure many Dynaudio speakers work close to the wall, the ones I have considered in the past I have always ruled out without listening due to reading about them needing space, may not be an issue with all their models but I would be careful what you buy if you want to use in this scenario
  14. I heard those Neats at the Bristol show and was seriously impressed, great little speakers
  15. They pretty much have the same selection of cds in nearly every charity shop I look in, and they are the ones that if you wanted you would already have bought it 20 years ago... same with the dvd section too You can get lucky though, so I still have a rummage from time to time, might pick up the odd jazz compilation, or one of the freebies from Uncut or Mojo or something for £1 I find you can still pick up cds from HMV and the like for £5 or £6 if they are a bit older and Amazon is good for good quality used (and new) cds and reasonable prices, I buy quite a bit from music magpie. Like others above, I buy the cd, rip it to my hard drive to stream to my streamer and listen mainly via playlists that I create every couple of days or when I feel like a change. The cd then goes in the car or the garage, it is a bit of a hassle to store them all but as long as I have the space I'll probably hang on to them, at least for now anyway... I also have a cd player in my old Linn Classik which is now my bedside radio, so at least I have somewhere to play them other than the car.